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Rand Paul and Jack Conway Bring Faith Down

Trading barbs about who is and who is not a decent human being and a good Christian, Kentucky Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway, demonstrated how NOT to mix religion and politics. Politcs Daily Editor-in-Chief, Melinda Henneberger captured the moment as follows:

Right out of the gate last night, Paul pretended that this was an attack on him as a Christian: “Those who stoop to the level of attacking a man’s religious beliefs to gain higher office, I believe that they should remember that it does not profit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul in the process,” Paul lectured his opponent, quoting from Scripture…Not to be outdone, Conway also behaved as though the relevant question really did involve the Bowling Green eye doctor’s spiritual life; instead of noting that men raised other than by wolves don’t for any reason tie up women who aren’t in on the plan, the Moses of Frankfort tried to cast the incident as evidence that Paul worships false Gods: “Why did he freely join a group known for mocking, for making fun of people with faith?” Conway asked during the debate. “When is it ever a good idea to tie up a woman and ask her to kneel before a false idol, your god, which you call Aqua Buddha?”


Instead of debating issues over which they would have real influence, if elected, Paul and Conway raced to the bottom of personal attack and religious critique. Possible responses?

They are both fools, or the electorate is.
If last night’s sermonizing “works” i.e. persuades voters in one direction or the other, then shame on the voters. Hopefully though, it’s the candidates who miscalculated and each of their offices will receive messages from their respective supporters, telling the two candidates to get to work.
We are two weeks away from very important elections in this country and there are real and important differences between many of the candidates – especially these two. But if the best they can do is use God and religion to shame and embarrass each other, then it may not matter who wins, since they are both losers.

  • R

    They are both fools AND the electorate is.

  • Ed Karesky

    They are both without question fools and political charlatans posing as serious candidates. Unfortunately the American body politic has fallen to being led around their ilk on both sides of the political spectrum. Expect more of the same come election day.

  • Nathan S

    What did Paul do that makes him a fool? He was on the receiving end of one of the most dirty campaign slanders of this entire election season. He’s a fool for being angry about it? Interesting standards.

  • Kathy

    I’m embarrassed to be a Democrat.

  • romanscapegoat

    kathy…the jewish owned republican agenda along with bought churches vomits shame and quilt on voters and creates a simple minded backwards hillbilly christian tea bagger ready to defend jews from laws passed by obama to protect the 98% from banks and corporations.

  • Joe

    Hmmm…the Jews own the Republican agenda…I thought they owned the Demo/liberal agenda…and the media….
    You Jew-haters ought to get your facts together…it’s confusing for us to know what we’re guilty of…
    In any case, it’s all lies. Humans were given a superior brain so we could use our intelligence to search the truth, instead of swallowing ignorance that is based solely on hatred and fear of what’s unkknown.

  • romanscapegoat

    joe…your ignorance is showing… all the rich corporations and banks stand to lose money if Obama passes laws to protect the 98% from the two percent jews…the jewish owned media makes billions a year..

  • romanscapegoat

    joe …actually the Jews own the republicans and the democrats…THE JEWS DONT OWN OBAMA,the last president who pissed off the Jews the way Obama does was Kennedy,the Jews wont stop until Kennedy and Obama share the same fate…no one can simply just take power away from those who have it…the Jews in power have done so many evil acts from orchestrating 9/11 to assassinating Kennedy…the Jews have walked away from god when they killed their messiah who brought god’s last message…Lucifer has giving power of the world to the Jews for assassinating Jesus.

  • Your Name

    Ewww – such puke-making comments. Speaking of ‘bringing faith down’, you guys have succeeded as admirably as Ru Paul, oops, I mean Rand.

  • romanscapegoat

    no name…faith and religion are two separate things you not knowing that exposes you as a fraud not close to god at all. someone who uses god to put fear in someone all for control, the same way churches put fear in its zombies to create simple minded tea baggers ,bought by the republicans who are controlled by the jews…FEAR is the republican strategy…GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

  • Gil

    Roman you certainly have a set of gonads. If Jews are as evil, devious, coniving, treacherous, all powerful, and murderous, as your paranoid ravings state- you would have been eliminated a long time ago. Reviewing your pathetic, naive, foolish, and psychotic blogs only points out to you either having latrine water coursing through your veins, or you are just plain NUTS. We have investigated you and the psychiatric records disclosed a troubled childhood, difficulties in school and with playmates, dysfunctional family, and referral by school officials for psychiatric intervention. Unfortunately mental health services can only procede so far and is stymied by a recalcitrant patient who refuses medication and therapy. As an addendum – paranoid psychosis is extremely difficult to treat. Especially when the delusions are well entrenched. YOU ARE PATHETIC,NOISOME,AND A DOWN-RIGHT PEST. GO PEDDLE YOUR “DEARBORN” YELLOW RAG JINGO CRAP TO YOUR SKINHEADS.

  • EKaresky

    As loath as I am to give you any attention, I will because your insane proclamations occasionally make me laugh. Am I to assume then that the comparativly miniscule Jewish population in the world is more intelligent, more talented, more innovative, and more powerful than all the other people in the world? Apparently you beleive this. I would thank you for the complement but you’d take me seriously. Gil has you analyzed well but then, we Jews invented psychoanalysis so why wouldn’t he? Hopefully, you have not been able to reproduce which would mean that G-d indeed has mercy on even the unconceived. I do wish you good physical health (good mental health would be unattainable for you at this late date) because if you were hospitalized it would be unlikely you could avoid contact with Jewish physicians. Perhaps a veterinary clinic. . . . . .

  • voice crying

    Rand, knows his target audience and he is playing it for all it is worth.

  • romanscapegoat

    Hitler killed jews because jews were taking over Europe…

  • Brittney

    So sad that people do everything they can to divide people instead of uniting people which is what is supposed to happen. Do people really think that spewing hate is a good idea??? Really???

  • romanscapegoat

    brittney,this isnt hate… just facts

  • romanscapegoat

    ek…never assume it makes an ass out of u and me

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