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Finding God with Google

Like pretty much everything else, God can be found on Google. And this week, with the help of Google Street View, you don’t even have to search for images of the Divine to find you.
This image, captured by the Street View feature of ubiquitous searcher (a fact about Google which may hint at the search engine itself is increasingly God-like, if not actually God) has been interpreted by thousands as a glimpse of God captured on camera. Of course others have suggested that it is more likely bird poop on the camera lens. Whatever it is, there is a lesson here in when and why we see/think we see God.
google god.jpg
It comes down to admitting that we all find the God or no-God for which we are looking. There is proof of either the existence or the non-existence of God. Their constant debating to the contrary, that is something upon which both deep believers and ardent atheists ought to agree.


When believers in the infinite insist that there are scientific proofs for the existence of the God in whom they believe, they are reducing the object of their faith to something whose existence can also be disproved. Is that really what they want? Is the God in whom they believe really so small as to be disproved? Maybe, but that’s no god worthy of one’s faith.
When non-believers assert that they can prove the non-existence of God, they are having an argument which is irrelevant to real believers – one which is, by definition, meaningless to those who believe. So to what purpose do they keep re-proving the non-existence of God? Are they simply doing it as a ritual demonstration of the conclusions which they have already reached? If so, the joke is on them – they have created rituals and liturgy for the no-God community which directly parallels those of the God folks!
Both sides would be forced to admit that there is significant evidence to support the views held by the other side and each would have to take responsibility not only for the beauty and goodness achieved by holding their respective beliefs, but also for the incredible harm which has been done by those same beliefs and dis-beliefs. What we ultimately decide, says more about who we are than it does about anything else. And as long as the decision reached actually makes the world better and safer, even for those who don’t share our conclusions, it would make it the right conclusion for us.
Instead of each side engaging in a debate whose real purpose is to keep each side from asking any questions about its own views, by focusing on demolishing those of others, I would suggest a new approach to this debate. Let each side stop talking about proofs and dis-proofs and speak instead about the results of belief and disbelief in their own lives and our assessment of the impact of God in the world in which we live. For pretty much all of us, it is those experiences which govern our conclusion.
Like those who interpret the image from Google Street View, some of whom see God and some of whom see bird poop, when it comes to God, we tend to see what we believe, not believe what we see.

  • Gil

    God is incorporeal – multidementional – omnicient, omnipotent,and omnipresent, was, is, will be. To describe God is to diminish God by putting parameters about Him/Her – no gender of course. Therefore an intelligent conclusion must be drawn that God cannot be defined. All humans who have the power to think and reason have asked some basic questions eg.: where did I come from, who put me here, how did this all start, where am I going, who created this universe, who put everything in order, what is my purpose, how am I to conduct myself, what do I do if I’m in need of help, what about others, etc., etc. The most primitive seeks out a spirit or God who is greater than he, and worships that spirit, gods, or God. Their are countless numbers of holy books written by man which attempt to give purpose and meaning to man, and explain the creation of the world, including man. Countless numbers of religions and gods have arisen. Included amongst these holy books are other books which attempt to explain these holy books, give interpretation, and rules of ethical and moral conduct. Some religions understand the uni-incorporeality of God. Instead of defining God- they discuss and glean from their scripture the rules and regulations they are to abide by to live in a well ordered society. Sorry, no Google photos of God. “To see Me is to die.” Possibly God hinting that when Moses, or others die- your “soul steps over that thresh-hold into another dimention to meet your Maker.” Just a guess folks. Interesting note – no matter who accepts that last premise – is in no hurry to leave this world. But having reached a stage in one’s life, the infirmities and incurable illness, the pain both mental and physical, one prays and welcomes his/her termination with life. I suppose there comes the Angel of Death concept. As some religious people say when people are faced with the trials and tribulations of life: “Its all for the best.” Keep in mind if they were able to extinguish all gods and religions – the next generation would reinvent religions and gods to their concepts. Evidently man needs a spiritual existence as well as all the other accoutrements for a satisfying life.

  • romanscapegoat

    pick your nose… god is that booger, god is your finger, god is the thought you had to pick your nose..there is no freewill everything is god…everything is one…god feels alone and plays with him self to feel existence…it feels like we have free will….its all one big masturbation

  • Gil

    There we go again – reductio ad absurdum – but in roman’s case – reductio ad nauseum. For those who are interested – “no free will” would make all humans robots,and therefore not responsible for their acts. Robots or slaves have no guilt. To be guilty you had to have the free will, or choice, to commit the act. Or in the mortal words of the transvestite comedian of HBO fame: “Cake or death?” – I choose cake. N.B.[For those who are interested- the comedy routine was spoofing the difference between the Roman Catholic church High Inquistor interrogating an accused apostate, and an Anglican priest posing the same question.]

  • Gil

    The comedian I alluded to was : Eddie Izzard.

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