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Slonimer Rebbe Says He’s Ready to Face Firing Squad

The Slonimer Rebbe, leader of the protests against Israel civil authorities and the Israeli Supreme Court ruling demanding the de-segregation of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) schools in Immanuel, declared that “Even if they put us in front of a firing squad, we would not give up and would not compromise.” The comment is troubling for any number of reasons.
First, since nobody is threatening anything harsher than short prison stays for individuals found to be in contempt of the court’s ruling, the Rebbe’s declaration conveys a loathing for Israeli civil authority which operates independent of this case – a loathing which must be felt by many of his followers. He raises an ugly and false premise about a threat faced by his community to consolidate their commitment based on resistance against a non-existent reality. That kind of demagoguery only works on audiences ready to be ‘demagogue’d’.
That the hatred of the court is not really about this particular case, or even about the open hostility faced by Sephardic Jews in much of the Haredi school system, is proven by the Rebbe’s words. Speaking to the press, he said, “I have no shadow of a doubt that they (the members of Israel’s Supreme Court) know the truth, that their words are lies to the core, this is a struggle between faith and heresy, between sacred power and impure satanic forces? A struggle that we’ve always known would break out at the end of days.”
And it’s this second aspect of the situation that is really disturbing.


As his words indicate, for the Rebbe and all those who support him, this is no longer simply a matter of Ultra-Orthodox resentment of any but their own authorities; this is now an apocalyptic struggle. When leaders start mobilizing around end-of-days talk, look out! That’s the kind of talk which leads to the dissolution of nations, and often by violence.
Worst of all is, that like many religious folk intoxicated with apocalyptic visions and messianic expectation, the Slonimer actually delights in the prospect of struggle. Addressing his followers and supporters, he urged them to “join us in this sublime struggle that generations have waited and looked forward to.” It’s a sad and scary day when leaders, especially those who have a demonstrated track-record of wise and compassionate leadership, fall prey to such ugly ecstasy.
Who knows, perhaps the Rebbe is right and there are “satanic forces” at work here. And perhaps they are working through him. If such forces exist, then at the very least, that’s something I hope he will consider before dancing off to a culture war (or worse) he seems eager to fight.

  • Hector

    For those with a Bible handy, check out Numbers 16:14.

  • withyobadself

    in america the politicians need the votes of christians ,even though jesus said have nothing to do with the world ,christians are very involed in the world… the politicians in america are afriad to upset the christians and kiss thier ass in every way.. do the israelian politicians need the votes from these upset jews…does the israelian government pretend to be a democracy for american support…cause without america israel wouldnt be able to exist… the jewish black hats are upset cause they want to control the israelian government.. the way the christians control the american government… maybe we should just call israel, america… cause jesus is supposed to build his kingdom in israel anyway…

  • withyobadself

    it is the end of days … look up RAELIAN on your computer…the space people are going to land in israel … the space people are really lucifer and his fallen angels…since the story of adam and eve…to now… god never quit walking with man…he was and is always there, just talk to him… there are no rules you have to follow… just talk to him…there never were any rules you have to follow to talk to him.. thats what the messiah of love was trying to tell the jews… jesus didnt die on the cross for our sins so we could be saved… god never left…just talk to him.. all religion was made by lucifer… just look at what religion has done throughout history.. god always was and is with man and wants YOU to tell him you love him…

  • Hector

    “god always was and is with man and wants YOU to tell him you love him…”
    Says who?

  • Zvi I Weiss

    Brad H. either is ignorant or does not care
    about the numerous ways in which the activist
    court under Barak (and his hand-picked successor
    Beinish) has repeatedly worked against the religious
    community. If the Rebbe expresses “apocalyptic”
    sentiments, it s because there is — indeed — the
    clear perception that the Israeli court has taken
    upon itself to “reshape society”. This is particularly
    odious as the court is a self-perpetuating body. The justices
    are NOT confirmed by the Knesset and — even though Israel
    has no written constitution (similar to England), the Court
    under Barak has taken upon itself to nullify laws passed by the
    Knesset because they contravene “Basic Rights” — defined
    as such by the Jsutices themselves!
    In such an atmosphere, it is not surprising that the “authority”
    of the court (the Court of Last Resort for Leftists and Secularists)
    is despised (note that this is in very sharp contrast to the attitude
    toward the Supreme Court BEFORE the “reign” of Barak).
    Brad does not bother (or does not care) to address this very serious matter.
    He also does not address the fact that THIS CASE (regardless of the purported
    attitude of Chareidim toward Sephardim) is NOT one of discrimination
    against Sephardim (as many Sephardim actually SUPPORT the Slonimer).
    In addition, he does not bother to deal with the fact that significant
    portions of the Dati Leumi populace have come out in support of the Rebbe.
    He does nto address the fact that Shurat Hadin has files an emergency brief
    noitng that the Court has literally overreached its OWN powers and precedents
    by imprisoning parents.
    Indeed, what happens if the Court “Decides” that separating boys and girls
    is discriminatory? This is but one of many decisions in a string
    of such. Rather, than criticize the Rebbe (who is a FAR holier person than
    Brad) for engaging in some hyperbole, maybe he should spend a lot more time
    discussing a Court that is avowedly and devotedly anti-religious. At the same
    time, he could also spend some time analyzing the secular News Media that
    inflame matters against the Religious populace… instead of trying to figure
    out how to bash the Chareidim…

  • withyobadself

    zvi.. what is it your afriad of losing…everyone dies and goes to heaven… when this happens to you …you will realize nothing on earth was worth fighting for…dont be afriad to let go.. learn to love..your time on earth is short.. let the people of the world fight over it..your faith is weak..

  • tannenbaum

    Note to Zvi “the Rebbe speaks for G-d” Weiss:
    Are you aware of how similar YOUR arguments are, to the Taliban critique of modernist, ‘secularist’ Islam? To wit, in the preference for theocracy and repression of women ?
    The haredim go beyond a rejection of science, progress, tolerance, and multiculturalism, to an utter disregard for Israel’s democratic traditions. They follow the old Roman Catholic model of a hierarchical elite who answer to no one; they distort Torah teachings in order to manipulate and control others. This is not Judaism, this
    is shkutzedik authoritarianism!

  • Lucy

    Well, all of this proves that fundamentalist religous fanatics come in all flavors: Muslim, Christian and yes, Jewish. They tend to be bigoted, unreasonable and usually, misogynistic. Every religon has its fanatics…and so do athiests and political/economic theories/philosophies. Some people need to be extreme!

  • akchooarie

    Lucy, while what you say is completely true, it sounded a bit too obvious to even write.

  • Jewish Ideas Daily

    Brad Hirschfield is definitely correct that what is at stake here is much broader than the population of one specific school.

  • Shmuel

    Zvi is spot on on this one. Sorry, but Brad simply is not aware of the situation here in Israel. The Supreme Court has been undertaking a policy of activism, which is not welcome by many streams in Israeli society. It made this decision (which had nothing to do with discrimination, btw), it has decided to stick its nose into security issues, and it has nullified several laws that were passed by the Knesset. And all of this from a Supreme Court that is not chosen by the people, but chosen by a small panel of its own. There is no Knesset confirmation, no elections of Judges. Unlike in the U.S., for example.
    As for this issue, the Slonim hassidim separated because they have more stringent religious standards than the general Beit Yaakov school (no TV or internet at home, and a more stringent dress requirement, and others). It had nothing to do with discrimination, as 30% of the students of the Slonim school are Sephardiot themselves (!)

  • maven

    racist Shmuel,
    FYI, in the U.S., like Israel, there is no election of Supreme Court Judges, either!
    You are a haredi apologist who obviously knows bupkis about this matter other than, in a Chillul haShem, to lie about it.
    Why didn’t you mention that the more stringent standards include
    having the girls replace their ancestral Sephardic minhagim (customs) with Ashkenazi ones and forcing them to pronounce Hebrew in a Ashkenazi-Yiddish manner? Matters which having NOTHING to do with piety, but everything to do with ethnic triumphalism: i.e., discrimination.
    BTW, “Zvi l Weiss” is an name that appears on a Sex Offender registry.

  • GeorgeG

    Maven, when I moved from Alabama to New York, I was forced to exchange my “y’all”s to “you guys.” Damn regional triumphalism!

  • withyobadself

    what the jews need to worry about is that the christians are taking over israel …without america … israel wouldnt exist… the reason america supports israel is… christians believe israel belongs to them… and christians believe all jews are going to hell… the romans never left israel … they just call themselves christians now…

  • Bruce

    Because The Slonimer Rebbe is standing on principal, this conveys loathing and hatred?
    “When you speak with stern conviction and pronounced passion about that which you believe and the person or group that you are speaking to doesn’t respond with the same conviction and passion, but instead diverts to the claim you are attacking them, they either know they are wrong or are fearful they will be proven to be so.” -@usarespnsblty
    Agree or disagree, like it or not, standing on principal does not convey loathing or hatred, it means you will not bend your beliefs. If you constantly bend your beliefs, then what do you believe in?

  • Hector

    withyobadself: The COMMA is located next to the ‘M’ on the keyboard. Try it some time!

  • etan

    IN THIS CONTEXT, the proper word is ‘principle,’ vice ‘principal.’
    The Nazis also “stood on principle.” The Confederacy, as well.
    If only the Nazis had “bent their beliefs” about Jews, more of those who perished, would have survived.
    The issue is not principle per se, but the contents of that principle!

  • withyobadself

    why do you jews keep acting like someone owes you something…just like the blacks do for slavery….you jews killed your messiah… god punishes you for that … holocaust was your fault… get over it…quit pissing god off… maybe god will quit punishing you…ask god to forgive you jews for killing your messiah…maybe then good things will start happening for you…

  • Bruce

    Thank you for the word correction…my bad.
    On the contrary, had the Jews stood on their principles, they would not have suffered so severely. Possibly not at all as we find in Exodus:
    19 And I know that the king of Egypt will not give you leave to go, except by a mighty hand.
    20 And I will put forth My hand, and smite Egypt with all My wonders which I will do in the midst thereof. And after that he will let you go.
    21 And I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians. And it shall come to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty;
    22 but every woman shall ask of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment; and ye shall put them upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians.’
    The Nazis were no different than the Egyptians and Hitler no different than the Pharaoh.
    The Jews chose to fear Hitler above fearing God and suffered oppression on the most severe scale.
    The Confederates did stand on principle as well and you are right to point out the contents of that principle. It was the wrong one and they lost.
    As I said, whether you agree or not with their principle they need to stand on principle. You can not kneel on principle or lay down on principle, you must stand on it. You can learn, you can experience and change what you stand for, but you must stand. Bending your principles only leads to weakness and oppression. The Jews did not stand on principle.

  • withyobadself

    there is only one truth that you can stand on…jews havent been standing on truth since the killed there messiah… this is why god punishes the jews throughout history…god wants you jews to admit jesus was your messiah and follow only two rules… 1.learn to let go of the world 2.learn to love eachother and god..dont worry this wont make you christians… christians dont follow anything jesus said also… the christian religion is the worst religion of all…all christians involved in the ways of the world will belong to lucifer … lucifer is going to land in israel… look up RAELIAN on your computer…gods people are israelian…lucifers people are raelian…when lucifer lands in israel… you will be given two choices by lucifer…1. call lucifer your god and worship him…2. or be killed…

  • lazer

    you are one sick puppy as a pseudo-theologian.
    You claim that the Jews ‘deserved’ to be killed during the Holocaust, to wit: “The Jews chose to fear Hitler above fearing God and suffered oppression on the most severe scale.”
    This is sheer (Christian?) anti-Semitism, no more, no less. Give my regards to your BFF, Pat Buchanan!

  • Bruce

    I did not “claim” that the Jews “deserved” to be killed. Deserving and choosing are very different things. I did not say the Jews did bad things and should have been killed. It was absolutely horrible what happened.
    In typical fashion, you are worried about a choice of a couple of words I used vs. the actual issue at hand. Did 6 million Jews band together and attempt to rise up against the Nazis? I am not saying that they all layed down either. Some faught, but not enough and certainly not together in a large enough way to make a difference.
    When I say chose, I don’t mean they sat there and said I choose to die. They went into the camps hoping they could make it through.
    Say for instance someone comes into my home with a gun to rob my family, possibly hurt my children or my wife, do I stand on principle and defend my family the best that I can even if I end up being killed in the process, or do I cower and hope we all make it through. Do I sit and hope they don’t rape my daughter or slice up my wife, or do I take a stand and go down fighting if necessary?
    I choose my family. I choose to fight for life. If I am to die, I will die fighting, not die cowering.
    So again the question at hand is not “deserve” or “chose”, the question is, did the Jews take the lessons learned from Exodus, fear God over all else and stand on principle? No.
    Did they deserve to die? Absolutely not. No one deserves to die except those who break the rule of law by killing in offense.
    I am not sure how anyone else feels, but I do not think referencing Exodus, and saying that the Jews should have then and should now use that lesson to stand strong on principle is anti-Semitic.
    I am not a big fan of Buchanan and I am very pleased Helen Thomas is gone from the White House press corps.
    Thank you.

  • withyobadself

    jesus the messiah the jews were waiting for said…love your enemy … let your enemy kill you ,you will only go to heaven… turn the other cheek… dont be involved with the politics of the world…NO WONDER YOU JEWS KILLED YOUR MESSIAH…MISER IS ANOTHER WORD FOR JEW…THIS IS WHY GOD PUNISHES THE JEWS…

  • seymour

    According to the New Testament, Jews are Christ-killers.
    As a matter of principle, do you support on principle, once the Church took power under Constantine, the Church’s “teaching of contempt” toward Jews and Judaism, and consequent harassment and persecution, which sowed the enabling seeds which Nazism cultivated, leading to the Holocaust?

  • withyobadself

    seymourbutts…god is in control of everything… if bad things are happening to the jews… its because god is allowing it… god is testing the jews to do the right thing… admit you killed your messiah…

  • Bruce

    It is dangerous to condemn an entire political, religious or racial sect. You must be careful in doing so.
    My understanding is that a division of the Jews, the Pharisees of the Sanhedrin, are the ones that ordered the crucifixion of Christ. The Pharisees were not devout traditionalists of the Torah as the Sadducees were. The Pharisees are like the political Progressives of today that want to interperet the Constitution of the United States as a living, breathing document. The rivalry between the Pharisees and the Sadducees is in the New Testament.
    The Jews have been harassed and persecuted through out history. The Catholics have been nearly as harsh as the Nazis, just over a much longer period of time.
    Constantine was an Emperor and High Priest. This never ends well in history. That is why separation of church and state is such a big deal in America. To paint a person like this as a hero of Christianity boggles my mind. He did advance Christianity, but in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. He has been called “the embodiment of the righteous king”. This is in direct conflict with the law of God.
    In my view, the Holocaust of the Jews was brought on by a double negative. The ignorant, racist, anti-Semitic breaking of the law of God by the Nazis and an unwillingness to stand up for the law of God by the Jews. Again, do not mistake me, some Jews did fight:
    “Jewish partisan units were active in many areas, including Baranovichi, Minsk, Naliboki forest, and Vilna. While the sum total of armed resistance efforts by Jews was not militarily overwhelming and did not play a significant role in the defeat of Nazi Germany, these acts of resistance did lead to the rescue of an undetermined number of Jews, Nazi casualties, and untold damage to German property and self-esteem.”
    …it just wasn’t enough.
    Nearly the entire world is in turmoil because we are not taking the responsibility to follow the laws of God. The ones who should do it better than anyone else are the Jews, because of Exodus. Yet, the majority of Jews in America voted for Obama who breaks the rules of law almost daily and stands for an ideology that is against the laws of God.
    Bad things are happening to the Jews and to all of us. It is not because God is allowing it, it is because we are not following The Commandments of God.

  • biggie

    Your understanding of the New Testament period is distorted, as you seem to be projecting your current fundamentalist political biases into the factions of that era.
    Obama’s “progressive ideology” with its concerns for the poor and the disadvantaged, is closer to the teachings of the Torah and the New Testament than your views seem. Which is why American Jews embraced him over the greedheads- i.e., Dow Jones junkies- of the GOP.
    E.g., what is your view of the distribution of wealth? According to the Bible’s notion of the Jubilee year, everything reverts back to its original owner. If you want to put a label on that, I’ll call it ‘socialism.” Also: the Book of Judges categorically denounces the state of affairs “in which everyone does that which is right in this own eyes” – an accurate paraphrase, it seems to me, of free market capitalism’s prime tenet of the maximization of self-interest!

  • ian

    The Pharisees believed in the resurrection of the dead. The Sadducees did not. That alone means that in his overall outlook Jesus was closer to the former than the latter.
    The Pharisees represented middle and lower class interests: Main Street. The Sadducees/priests were drawn from the upper class elite: Wall Street (Temple = state treasury)
    The Sadducees, in cahoots with the Romans, had more to fear from Jesus, the upsetter of the status quo, than the Pharisees did.
    But by the time the Gospels were written, the Sadducees were gone
    (with the destruction of the Temple, their reason to exist ceased), and only the Pharisees remained. So, since it was necessary to blame the Jews for Jesus’ death – since to blame the Romans would impede the Church’s evangelizing appeal to gentiles- the Pharisees were on the hook. Plus the Pharisees/rabbis were spiritual competitors for the Church in seeking converts. So the Jews took the hit, then and ever more, even though CRUCIFIXION was a ROMAN, not Biblical/Talmudic, punishment.

  • withyobadself

    jesus, the jewish messiah that the jews killed…was telling people they didnt have to follow the jewish religion to talk to god….the jewish priest with the black tire shaped hats,were telling people you have to slaughter animals to talk to god…poor people couldnt afford to kill animals to talk to god, so the poor people felt they could never talk to god unless the did everything the kooky spook black hat priest would say…jesus told the poor people, just talk to him…god never stopped walking with you.. the romans didnt want to kill the messiah…the tire shaped black hat priest didnt want to lose control of the jewish people…so the jewish priest killed the messiah…to save the corrupt,man made jewish religion….

  • Bruce

    Quickly, redistribution of wealth, or redistribution of stollen goods from the rich to the poor is against the laws of God.
    There is nothing in the Christian Bible, Hebrew Bible or Constitution of the United States that says a centralized government should, by force, take from the wealthy and hand out to the poor.
    I am for hand ups, not hand outs.
    We can take this up further on Monday.
    For those of you who celebrate this great country, Happy Fourth of July!!!

  • leslie

    tea bagger Bruce:
    The redistribution of wealth is what the Jubilee legislation calls for. THAT is the word of GOD, whether you like it or not.
    The “centralized govt” of kings David and Solomon levied taxes and punished those who did not comply- i.e., it took from the rich for the benefit of the entire community, including the poor.
    Jesus favored the poor over the rich.
    SUMMARY: when it comes to knowledge of Scripture, you are a liar; and since Scripture is divine, that, quite literally makes you a God-damned liar.
    Repent from your selfish, greedhead, godless materialist ways while you still have the chance.

  • withyobadself

    i can understand why someone who is rich would be a republican… republicans stand for no regulation, less government,tax breaks, no unions,for who??? THE RICH…there are not enough rich people in America so the republicans along with fox news spread republican propaganda…to who??? THE NOT RICH… FOR VOTES ONLY… it doesn’t benefit anyone who’s not rich to be a republican…in the George bush days, the republicans told the NOT RICH… if you don’t vote republican then that means your not a good American, you have no morals, your not a good christian…and ignorant not rich people believe this… the jews killed thier messiah and christians dont follow anything jesus taught…

  • Hector

    On what basis do you make this assertion:
    a) the MAN-MADE religion of Judaism?
    b) God told you?
    c) You pulled this out of your rear just like everything else you write?

  • withyobadself

    d. god is saying that

  • Hector

    In other words, b. or c.

  • Joseph C Moore Cpo USN Ret

    My take on the Rebbe is that he is saying that one CANNOT compromise their beliefs for the sake of political correct nonsense. I am not, in the least, troubled by Orthodox Jews. I applaud his courage of conviction in this increasingly wishy-washy society.

  • taub

    Thank you, “don’t ask, don’t tell” CPO Moore!

  • Dawn

    I’m embarrassed by those of you who call yourselves Christians and spew forth anti-Semitic statements. Keep before you Gen. 12:2-4 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.” Remember Jesus is a Jew – whatever anti-Semitic rhetoric you are saying toward his people it’s as though you said it of him.

  • hime

    dawn get in the kitchen and make a pie.your a woman and in the jewish religion you are a slave to men.

  • Hector

    Knowing who the author is, this article about the situation should make quite an impression.

  • Ben Plonie

    Right, Hector! From that great article (read in full if interested in this case)
    … on June 15. The Supreme Court ordered the 35 men to send their daughters back to Emmanuel’s Beit Ya’acov school in two days or face imprisonment for the remaining two weeks of the school year. Presiding Justice Edmond Levy said he “shuddered to think” that the men would obey their rabbis instead of the court.
    “That settled it for us, when he said he ‘shuddered to think’ we would obey our rabbis. Does he think we won’t? Does he expect us to reject our spiritual leaders? Nobody – no Muslim, no Christian and no Jew – will abandon his spiritual leaders and his religious faith because a judge tells him to,” he says.
    Levy ordered the men to agree in writing to obey the court ruling. They refused.
    “Shma Yisrael!” shouted one father. They were fired up, ready to make any sacrifice for their cause, certainly to go to jail for it. “No power on earth can tear a Jew away from the Torah,” says Krimalovski, recalling the atmosphere in court.”
    Of course, they were wrong. Rabbi Brad throws the other rabbis and the Torah under the bus with no excuse at all.

  • Ben Plonie

    The Jews are the oldest living nation on earth, in the face of death and torture for centuries on end. With Rabbi Brad Hirschfield in charge, the Jews would have disappeared in five minutes.
    Pharoah: “Nobody’s leaving Egypt”.
    (Moses: Over your dead body)
    Brad H.: No problem, Boss
    Enemy: You’re gonna be Assyrian/Babylonian/Persian/Greek/Roman/Christian/Moslem/Younameit, Right?
    (Believing Jew: Up yours!)
    Brad H. No problem, Boss
    And so on.

  • withyobadself

    god wants his children to stay out of the ways of the world… give all you have to the poor… take care of eachother… yes the jews are the chosen people….but the jews have failed god by gaining power of the world with their corrupt religion….the same with all religion that gains power of the world and leaves people out in the cold and hurt hungry and in need of help…there is no such thing as a non profit organization…poor people are being used for profit in the name of god… the ways of the world are evil run by lucifer… stay out of it and help eachotther…

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