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Joel Osteen On Piers Morgan Tonight: “Homosexuality Is A Sin”

In an interview with Piers Morgan, airing tonight on CNN, January 26th, Joel Osteen declares that homosexuality is a sin. When Morgan asks him if he thinks that the interviewer’s friend, Elton John, was a sinner, Osteen declared that he is. Who cares? Why is this news? Why is CNN releasing this segment of the interview now? What does it say about those who tune in to see and hear the obvious?Is it a big surprise to anyone that Osteen, an evangelical pastor and biblical literalist, believes that homosexuality is a sin? Did the interviewer think that the answer would be different for a star like Elton John than for a regular guy who happens to be gay? Could it be that he simply wants Osteen to condemn someone famous because he knows that in our celebrity-obsessed culture, viewers are more likely to care about Elton John than about less famous gay people? Despite saying that he did not “want to bang away at this” topic, Morgan goes on for more than five minutes about Osteen’s understanding of homosexuality without surfacing anything new or interesting on the topic. In response to the same question being asked in many different ways, Osteen repeats in many different ways, that he believes that homosexuality is a sin, but that there are many sins and he can’t really understand why Mr. Morgan keeps asking about this one.The more interesting story here is why Morgan spent as much time on this one issue as he did, and what he missed because he did so. At some point around the three-minute mark in the conversation it actually seems that this was mostly about making Osteen squirm precisely because doing so made Morgan feel superior and the audience would get a kick out of it. Is that the best CNN can do on an issue which continues to divide so many people, often including members of the same family?At the end of their give and take about homosexuality and sin, Osteen says to Morgan, “it’s a hard issue and I don’t know that I fully understand it.” Perhaps shockingly, the evangelical pastor demonstrates more intellectual humility than his journalist interlocutor. Osteen holds to an unpopular position while freely admitting that he doesn’t necessarily have the whole picture. If all conversations around gayness, especially when related to religion, held to that approach, every conversation around this typically divisive issue would be safer, wiser and more productive. Alas, like so much of what we see on TV, even when it purports to be news, it isn’t about helping us to be safer, wiser of more productive, it’s about entertaining us. I appreciate entertainment, but this seems like a poor form of it, perhaps dangerously so.I want to know why Osteen wasn’t asked if he is concerned about describing gay people as sinners, given the violence which such language can inspire. I want to know why, rather than being fixated on his beliefs, beliefs shared by huge numbers of Christians, Muslims, Jews and the followers of many other faiths, Morgan doesn’t ask if Osteen worries about addressing those potential dangers and how he does so. There are thoughtful and reasonable answers to those questions, but they need to be explored. And if he wanted to raise the specter of Osteen’s narrow-mindedness, Morgan misses his biggest opportunity — Osteen’s claim about what constitutes the “biggest sin” — not having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here is a man watched by millions of people each and every week, watched in a world in which claims of religious superiority fuel deadly violence all over the world, and even here at home. What does it mean for Osteen to believe that all those who think about God differently from him, or who don’t think about God at all, are sinners? What does it mean to claim to love them? Is that really possible, and if so, how does that work?I appreciate that if Joel Osteen can offer sincere, intelligent and meaningful responses to these questions; there is less smug self-righteousness to enjoy for those of us who disagree with him. On the other hand, if that is the attraction of such interviews, we are all better off turning off the television and going to bed a little earlier.

  • Sheila Fortin

    It is truly sad that pierce has to get his rateings up, by setting someone up repeatedly hounding on the only subject, and Eltons name, so that the public would have such a strong reaction to. I guess Pierce was not decent enough to talk about any other subject or did he have any. Is that the only reason that he had invited Joel Osteen on his show? That speaks VOLUMES about Pierce Morgan! I Feel Sorry for Joel, Sorry for any offended and the most sorry for you Pierce. You take care..AND GOD BLESS! Sheila F

  • Tom Martin

    What did Piers Morgan expect Joel to say regarding homosexuality? Any major Christian leader would have said the same. Morgan thrives on controversal tabloid hosting because he has nothing else to offer. Simply put he is a nasty man.
    The pompous, arrogant,intimidating Peirs Morgan brings nothing to CNN that he did not demonstrate on the ‘CLOWN SHOW’ he served as a judge on. He may help CNN attract more of the Montel William, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Ricki Lake and other trash shows viewers, but I would venture to say in a few years, if he last that long, intelligent viewers will be turning the channel. The reason CNN finally wanted to or agreed to pull the plug on Larry was due to his no longer being able to attract new viewers.
    I appreciate that Joel in his writings and television ministry focuses on the positive and not the negative which has been a part of the rhetoric of Christian ministers for far, far too long. He uses positive empowerment to attract people to Christianity and not fear – GOOD FOR JOEL!
    As science introduces new knowledge on homosexuality Christian views in mainstream churches will change just as our views changed regarding women’s roles in the church, women’s rights in general, divorce, personal dress codes, slavery, integration, etc. Yes, I acknowledge change comes at a very slow pace and certainly too slow for me.
    As a Christian I have a different view on homosexuality than most main stream Christians claim to have. I know of no intelligent Christian that believes every interpretation or doctrine the hierarchy of their church hands down.
    What good would Joel do if he ostracized himself from mainstream Christianity? He would immediately lose his power to bring about the change in Christianity that Joel is bringing about. Joel is bringing about change by teaching Christians to use the brain God gave us and stop relying on fairy tale relgious beliefs that have become a part of the Christian church through tradition and that is why many in the Baptist hierarchy and other independent and denominational leaders are attacking him. Joel has to guard his words at the moment and not let trash like Piers Morgan stand in his way or side track him.

  • romanscapegoat

    the Jewish owned media is on an agenda, spreading propaganda, by using their Jewish controlled polls, to stop any chances of Obama regaining the white house… Obama favors the gays…if Obama regains the white house he will regulate the Jewish owned banks and corporations…the Jews are happy to know most Americans are ignorant and vote on useless drama that distract from the fact, the ignorant not rich republican voters are voting against their own benefit…

  • Jewish Predictable Media Hysteria

    More Jewish proxy media attacks on anything that represents Christianity in America. All the while.. pushing the gay agenda and dirty sensationalism. What is this weird connection between American Jews and the gay community? If you consider yourself a Jew (a religion, NOT a race) then you believe the same as Christians and Muslims that Homosexuality is a SIN.
    Leviticus 20:13 (Old Testament, Recognized and preached by Jews)
    “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”
    There it is in writing. So why do hollywood Jews pretend to be ‘shocked’ when Christians say its a Sin? When the person who WROTE that it was a sin… was a Jew named Leviticus? lol so stupid.
    They always come with the spin that anyone who opposes homosexuality is a radical ‘hate’ monger. Dont get me started on the media buzzword “hate” and how its childishly thrown around by the left in every situation.
    So Morgans grandmother renounced her faith because of the ‘holocaust’? Someone should dig a little deeper into this story. Seems so scripted and fake.
    At one point i could actually see Morgan listening to his Ear piece while harping on the homosexuality questions. Who was in your ear telling you what to ask Morgan? You should get him out behind the stage and interview him next. Ask him where his predictable questions come from.
    CNN is not a news channel. Its a tabloid smut machine. And everyone knows Anderson Cooper is a closet homosexual to afraid to come out of the closet. Every other show he attacks people who oppose the gay agenda. Then he follows it up with some shock youtube video to throw you off blatant pro-gay pattern the show has every week. Ridiculous. All these shows really think the American people are so stupid. They present themselves like they’re your ‘parents’ providing you with the daily ‘news’. Get real.
    Everyone knows Television is DEAD. People have been going to the internet for news for 10+years now. Every year the big media companies get dirtier and dirtier to attract ANY kind of viewer they can get. Everything on TV is garbage and smut. And im still young at age 30. So still very much intune with todays generation.
    Whatever… i enjoy seeing these vampires eat themselves.. then stand around and wonder why they keep on failing.
    Buy silver… Crash Jp Morgan. No more Aid for Israel.
    The End.

  • Mr. Incredible, in Jesus’ Name

    God says that He detests what we now call “homosexuality.” This is reiterated in Romans. It is reiterated in the very idea of “marriage,” instituted by God, of a man, as husband, and a woman, as his wife. This arrangement simulates the intimate bond between Christ and His Church.
    There is no instance in His Word where God approves of same-sex relationships, except in acquaintance, loving friendship and brotherhood in the Lord.

  • Mr. Incredible, in the Name of Jesus

    Since when does Osteen talk about “sin”??

  • European

    And if he wanted to raise the specter of Osteen’s narrow-mindedness, Morgan misses his biggest opportunity — Osteen’s claim about what constitutes the “biggest sin” — not having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
    and why is that (narrow-minded).? Jesus is the Teacher of Christians. What is so wrong with their personal relationship to Jesus Christ.? It is the same kind of relationship you have with your Teachers, or Orthodox Rabbi’s thru your teachings, on how to live by your 612 laws, correct behaviours etc. and to draw near to God thru Kabbala. With one difference, it does not intertain the “RACE issue”. It does not teach to hate, except sin =(death), because it contradicts “LIFE”. And Jesus Christ represents NEW LIFE. That is not narrow-mindedness. If you beliefe to become holy-er thru the 612 commandment and those disciplines, that is OK. I think Christians have come this far to let you practice your Religion, or they will soon be there, as you open Judaism to them. They will then understand why they follow Jesus and you the 612 commandments. Their relationship to Jesus Christ is no more narrow-minded, then Judaism ‘s Orthodoxy. and which also intertains that homosexuality is a sin.

  • Mr. Incredible, in the Name of Jesus, Who gives me strenghth to judge and not love anyone who doesn


  • Mr. Incredible, in the name of jesus, who allows me to not love those who do not love jesus


  • romanscapegoat

    incredible jesus freak…Christians are the best killers in the world…no one follows what Jesus taught…god will turn you gay, for his amusement….GOD ALLOWS EVERYTHING…even your ignorance

  • Mr. Incredible, in the Name of Jesus, in Whom we are more than conquerors!

    Goats talk out their butts.

  • Grumpy Old Person

    I think Osteen’s haircut is a real sin.

  • JustGuessing

    Mr. Incredible,
    Are you really a non Christian trying to make Christians look ridiculous?

  • Rob the Rev

    Romansscapegoat; Jewish predictable, and MrIncredible all have the IQ of a marshmellow. Please crawl back under your rock.

  • Dr. Paul K. Fauteck

    As a psychologist with some interest in religions, I can tell you that the Bible is like a Rorschach test. You can see, and obsess about, almost anything there, whatever your individual pathology dictates. That’s why so many Christian Bible thumpers harangue about a few verses having to do with intimacy between two males, and ignore the thousands of other passages that are not convenient for them.
    Jesus was a wise and compassionate Jewish teacher, who actually said very little about sex, and to my knowledge never said anything against consensual sexual activity between unmarried adults, whether same sex or not. Paul of Tarsus was obsessed with sex, said he wished every male could just castrate himself, and spoke mysteriously of a thorn in his side, which the best exegetes have suggested referred to ego-dystonic homosexuality.
    I think that’s the thorn that keeps most gay-baiters so fired up. At least evangelist Ted Haggard eventually found the courage to admit it, to himself and the world.
    And no, that’s no excuse for Morgan to pass this harangue off as news, and it certainly shouldn’t serve as an opportunity for a few crackpots to air the tired old “Jews run everything” propaganda.

  • Paul N

    Jordan, the bible doesnt teach to reconcile even if you in disagreement. The bible says to stand for truth always but do it in love. Jesus said if you teach the gospel and its is refused to shake the dust of your feet as a witness against those who reject it.
    Jesus was crucified for our sins and the disciples where martyred and exhiled. They were not trying to get along with people percieved inherent ways.
    You are also asking Joel Osteen to consider something that you dont know inherent, re: homosexuality. Is the school bully inherentlt that way.



  • Dennis

    I thought the point of this interview was to again demonstrate that the basis for describing homosexuality as an abomination was not based on empirical facts or reason about imagined harmfulness, but rather the citing of cherry-picked scripture–authority rather than facts. The key issue is that if parts of scripture are in error, then everything in the scripture can be doubted, so the scripture worshipers must hold the line concerning the authority and infallibility of sacred text. Anti-gay legislation is an attempt to enforce religious dogma and conformity–to eliminate the heretics. It is again the ancient battle between religion and science. Socrates was sentenced to death for not properly worshiping the gods of his city. The First Amendment of our Constitution was an attempt to temper this conflict.

  • Regina

    God is a forgiving. God is loving. God is merciful. Remember the Bible was written by men. Who are we to judge? Who are we to have the audacity to know what God thinks? God loves creatures, created all that is, and his love and mercy knows no end.

  • Gil

    Being the gay man that I am, I must alertly congest Kant, similar domenic-asphodel beatify an interlocutory search for the perfect bunghole.

  • Gil


  • Kity

    I was a blessed follower of Joel Osteen’s father (Pastor John Osteen), long before Joel even thought about stepping into his father’s shoes. And I think Joel has done a pretty good job.
    If you LISTEN to the video WITHOUT bias, Joel clearly says that he believes ‘what the scriptures say…’, and ‘the scriptures clearly states…’. Piers needs to either come out of the closet or leave it alone. If a man says ‘HE BELIEVES’ what the scriptures of our most sacred literary accomplishment, what right do you or anyone else have to question it.

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