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Building the Third Temple in Sao Paulo

First there was Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, destroyed in 587 BCE and rebuilt in stages commencing some 70 years later and culminating in what came to be known as Herod’s Temple some 400 years later, and destroyed in 70 CE. Now, there will be a “Third Temple”, and it will be build by evangelical Christians in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The project, being undertaken by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, manages to be touching and offensive at the same time. Offensive because, among other things, the building is clearly an attempt by the group building it, to dwarf the Catholic Cathedral which is a symbol of the city, and architectural supersessionism is a wrong-headed as it’s theological cousin. And it will be experienced as offensive by many Jews for whom this project will be seen as misappropriation of a classical Jewish symbol.But this “Third Temple” project is also touching. First, it challenges the notion that something Jewish, even as Jewish as the Beit Hamikdash (Temple) for which many Jews still yearn, must necessarily be exclusively Jewish to be meaningfully “ours”. Would we assume that if some nation built a replica of the White House to serve as the home for their head of state, that it threatened us or diluted the power of our White House? Or would we take pride in the power and durability of a national symbol that was so profound that others chose to copy it? Not to mention that the Temple in Jerusalem clearly welcomed the offerings of others, so this is simply the other side of that same tradition – instead of ‘others’ coming to our house, they are bringing their version of our house to themselves. Will it be the same? No…and yes. That’s the beauty of all religious re-appropriation, and no different from the Jewish re-appropriation of almost every symbol we now consider to be Jewish – almost all of which started out as somebody else’s, including tefilin, tzitzit, mezuzah, and too many more to mention here. So is this project weird? In some ways, it is. Is it traditional, in many ways, yes. Is it good? Let’s see if this Temple can be built and become a source of life, meaning, healing, justice and peace. That’s what Solomon’s and Herod’s Temple were, at least when they functioned well. And if the Sao Paulo version can do the same, it merits celebration even by those of us who wait for something new in Jerusalem.

  • withyobadself

    its a great business investment…can McDonald’s use the pizza hut name and open up in another country were they never heard of pizza hut???… this third temple is going to make all religions start copyrighting all of the traditions that man made up…religion being a tax free business,fell asleep at the wheel…god must be so proud of people using his name to gain power and ignoring others in need…

  • withyobadself

    Christians of the world believe Israel belongs to them…Jews in Israel need to not trust the Christians… the Romans never left Israel…Romans just changed their name to Christians… Jews need to stop crying about the holocaust and start remembering what the Romans did to Israel…the Romans will take control of Israel again…

  • Emily with the Kippah

    Indeed anyone who prayed to God in the Temple – Jewish or not – was heard.
    But Rabbi I think this has a hint of the “theological cousin” you mentioned in your article. Christians might worship in a Jewish Temple as though they are heirs to its legacy, but they do not have the grasp of Jewish theology that they think they do.

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  • remi

    The temple of Yhwh is in the heart of all believer, no in Brazil. I think it is just horribly wrong to think to built an other temple that is not at the place where the Lord command. They do not have the red heifer and will probably use anything wrong to build it, metal to cut the rock… It is an abomination for the LORD and an insult for the Jew.
    G-d Bless and the third temple should be built with all the rules of the Torah! in Jerusalem.

  • withyobadself

    the jews sold their religion for profit…is there anything the jews wont sell for profit…the jews also killed their messiah for profit…when is god going to punish the jews??? SOON!!!

  • Joe

    This is not the third temple. It is just a replica of it. To replicate art is never an insult. And if you could never view the original, wouldn’t you like to view a replica? If you didn’t have a photo of a loved one wouldn’t you like to have at least a drawing of that person? Especially from someone who loved them also?

  • dima kostenko

    first there will be a person that will say he can fix all of the problems in the worls, second he will rule for 14 years the first seven he will be good but in the last 7 he will kill all christians that worship god and in the begining he will go into this temple and say that he is this god.

  • withyobadself

    dima kostenko…the aliens will land in israel soon…and bring peace…they aliens will claim they created man…the aliens will claim they wrote the Hebrew bible…the aliens will claim their alien leader is named yahweh… the aliens will make people worship them or die…look up raelian on your computer…the aliens are really Lucifer and his fallen angels…the official raelian symbol is the star of david with a swastika in the middle…

  • Midian

    Not surprised by this, christians have been trying to copy Judaism for 2000 yrs. What’s funny about this is they do not know what the Temple means, they have just denounce Jesus by building this copy of the Temple. So yes, there is a good side to all of this.

  • withyobadself

    jews have failed god from killing their messiah to selling their religion for profit…maybe now the christians will take the responsibility from god that the jews never accepted…

  • jestrfyl

    There is one more “Temple” to add to your list. It rose right next to I-4 in the very land of theme parks and mega-malls, Orlando, FL. It is park of a theme park that ws built by a converted Jew who was – t say the least – enthusiastic about his conversion to evangelical Protestant Christianity. It is a reduced model, but pretty impressive nonetheless. I think it is cheesy-bordering-on-tasteless and have never gopne to the theme park. But as a reworking of Herod’s Temple it is impressive. As an interesting side not, it is built right next to a reduced version of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – equally cheesy. At least he offended equally. The theme park is now owned by some other big “christian” corporation.

  • Acher

    Unfortunately they won’t be a “Temple… built and become a source of life, meaning, healing, justice and peace”. They have already been labeled as a crazed religious sects. Just look at all the financial controversy they have accumulated thus far.

  • wally

    doesn’t anyone read, study and believe the word of god? i don’t understand how unbelieving critical god haters and sceptical people would even be on this sight

  • dean

    what kind of mother names their baby wally?

  • Christopher

    I think it’s wrong, I think that the Jewish people should build it. It’s should be on ‘their’ Land, but as a House of Prayer for All Nations. I think that’s one problem with the Temple. It must be run by halacha, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be a Orthodox stronghold, it should be for all to come and pray and meet with G-d, one to One. B”H.

  • Zebi baldstien

    Christians believe Jews are going to hell for not believing Jesus was the son of god.

  • Hector

    > “no different from the Jewish re-appropriation of almost every symbol we now consider to be Jewish – almost all of which started out as somebody else’s, including tefilin, tzitzit, mezuzah, and too many more to mention here. ”
    A mighty big claim that requires proof.

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