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French film star and former sex symbol Brigitte Bardot is leading a very public campaign against both kosher and halal slaughtering.

More othan 2,000 posters have been plastered throughout France since Jan. 4 to “inform” people of the “Middle Age” methods used to “slit the throats of animals without anesthesia in order to please God,” according to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which fights for animal rights.

Like most such campaigns, especially in France, the real issue seems to be the campaigners’ general hostility to both religious tradition and to God. Were it otherwise, why mention the antiquity of the practice or its source, for believers at least, in sacred tradition?
I have no problem with questioning the ethics of eating meat, especially given that according to Genesis; people were originally intended to be vegetarians. I also have no quibble with those who challenge the notion that ritual slaughter is particularly sensitive to the animal, especially when that appears not to be the case.
I do question general hostility to religious practice, especially when it wraps itself in other claims. And I fail to see how, were this not the case in this case, the same campaign is not conducted against all slaughter for the sake of consumption.
If Ms. Bardot and her supporters think that any slaughterhouse is a place which concerns itself with the comfort of the animals, she is sadly mistaken, at best. If she know that truth, and simply wants to attack Jews and Muslims, she should come out and do so.

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