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Coin Honors Romanian Jew-Hater, Miron Cristea

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Romania’s central bank on Thursday said it would not withdraw from circulation a coin featuring an image of a prime minister who stripped Jews of their citizenship before World War II, stressing it had not intended to send an anti-Semitic message. The coin depicts the late Patriarch Miron Cristea, who led the Romanian Orthodox Church from 1925 to 1939 and was prime minister from 1938 to 1939. A commission set up by the National Bank to reconsider it said it was minted only as one of five to commemorate Romania’s five patriarchs at the request of Romania’s influential Orthodox Church.

Is it surprising that the head of a church which taught virulent anti-Semitism for centuries was himself an anti-Semite who fundamentally opposed the notion that Jews were full and equal citizens? Yes, it’s disturbing, but is it really a big deal? It’s a coin! Why should everyone from the ADL to the United States Holocaust Museum and Memorial being getting involved in this? I’ll tell you why.

In the ongoing search for post-Soviet national identity, Eastern and Central European nations are reaching back to religious and cultural traditions that were often hostile to Jews and followers of any religion other than the one claimed by the nation’s majority, dangerously xenophobic, highly undemocratic, and generally medieval. That’s scary.
While this coin, in and of itself is really not such a big deal, and the need for recovered national identities is quite real in those countries which saw such identities forcibly ripped away by wars and communist oppression, how that recovery process proceeds has real implications not only for Jews, but for all of Europe and for the rest of the world. Failing to attend to these issues could spawn an ongoing series of civil wars that will make what happened in the former Yugoslavia look like child’s play.
Rather than simply complain and shame the Romanians about their decision to honor Miron Crista, I hope that people will engage them, support their search for renewed national identity, and help them to see that it will never be one of which they can be fully proud if it is based on the work of people who were motivated by hate. Not all Jew-hatred demands such a civilized response, to be sure, but in this case, something greater is at stake and there is a real opportunity to use a moment of hurt to help others heal.

  • Frank

    lets face it, christians rule! God doesnt like you unless you worship jesus,god doesnt like the jews.

  • edk

    I would like to think you are speaking “sarcastically, tongue in cheek.” Or you may just be an idiot.

  • Saul

    Change “coin” to “mosque” and the logic still holds.

  • Linda

    I am an American Christian, and I think it is wrong for the Romanian government to mint this coin of a known Jew hater. Maybe legally it is their right to do this, but it is being very insensitive to Jews.
    I also believe the Muslims have the right to build a mosque on private property close to Ground Zero, but it would be very disrespectful to the victims. It would be burning bridges not building bridges.
    Have you heard of the Romanian Richard Wurmbrand?, he was an atheist Jewish man who became a Christian and pastor, he was tortured in prision for 14 years by the communists in Romania. Wurmbrand’s wife’s family was killed for being Jewish in Romania. You can learn a lot about all the corruption of the Orthodox church and the communist in Romania by reading Wurmbrand’s book “Tortured for Christ”, a very inspiring book.
    Here is a short clip of Wurmbrand talking about communist torture:

  • Lambert

    Yes i agree with Linda’s statement. i addition, searching for our identity, our roots is very fundamental. this is an opportunity for healing and reconciliation and learn from the lesson of history. take only those that are worthy of honor that which is noble & uplifting to the spirit not only for nationalism sake but the whole of humanity. in particular those that emphasizes, the dignity of the human person regardless of color,creed, race,affiliation.And that which there is no room for discrimination,no biases & prejudice. these i think should be the one to be highlighted,search in history who are those person that have shown exemplary contribution for the common good,who exhibits the above mention virtues & characters & in what particular time in history it happened. in this manner we honor & give that they truly deserve.

  • Codru

    Absolutely the most idiotic tripe I have ever read. The coin is part of a series on the patriarchs of Romania. It has nothing to do with “Jew-hating”, nothing to do with anti-Semitism or other trumped up charges. The man was the head of the single largest religious institution in Romania. This institution was fundamental in forging Romanian national unity and identity. The Orthodox Christian religious identity of the Romanians is just as important as Jewish identity is to Orthodox Jews.
    As for anti-Semitism: it was quite fashionable at the time so I don’t see what is so extraordinary about the patriarch being anti-Semitic. Just look at Winston Churchill’s comments on the Jews; you don’t see Britain demonizing their national hero Churchill.
    The veiled threat that Romania will be bombed if it “does not comply to the Jews’ will” really is telling. Really now, Yugoslavia? You really think some commemorative coin that probably a handful of people will ever see is going to stir up civil war? What a load of garbage.
    As for anti-Semitism and hatred in Romania: I guess Romania had the third-highest Jewish population in Europe purely by coincidence. Most of the Jews stripped of citizenship by Cristea’s laws were Russian Jews who were mostly proven to be Soviet sympathizers when the Soviet Union invaded Romania in 1940; but I guess that’s another story not taught in American schools. Citizenship should be given only to those who are truly loyal to the state they reside in.
    So yeah, talk about a failure of an article. Perhaps rather than taking such a condescending tone towards Romanians and their history you should:
    a) Look at your own history, and how Jews from the West were expelled and ended up in Romania and Poland and Russia.
    b) Look closer at Romanian history. Romania was the first country to have a Yiddish theater and a Yiddish newspaper, for example. It’s not all doom and gloom and tragedy.
    c) Try to realize that it’s a *bleep*ing coin without any racist or xenophobic undertones. It hightlights a part of Romanian history that cannot simply be overlooked or erased. The one year that Cristea spent as Prime Minister cannot overshadow more than a decade’s service to the Orthodox Church of Romania.

  • frank

    The jews and blacks are raised the same way. Blacks always feel kept down and owed. PLEASE obama pay money to the help a brother out foundation to get the blacks to stop crying about how bad life is keeping them down.

  • Vi Jesusberg

    As a jew I must protest anger directed toward christians.

  • Sol

    Just how wrong these Eastern European societies were to persecute Jews is evidenced in Israel, which as we all know, persecutes no one, and is a light to the nations.

  • frank

    israel kills palastine babys while they sleep. not much of a light at all.

  • European

    It seems Rabbis perpetuate c o n s t a n t y anit-semitic retoric against anyone or anything that is not specificley two hundred percent for jews. NO one can like or dislike anyone or anything anymore, or be true to one’s own values,that is no one but the jews, no matter how corrupt or spiritualy debased. There is so much more new anti-gentile hatred forged among jews, big propaganda to milk all the sympathies out of every nation, that can only make your head spin. But then that is how jews make a name for them selfs. Pride comes before the fall. Untill the bubble bursts and people have enough of these guilt trips long after histories true facts, as always only h a l f told. Jew deserve pitty at this day and age with new generations rising up. I pitty the Rabbis response to history and the coin to honor a nations priest. Who are you (the Jews)to dictate to other nations what constitutes national health, honor and well being. What a small ego that the whole world is being broad around to tend to Jewish needs, financialy, emotionaly and spiritualy.(spiritual Toddlers, me me me, how sad is that, grow up, Jews are not the center of the world. You’ve contributed to man-kind, so has everyone else good and bad. There is enough sh.. in your own yard, clean that up before you poke in others.

  • Vi Jesusberg

    If heaven were full and only had room for one more person and a Jew and a none Jew was at the gate. The Jew would get in. Its in the Torah

  • Ellioit Altman

    Message for Frank- The Hamas cowards place women and babies next to its rocket launchers so that Hamas can claim Israel kills babies.

  • frank

    Elliot . So do you think the palestinian babies are non-human? America doesn’t kill innocent people unless its an accident. Israelians are a lower form of life this is why Jews turned on eachother in the holocaust and kill Palestine babies while they sleep.

  • Cut the Crap

    It is wrong to blindly hate a group such as Jews of Europe. Nevertheless, it is also wrong for Jews to use the anti-Jewish sentiments to abuse Arabs or hide crimes (e.g. Madoff, Segel, etc. run off to Israel or hide their money there because no one wants to be labelled anti-Semitic).
    Besides, how do Jews always find themselves hated by everyone: Arabs, Persians, Pakistanis, Germans, French, Brits, South Americans, Blacks, etc. They are doing something wrong…too Cliquish? too Cheap, too Power-Crazy???? Only Evangelicals and Hindu Fanatics like Jews- but that’s because both hate Muslims whom Jews kill!

  • Delia

    Dear European, I must say that I have never read such ignorant garbage in my life. But anyone who reads your comments can see how obviously backward and uneducated you are. Selves, not selfs, history’s, not histories, and (this I couldn’t help but laugh out loud)pity not pitty. I suggest you learn how to read and write before you criticize anyone else. You’d be an embarrassment to whichever side of an issue you’d support, unless of course, it’s the TRASHY side. You fit in there and are an excellent example for us to experience.

  • roman scapegoat

    Delia, what Europe said must be true since no one gives a valid response. Maybe its true that the Jews cause their own trouble.

  • Joe

    Again, the same old garbage. When will Jews realize that you CANNOT argue with our Gentile neighbors? We will always be blamed for everything, and lies will continue to be believed by the world until we Jews stand up, stop cowering, and become proud and united.
    In the thread, since we were slaughtered in Holocaust, they’re blaming us for complaining about it.

  • roman scapegoat

    Joe, the Jews never will unite. money will be lost from your organized religion if love is the number 1 law among you leeches. Hitler had a true vision.

  • Christopher- Kalevi

    Yes Roman and Cut the Crap, we rule the world! You got us, we confess! We’re so powerful that we can even use our ‘Jew powers’ to get anti-Semites like you to read our blogs! Hahaha!
    As to the views of Cut the Crap, I love how all anti-Semities these days ironically start their speeches with, ‘Now its wrong to hate Jews,’ only to give reasons why people should hate Jews. Yet you read our blogs and comment on our websites all the time. You are so obsessed with us, what would you do if we all went to Israel? You’d have no life and that would be sad, so we sit around all day trying to think of ways to bother you. And I didn’t know we kill Muslims all the time, my fokks are Sephardic, and it was your bloody wonderful Muslims who forced us into exile (more Jews from Muslim nations were made exiles than Palestinians) and committed ethnic cleansing in areas where we lived before the Arabs and way before Islam ever came around. But as to Palestinians, Muslims sure don’t love money, cause these compassioniate people sure haven’t found a way to help Palestinians with all their resources. Hey, here’s an idea, it’s Ramadan, why aren’t you all being compassioniate and helping out those poor folks we apparently keep killing? Too busy murdering monotheistic animists in the Sudan? Oh and all those Muslims being killed by Muslims cause they are black, why do they flee from Egypt to Israel and beg not to be sent to those wonderful, compassioniate, money-hating Muslim empires? Yes people hate us, and it’s funny cause we give people their culture and their religion. Muslims just took monotheism from Judaism and then claimed to be the true heirs cause we wouldn’t convert and let some Arab who couldn’t read teach us his version of Torah. And Britian like all of Europe used Jewish brains to build their nation into an empire and then shows no gratefulness. Many black Americans are the same way, it wasn’t Muslims marching for Civil Rights and it damn sure wasn’t the freakin WASPs. But now so many hate us. I think people hate us cause we build them a civilization and they are reminded by our presence in the (their) world and of our values and it hurts them so they want to kill us. It’s hard to hold the idea of being the chosen people with a Scripture that was given to you by another people. It’s hard to love pop culture when so much of it was shaped by comical styles, songs, muisc and movies made by people who are not in the majority. So they hate us cause they’re so insecure they are reminded of that without us they would be a dull people, nation, and this would be a dull world. What can we say, the world’s so messed up it takes us to make it exciting.
    Shalom to all friends and foe. Blessings, and make every people be blessed this Rosh HaShanah. L’shana Tova!
    Christopher/Kalevi- the Sephard.

  • Gil

    How odd of God to choose the Jews – It wasn’t odd – the Jews chose God. What amazes me is the number of anti- Semitic vermin that rise up to spew their filth,and ignorance. First, no people, Jews included, are a paragon of virtue. Second, Jews as a small minority have made tremendous contributions to our advancement as a civilization. As John Adams wrote: “Jews have contributed more to the civilization of man than any other group.” Just review your internet. Consult your encyclopedias including the Catholic Encyclopedia to review the Jews’ contribution. I wont bother you with the obvious – Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the majority of the apostles, the first two popes, the major writers of the New Testament – all being Jews. The majority of the Nobel prize winners in medicine, science, etc. Some of the leading historic figures: Moses, Jesus, Marx, Freud, Einstein, all Jews. Music, theater, arts, but enough prideful boasting. What truly blows my mind is some of the anti- Semitic fools who actually know what God wants – and that He wants Jews out of the picture. Tough. Just grin and bear it. And don’t bug the fuzz.

  • Roman Scapegoat

    CHRISTOPHER KALEVI, I’ve never seen a Jew named after Jesus, your name has Christ in it. Other Jews must resent you for it. Are you a second class Jew? If you wanted to become a first class Jew would you be forced to change your name?

  • Gil

    To Roman Scapegoat. Your facts are incorrect. Jesus is a Roman name for Jeshua – a Hebrew or Aramaic name. Christos is Greek. There have been other Jews, including Jesus, called Christos, Greek for Messiah, and in Hebrew Moshiach. The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, was a converso Jew. His family name was Columbo, they resided in Genoa, and were wool merchants. To receive funding from the anti – Jewish Spanish royals, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Columbus had to profess being Christian. The money received footed the expense to locate a shorter route to India. These Spanish royals fostered the infamous Inquisition, and expelled the Jews from Spain in 1492. Their daughter Catherine of Aragon, married King Henry the 8th – he in turn divorced her – the Church was ticked off – Henry, who was Catholic declared that he will be the head of the Church of England. As to your Jesus being Messiah – Jesus claimed that he was not-check the first two Synoptic Gospels – and that He did not come to change the Jewish Law but to fulfill and obey the Law. “Change not one dot nor stoke of the Law – even the smallest of the Law must be upheld, or you will be found in disfavor in the kingdom of heaven.

  • roman scapegoat

    gil, are there any jews in high power over the jewish religion that have christ or jesus in there name? Jesus is a jewish name so why dont jews use the name. why do jews dress funny? are jewish women turned on by the jewish fashion?

  • roman scapegoat

    Gil,are you saying Jesus was really named jeshua? so when the Romans created Christianity jeshuas name was changed to jesus? YOU jews are really shifty people. so do you know any jews named jeshua?

  • Gil

    Roman, we reserve the name Jesus for the Puerto Ricans. Since the messiah never came – remember more wars and killings over 2 millennia were done in his name [Christ]- we do not wish to be associated with the name. If Jesus was messiah – he failed. It didn’t take Moses over 2,000 years to take the Jews from Egypt to the new land. The people would have given up and returned to Egypt. Furthermore Jesus is the Latinized version of Yeshua, a name that is used by some Jews in Israel. As to “Jews dress funny” – did you ever dig the costumes worn by the Christian and Muslim Clergy – the Amish, Mennonites, Monks, Nuns, Imams, the Popes and Cardinals, and Bishops are a scream. What about your skin heads , head bangers, etc. what is this the pot calling the kettle black? Your anti-Semitic remarks are born out of sheer ignorance and infantile hostility. Get a life – and some proper education.

  • roman scapegoat

    Gil , so why do you think so many people are repulsed at the sight of a Jew? Do Jews take any responsibility for their actions? blacks say its not my fault that I have to steal or sale drugs. Its cause I’m black. what say you?

  • Gil

    Roman what you are really asking [accusing] the Jew to admit to the killing of Jesus. First of all how the hell do you kill -according to you Christians – GOD. Jesus, according to your bible was a – yes – Jewish rabbi. Wore a toga, and had a long beard and long hair. Your former
    declaration of “Jews dress funny.” The “Last Supper” Jesus was celebrating the Jewish holiday – Passover- and was breaking matzoh with his Jewish followers. He was arrested and convicted of treason against the Roman Empire. It was not a religious court of inquire provoked by rabbis – Mel Gibson a rabid anti-Semite lied in his movie of Jesus. The only question asked of Jesus and written in the New Testament was Pontius Pilate “Are you king of the Jews?” to which Jesus answered [“that’s what you say”]. Jesus punishment was crucifixion – a Roman death reserved only for those who were traitors to the Empire. Atop the cross the Roman guards placed the sign INRI which is the Latin anagram for “King of the Jews” to mock Jessus.

  • Gil

    continuation- Roman – Jesus was nominated was the messiah 300 years after his crucifixion at the Council of Nicaea. Keep in mind, if there is one, that Jesus said in the New Testament; “YOU HAVE BUT ONE FATHER-AND HE’S IN HEAVEN.” There goes your “only begotten son.” Jesus Sermon on the Mount”Our Father Who Art In Heaven.” There goes the exclusive relationship between Jesus and God. We are all GOD’S children.Your deity saves you – teaches me to invest. If you truly wish to save your soul – WALK ON YOUR HEELS.

  • roman scapegoat

    Gil the Romans are used a scapegoats for the actions of greedy Jews. I do agree you don’t have to believe in Jesus to have a relationship with god. the world would feel better if the Jews would just admit they made a mistake. so what color panties are you wearing?

  • Gil

    Roman what the hell do you care if Jews made a mistake. Certainly your parents made one hell of a mistake – and you are it. You are really hung up on Jews. Your monomaniacal preoccupation borders on the pathological. You are one disturbed dude. You, as well as all the other mental midget anti-Semites attempt to project all of your short – comings and inadequacies which you feel ashamed about unto the Jews. As to the “color of my panties” the rear is smeared with the likes of you. According to your world Jews are greedy. Yet per capita they are the biggest contributor to charities in the United States. Reviewing your diatribe you sound like you are suffering from sexual inadequacies – and definitely latent homosexuality. You need psychiatric help to control your paranoid ideation. You are to be pitied. You need healthier outlets than hanging around your computer goading people, and opening yourself up to “put downs.”

  • roman scapegoat

    gil, yes mam, is it strapon time? Its ok rabbi marc schiner is doing it so all you jews must be into kinky sex.

  • Gil


  • Gil

    Roman you are tipping your hand. Boccaccio and Voltaire were correct. The next time you go to confession bring along your lawyer [preferably Jewish advocate} to protect your back. Jesus “suffer the children” was not meant for the Christian clergy to sexually molest their flock. Your paranoid anti-Semitic ravings and strap-on sexual references points out sexual inadequacies as well as latent homosexual desires. Your need to visit sites and be intellectually chastised exhibits your sadomasochistic paraphilia. GO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. From your obvious behavior you exhibit very little of the teachings of your Jesus Christ.

  • roman scapegoat

    gil that may all be true but when its all said and done.. your still a jew

  • roman scapegoat

    Gil the Romanian Jew hater on the coin and other Jew haters around the world are not upset that the Jews killed Jesus. People are sickened at the sight of Jews for other reasons. Did the Germans care that the Jews killed Jesus? No. It must be the way you Jews live.

  • Gil

    ROMAN Your ambivalence is showing. Your obvious envy can be easily rectified [dig the “double entendre”]. A small ritual incision can easily free up your glans. But in your case it may be a haircut. It must be a miserable life to waste your time consumed in your paranoid rants. Jew this, Jew that. Get a life- any life. Cool your jets. Believe me Jews dont’t give a rat’s ass about you, your accusations, and your inappropiate hatred. Does your psycho ward give you home visitation privileges? I bet that last outing to the zoo thrilled you to visit your ilk in the primate house.

  • roman scapegoat

    the jews orchestrated 9/11. their is a small group of rich and powerful jews who planned 9/11 for profit. george bush was involved in this evil deed. how hard is it to find osama bin laden? a deal was made to never catch him. JEWS ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • Gil

    roman your defenses are breaking down. Your psychotic paranoid delusions have truly surfaced. Even the Aryan Brotherhood or the skin heads or KKK would throw you out as a total embarrassment to their cause. What I said mostly in jest to goad you evidently broke through any veneer of just anti-Semitic diatribe and exposed your lunacy. If Jews truly cared about your accusations – and they are as powerful, wealthy, psychopathic and devious as you make them out to be – you would be history. Unfortunately there are many of you still climbing the walls of state mental institutions. Your psychotic delusions are not amenable to anti psychotic medication, electro convulsive therapy, or, if they could locate some viable tissue – psycho surgery.

  • roman scapegoat

    gil, my ignorant jew friend, look up [CNN jews did 9/11] on youtube.

  • roman scapegoat

    Jews like to say, people hate us cause we killed Jesus. Its more than that, its how Jews have no compassion for others. As soon as the Jews killed their messiah god gave the Jews to Lucifer. The devil lives in the hearts of all Jews. This explains the actions of jews.

  • roman scapegoat

    gil I apologize, I don’t want to say any more bad things about you jews. If I give you my email address will you send a pic, maybe of you bending over in the mirror? I think I LOVE YOU.

  • Gil

    roman – Removing you would be a surgical procedure akin to a hemorrhoidectomy. I reviewed all you tube tapes on the 9/11 conspiracy theories. 1- 400 JEWISH Americans died in the 9/11 attack. 2- The [“4,000 Jews who stayed away that day is sheer malicious fabrication. There is absolutely no proof of this. 3- Some of the Muslim controlled nations who were embarrassed by the actions of “their brothers” lied about who committed this evil act and concocted a false conspiracy theory to remove the onus from them unto the Jews. This is known in Arabic as Taqquia from the Koran to use lies, guile and subterfuge to further the cause of, and world domination of Islam. Dar Islam. But trying to convince a pinhead bigot like you is similar to “pissing against the wind.” You have circular and derailed thinking, and I will not confuse you with the facts. The only way to deal with a ditz is to totally ignore you, which symbolically is placing you in seclusion – away from the other patients until you come to your senses and behave in a civil manner. This is an exercise in futility.

  • Gil

    Roman- This “tete a tete” is being used by me as a teaching tool to demonstrate paranoia and underlying homosexual dynamics which you finally exhibited in your last communication of homoerotic transference. You fit to a “T” Freud’s observation on paranoia. You have a potential to be dangerous. I strongly suggest that you seek psychiatric or at the very least mental health intervention. This will be the last interchange, Good luck.


    Gil before you go look up bilderbergers on youtube. When Mel Gibson was arrested he said that the jews were responsible for all wars. He was talking about the bilderbergers group. Be prepared to see the truth. JEWS ARE EVIL.

  • roman scapegoat

    gil you have a severe case of penis envy. you will never have the opportunities a man has.

  • Joe

    Gil: All the logic in the world won’t convince him (or any of the haters) to think like a human being.
    I wouldn’t waste my keystrokes.

  • Gil

    Joe you are absolutely correct. If you followed the sequence of communication, you will notice Roman running the full gauntlet from hate ,misinformation, paranoia, anti-Antisemitism, to contrition and professing “love.” He is a classic psychiatric case book. His last comment to substantiate his borderline psychotic ramblings is to quote Mel Gibson’s drunken rantings vs a Jewish police officer and the pseudo Bilderberg conspiracy that was presented on the Jesse Ventura [former professional wrestler and later governor of Minnesota] T.V. show. Bilderberg is the name of a Dutch hotel where allegedly this group of 145 “most influential and powerful people in the world”]met to control the world. Included amongst this cabal was Prince Charles, Hilary Clinton, Kissinger, heads of international cartels, etc. This goes hand in hand with other pseudo world domination conspiracy theories such as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which was an anti Napoleon 3d indictment – plagiarized in Czar Nicholas 2nd court to libel the Jews. Cabal has nothing to do with Cabala, but are theMaoy initials of those who were plotting vs the English monarch – Charles 2nd.

  • Gil

    Typo correction -delete Maoy – shold read – but are the initials. In other words an anagram.

  • roman scapegoat

    gil I do love you. when can I see you

  • vi jesusberg

    Im tearing my shirt over this schmuck oye vay!!!!!

  • MGS

    Hi Brad,
    It was great seeing you in Boston last April.
    I happen to be familiar with many of Patriarch Miron Cristea’s writings (e.g. speeches, papers, pastoral letters, etc.) Nowhere have I come across with any particular hate directed against the Jews. Patriarch Miron Cristea was a spiritual leader who consistently taught moral values, compassion and tolerance. You should remember that, at that time, being anti-semitic in Europe was as popular as being against the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero. (I think that this overreaction that came from Radu Ioanid was more self-efacing because in his book “The Holocaust in Romania: The Destruction of Jews and Gypsies Under the Antonescu Regime, 1940-1944″ Radu does not even list Patriarch Cristea in the index.) Again, as I read a lot of Dr. Cristea’s writings, he would be the least public figure of that time whom I would consider a Jew hater.
    Also, I doubt that the circulation of the coins was done to offend the Jews or as a search for identity, simply because during communism Ceausescu and the Romanian Orthodox Church had a common nationalist agenda against the Soviet Union. Besides, as you know, following the collapse of the Cold War, nationalist rhetoric abandoned its dogmatic secularism in the favor of adopting religion as part of the identity package. Today, in Romania, the Romanian Orthodox Church is the most trusted public institution by ver 80% confidence, and its membership represents 86.7% of the population. So, I think one should be a bit careful with these labels, especially as Romania offers its airspace to Israel to have IDF conduct training operations, etc.

  • dancing on cloud 9

    You know, all of this anger on both sides is not productive. God loves all people. He just choose Abraham to begin the bloodline that would produce Jesus Christ. He did whatever he needed to do to protect that line through Judah and Levi so that Christ would be both King and Priest forever. And I must say, if the Jews and Isreal had done what God told them to do, to destroy every man, woman, child, and beast as they conquered the Holy Land, we wouldn’t have many of the problems today. I am not a Jew, I am a Christian who love all people and hope that most of them will come to Christ and learn to love as He did. Hatred only infects the one who hates. It is like a cancer eating away at the soul. God Bless America and Isreal.

  • roman scapegoat

    dancing on cloud nine…. I have a question for you. If the jews reject jesus are they going to hell?

  • and this

    Wow, marvelous blog structure! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you make running a blog glance easy. The overall look of your site is fantastic, let alone the content material!

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