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Voting More Sacred Than Victory

With only hours to go in what will certainly be among the most significant mid-term elections in many years, Americans need to recall that voting, not victory is what’s most sacred to a democracy. By sacred, I do not mean ordained by God or any particular scripture. I mean that which is most centrally important to a community and how it functions.
So yes, this is a plea to get out and vote. It’s not a plea for any particular candidate or party. It’s a call to resist the temptation to which many of us seem to be falling prey – if it appears that the side we support is not destined to win, we lose our desire to participate in the election. That’s not only disappointing, it’s a threat to our democracy.
In a democracy, the central tenet is that voters win, not that winners vote. Recent polling by the Gallup Organization suggests otherwise. There is a major enthusiasm gap when it comes to tomorrow’s election.


According to Gallup, only 37% of Democrats/Democratic leaning voters are enthusiastic about casting a ballot in next week’s election, vs. Republicans/Republican leaning voters, 63% of whom are excited about heading to the polls. Statistics raise the question: Do winners vote or do voters win? We are raised to believe that it’s the latter, but in this election at least, it appears to be the former.
Even if less enthusiastic voters actually do get out and vote, does this poll indicate that we are more enthusiastic about victory than about democracy? That would certainly explain the increasingly ugly tactics used by candidates by both parties, and also the fact that voters actually respond positively to anyone who can demonstrate why the person against whom they are running is a jerk, even if voters do not know much about the actual potions taken by the candidate they support.
It would be interesting to find out which of the following most Americans would prefer: a less than democratic process, which brought victory to the candidate they support, or a genuinely democratic process which elected someone they did not. Frankly, I think we know the answer and it’s not the right one.
Our commitment to victory is turning contemporary politics into a Vince Lombardi inspired football game in which winning is not everything, but the only thing. And politics ala Coach Lombardi is not something for which any of us should stand. In fact, in the long run, it is the kind of politics which makes democracies fall.
Voting tomorrow is a sacred obligation, perhaps even more sacred if the candidate one supports is likely to lose. How else will the other side even know that there is still another side? So get enthusiastic, and get out and vote. In my tradition we call it a Mitzvah!

  • romanscapegoat

    the jewish messiah told the jews stay out of the world… the world belongs to lucifer…there isnt one person in this world who follows what the messiah taught

  • Alan

    Obama embodies the worst of all the modern liberal political pathologies–intellectual bankruptcy, boundless arrogance, embrasure of the “transgressive” as a virtue, the postmodern critique of the concepts of objective reality and absolute moral values, contempt towards and demonization of political opponents, the elevation of self-gratification into the highest human aspiration, active hostility towards America’s British and European roots, and Chicago-style zero-sum-game political sensibilities.
    He is the least-qualified man ever elected President of the United States–he can’t give a speech without using a teleprompter, and even screws that up from time to time–and is in fact our first affirmative-action President, elected on the basis of the color of his skin, rather than the content of his character. His presidency is a textbook example of how racial preferences end up placing unqualified minorities in situations in which they are guaranteed to fail; only this time, the failure has consequences from which we as a nation may never recover.
    May each and every candidate wo has supported this man be voted out of office on Tuesday

  • R

    “With only hours to go in what will certainly be among the most significant mid-term elections in many years…”–Rabbi, every election, Presidential or mid-term, is billed as the “most significant”. Is this election more signficant than the election of 1980 in which Reagan was elected, or the election in 1982 when Reagan’s Congressional majority was wiped out, or the election of 1994 (which brought Newt Gingrich to power) which was supposed to usher in a Republican majority for the unforeseen future, or the election of 2006 (in which Democrats won control of both houses)and was supposed to pre-sage and era of Democratic dominance? This is not to make light of current issues or political passions. But, Rabbi, this, too, shall pass.
    Alan–only history will be able to tell us whether Pres. OBama was the most unqualified person to sit in the Oval Office. In 1945, Harry Truman was thought to be unqualified–he turned out to do pretty well (although it was not thought so at the time) John Adams was as qualified as anyone in his time to be President. But he had a rather unsucessful Presidency. Herbert Hoover was thought to be very qualified but turned out to be a disaster. John Kennedy was thought to be too young and inexperienced. We, now, think he learned quickly on the job and did rather well.

  • george p frankididle

    Since votes are tallied by the new tally master,the computer; who will ever know if the race is fixed.

  • allen p.

    Alan’s posting is a parade example of what psychologists call “projection”: projecting onto others one’s own biases.

  • Jack West

    To me the real power of Democracy is that withyobadself is able to write his anti-semetic rant on this Jewish web site without interferance from

  • Epstein’s mother

    JACK WEST….dont look at it, walk away

  • Effinie

    to Epstein’s mother: no don’t ignore it and walk away. Report the abuse to the blog site. That insult of blogdom disappeared for awhile, but now it’s back. Again, report him!

  • meimei

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  • sonia

    i totally agree we should all do our part & vote but these days does my vote really say something, when the Supreme Court ruling has enabled outside forces to be part of the American Democracy? So much money was brought in to influence our election. . .no different from the corruption of third world countries. . .did the Republicans really take over the House or has the House been taken over Corporate interests that have nothing to do with that struggling single mother raising children on her own, a veteran with psychological problems after a war, a father losing it all & not being able to support his family. . .did my vote really speak for the little people or did I just put in the same arrogant, pasty white faces with delusional grandeur into Washington?

  • withyobadself

    why did harry Reid stay in office…the polls all said nobody likes Obama…why where there unexpected democratic wins?????? the polls all said nobody approves of Obama…why were the races so close they are still counting ballots today…….THE POLLS SAID NOBADY WANTS OBAMA!!!!! when Obama walked in the white house he realized both the republicans and democrats were being controlled by the banks and corporations…AT THE STATE OF THE UNION ADRESSS OBAMA TOLD THE WORLD THE WHITE HOUSE IS CONTROLLED BY BANKS AND CCOPPERATION AND IT WILL STOP!!!!! when those in power realized Obama would not become a slave to the banks and corporations..the liberal media[which makes billions a year and needs republican protection for their money] all of a sudden isn’t liberal anymore….

  • withyobadself

    the Jewish owned media will now end the tea party….there can never be a large group of people not controlled by government…the economy was deliberately being held down by the banks and corporations until the republicans took back control of whitehouse….NOW OBAMA HAS BEEN STOPPED…the media will NOW start saying the economy is getting better thanks to the confidence the republicans bring…the banks and corporations will now allow the economy to grow and the media will use their polls to MAKE SURE OBAMA WILL lose the next election…..GOD BLESS AMERICA …WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! AND SEARCH FOR TRUTH…TRUTH WILL BRING YOU CLOSER TO GOD

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