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Apple’s “Jew or Not Jew” App — Should It Be Legal?

An Apple application that let users guess which French politicians or celebrities are Jewish was pulled from France’s App Store. but its American equivalent is still available.

French activist groups said the “Jew or Not Jew?” app violated bans on compiling information on people’s religion and revealing that religion without their consent, according to United Press International.


I still remember when Saturday Night Live introduced this as a mock game show almost 30 years ago!  Those with long memories will recall that the show was hosted by Kurt Waldheim, then becoming infamous for having lied about his Nazi past.  Frankly, I though it was hysterical.  But perhaps that’s the point.


What’s funny in America may not be so funny in France, where Antisemitism is a much more prevalent and dangerous fact of life than it is in America.  But is that really a sufficient argument?

I do appreciate that in France, far more likely than in the United States, the “Jew or Not Jew” game  could be used in ugly ways.  I just think that laws which prohibit such things mask very serious underlying problems, much more than they actually address them.

The problem is not the app per se — it is not in and of itself hateful or ugly.  The danger lies in how it could be used by hateful and ugly people.  Not having this app will not address the problem of their hate and ugliness.   Not to mention that the app’s unavailability in the french-based app store does not mean that it will not be readily available in France.  That’s one of the blessing and the burdens of the internet, right?

This seems like a well-intentioned, but totally unsophisticated response to a very real problem.  And in this case the old adage about the road to Hell and good intentions seems pretty apt.



  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment romanscapegoat

    the app would shine the light of truth….Jews have conquered America and are allowing the white house to govern under Jew rule…the Jew banks and CEO that control the white house ALSO control the media and all forms of major information…Jews dominate and are strategically placed in all departments of white house…treasury dept dominated by Jews…homeland security department…dominated by Jews hiding the truth that bush/Jews did 9/11…Jew banks/CEO made huge profit from war…Jew media hides the truth and continuously lie about Muslims being terrorist…GOD BLESS AMERICA??? the world was giving to Lucifer…Lucifer made a deal with the Jews KILL CHRIST and walk with Lucifer controlling the world…Lucifer and angels were punished and changed to an ugly form..”THE SPACE ALIENS” Egyptians worshipped “space aliens”…the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews and forced them to build pyramids-a shrine for Lucifer…pyramids are built around the world to honor of David has pyramids…there are pyramids in las vegas and other cities in America that were built by the jews who own them

  • celina

    If you are ready for the real truth, click on the link to open your mind.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment romanscapegoat

    the markings of lucifer have been found in Jerusalem…child sacrifices were performed were the pyramid shape symbols were discovered…Lucifer will land in his “spaceship” soon..not all Jews will be punished…just those involved in the Jew takeover of the world…jew or non-jew.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Track Dangerous Jews

    Jews are highly dangerous people, especially those who insist on dominating others with their religious, nationalistic and tribal nonsense. Let’s track them all!

    Of course, anyone infected with a particularly virulent mind-virus should be scrutinized, including Christians and Muslims. Since all of these memeplexes compete for dominance in the memeosphere, they put all of us at risk for conflict and war.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment romanscapegoat

    all republican presidential candidates…stood before a huge room full of hundreds of Jews in the white-house…promising no regulation of Jew profit… no regulation of Jew control of the white house and and no regulation of Jew control of America if elected prisedent…in every heart of a Jew is the need for greed…a curse for setting up the Hebrew son of god to be killed in order to walk with Lucifer controlling the world…

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jessica

    Just the fact that “romanscapegoat” and “track dangerous jews” are here posting like this illustrates the reasons why this app…legal or not…would be a really bad and dangerous idea.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Gil From Great Neck

    To those getting upset with the likes of “roman scapegoat” should be apprised of this anti-Semite who has been commenting for years on beliefnet with his paranoid, and schizoid psychotic dementia “Jew Hatred. Underlying his paranoid ideation, his homosexual fantasy comes to the surface, in my prior correspondence with him. He is to be ignored. Don’t feed his delusional system.

  • Olivia Marcus

    That’s really horrible! What kind of app is that? I think some people have too much time on their hands.

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