Windows and Doors

No, it’s not a joke. Rabbi Ari Shvat has ruled that it is permissible for female agents of Israel’s spy service, Mossad, to use sex as a tool to fight terror.
So-called “Honey Pot Sex” in which terrorists or potential terrorists are seduced not only into bed, but into divulging information about their own guilt, that of their comrades or most importantly, about impending terror operations is permissible according to Jewish law.
For anyone who thinks that such a ruling is outrageous or offensive – that justifying sex as a strategic weapon is simply wrong, first ask yourself if you feel that way about shooting terrorists. If one thinks it would be justified to kill or maim them, would it not be better to neutralize the threat with sex instead of bullets? Why do we get prudish when it comes to sex, but not to violence?
My only question is why Rabbi Shvat only ruled on women? What about male agents using sex to seduce women terrorists? Is this sexist or are there no men who can get that job done for Israel?

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