Words of Hope and Inspiration with Joel and Victoria Osteen

Words of Hope and Inspiration with Joel and Victoria Osteen

It’s Time For Some “First Times”

joel osteen ministries, joel and victoria osteen, joel osteenOne time at church, I was talking to a college student. She was about to take a very important final exam. She asked, “Joel, would you pray that God will help me make a C on this test?” I kind of laughed and said, “Why wouldn’t we want to pray that God would help you make an A?” She said, “Oh, all I ever make in this subject are C’s.” She had conditioned her mind to strive for a certain level.


Well, I encouraged her to dream a little bit bigger, and we prayed that she would break through and make an A. So, she went home and studied. She prepared. She did her part. A few weeks later, she came back beaming with joy, holding her test results. For the first time ever, she made an A in that subject.

Now, this is just a simple example, but how often do we get conditioned in our minds to live at a certain level? You may think, “This is the way it’s always going to be. This is what I make. This is where I live. This is my level of talent.” But don’t just look at things in the natural. We have to remember that we serve a supernatural God!

Today, I encourage you to break out of the rut and start praying bolder prayers. It’s time for you to have some “first times” in your life. For the first time, you have an abundance; you’re not struggling. For the first time, your child is making good decisions. For the first time, there is somebody in your life to love. You’re not just talking about the dream. You’re living the dream. Take the limits off of God. Stop asking for a C and start asking for an A. Stretch your faith. God wants to do something new in your life. He wants to give you the secret petitions of your heart, the things that you dream about but never told anyone. You would love to start a business, love to take a mission’s trip, love to get married, love to own your own home, but it seems so unlikely, so far out of reach. If you told your friends, they would probably laugh. They wouldn’t understand it. That’s okay. You don’t need their approval. This is between you and Almighty God. In your quiet time when nobody else is around, you need to be bold and start asking for those hidden dreams, for the promises God has placed on the inside. As you pray those bold prayers according to His will, it won’t be long until you see every dream and every desire come to pass!

“…It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32, NKJV).

  • Debbie Messick

    Joel, I have watched your Ministries on tv for a while now… You are always so uplifting and positive about any situation…my daughter has just gone thru brain surgery and is now in an induced coma to relieve the swelling on her brain.. She has left side poralisis and is in critical condition.. I have everyone I can think of praying for a miracle… Please pray for her recovery and to bring the spirit of Jesus into her soul.. Many prayers are needed for her to come out of this. In Gods name I pray for his divine guidance in this situation to keep me strong. Thank you for your ministries.. I am blessed to have Jesus in my life.. Thank you Jesus.. Her name is Kelsey, she is young and has a wonderful life my God has planned for her..
    Debbie, Montana kid

  • Esther Ndegwa

    I always dream of big things to achieve in my life but have not achieved any so far. I want to take the challenge of stretching my faith and trying out my dreams. Kindly pray for me as i desire to do a typing job through the internet to be able to earn more for a living since at times am so hard hit and can bearly meet my family daily needs. I have been encouraged by your inspiration words and especially the challenge given to the college student to aim an A and not a C. I am willing to take a step of faith and do my part and leave the rest to God. Please pray for me to be able to do it in Jesus name and also that the Lord may heal me from an ailment of nerves and joints in by body that have troubled me for so long and which has put me down even in my service to God in my Church. Your encouraging words were just in time for me. I felt like you were talking directly to me. God bless you.

    Esther, Kenya

  • Lisa Santomauro

    Please pray for my son anthony santomauro get rid of his alopecia forever remove it from his body please dear God…..My faith in my God makes me go forward each day just waiting for his blessing and to answer my request I love you Lord

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment joy

    Father, i believe that you have a better plan for me and i made up my mind my mind to live base on your promises in your word.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Betty

    I say thanx to God. This script I had read touch my heart and I realise that God is waiting for us to asked and belief. God is great and this encouraging words let me belief for asked God for a A for my son who is writing his Grade 12 final exams and a breakthrough in this exams as well as for the applications to university and hostel accommodation. It’s Time For Some “First Times” is amazing and I belief GOD CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY SON, (OLIVER) LIFE. Thank you for all the prayers.

  • adron

    I thought this was a very good post and a great reminder to pray big. Thank you.

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