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Gay Pride Precludes Israeli Gay Pride

June is Gay Pride month, but sadly even those committed to the fullest and freest expression of individual identity are not immune from bashing Israel or a profound lack of moral courage. Organizers of the Madrid pride parade, said to be one of the world’s largest gay pride events, have disinvited the Israeli LGBT group that was set to sponsor a bus in next month’s parade.
Citing fears that the presence of Israelis would incite local pro-Palestinian groups, and even raise the need for excess security, the Spanish organizers, in what can only be called a sadly ironic decision, told people that because of who they were, they were not welcome. I guess, at the end of the day, we really do unto others as has been done unto us. What a shame.
Not to mention the weirdness of excluding from participation those citizens of the country in the Middle East in which members of the GLBT community have the greatest safety and freedom of expression. While far from perfect, there is no question that Israel does better by its gay citizens than any Arab county, and in terms of military service, even better than the United States – openly gay Israelis serve with both honor and distinction in all branched of the Israeli military.
When will people learn that when we seek our own liberation at the expense of others, we end up not only defeating their cause but our own as well? That awareness forms the basis of the necessity of a two-state solution in the march towards Middle East peace, and should cause the Madrid parade organizers to re-think their current position. I guess we’ll see.

  • Hector

    Why slip in your comments about your desire for a two-state solution? Seems out of place.
    Also, “I guess, at the end of the day, we really do unto others as has been done unto us.”
    Who is the “we” and “us” in this case?

  • from_spain

    The Israelis have been extremely clumsy in their handling of this incident and many before (as well as doing some very dubious things, many of which have probably violated several international laws and treaties), and their slew of public relations disasters has turned Spain (and I believe many other European countries) into firm supporters of the Palestinian cause. And believe me, nobody here supports terrorism after decades of it here. The very fact that a country recently devastated by Islamic terrorism would favor the Palestinians over the Israelis just goes to prove how badly Israel has handled its affairs and image here. In Spain, the Palestinians are considered the victims at this point, hopelessly crushed by huge bully armed to the teeth. I think the Madrid organizers just wanted to send the message that it is not okay to be in favor of human rights for gays and lesbians, but not for other oppressed peoples. You’re either a human rights fighter for all or you’re a hypocrite. Being good at gay rights doesn’t give you a “put 2 million people in a concentration camp for free” card.

  • mouseytalons

    Hi All,
    I happen to be a bisexual woman, and happen to also want peace the world over. My point is just that not all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, and pansexuals feel the same way the leaders of the gay pride celebrations you mentioned obviously do.

  • withyobadself

    when you see a 5 year old boy acting girly you realize god made this boy gay .. christian religion is one of the most evil religions made by man..JESUS the jewish messiah that was killed by the jews,never said make a religion out of me.. but the romans did. the funny thing that christians do is they dont follow the things jesus said.. the things jesus said are in your heart when you were born so if you never knew the things jesus said you know whats right and whats wrong.. actually what christians say is well its in the old testament!!!! thats why its ok to kill ..thats why its ok to be involved in the world… thats why its ok to hate others if they dont agree with you..jesus the jewish messiah that was killed by the jews only belived in two rules.. have nothing to do with the world and love eachother and god.. how can anyone make a religion out of two rules??????? religion is made up of many of mans rules to control and gain power.. thats good israel accepts gays in thier culture.. christians should learn from that… most christians are ignorant republician red necks who cant stand seeing a nigger in charge.. the reason why isreal is not allowed in the gay parade is the same reason why blacks dont get hired for work..THE JEWS CAUSE TO MUCH TROUBLE!!!! the only reason why this gay parade is happening is MONEY.

  • mouseytalons

    I agree with you that the “christian” religion is man-made, and very evil and judgemental. I also am excited to hear that Israel does accept the gay community in their culture. The U.S., however, the gay pride celebrations are not about money, but about acceptance of who and what we are.

  • Scott R.

    Why should we be surprised that the Europeans are against the Israelis? Look at how they cooperated with the Nazis. Or the Inquisition. It’s all still about hurting Jews.
    And look at how we stood by Spain when the Muslims bombed them.
    There is nothing new under the sun.

  • FC

    You do realise that you are talking rubbish, right? Perhaps you are so full of hate that you can’t see this.

  • Kauko

    What I find telling is the level of hypocrisy in people’s reactions to this when you compare them to another related Gay Pride event controversy right now. The city of Toronto has withdrawn financial support from their city’s Pride parade because of a group that was to march called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. On a GLBT blog I read when this story in Toronto comes up most of the comments are outraged at the city doing this and them infringing on the free speech of Queers Against Israeli Aparteid. But, today when this story about Madrid’s Gay Pride parade banning an Israeli group came up on that blog the same people who were up in arms over the Toronto incident all expressed approval over banning people in Madrid. Its a pretty clear indictation that these things have more to do with hatred of Israel and not about free speech.

  • Hector

    From_Spain, I was following you, mostly nodding my head, right up to the last sentence, which was simply wrong. See these pictures for the so-called concentration camp of Gaza:

  • Kauko

    from_spain, the problem with your argument is that just because these people being banned are Israeli does not mean that they support the actions of the Israeli govenment or should be held in judgment for them. Speaking out against the actions of the government of Israel or its military is completely legitimate, but that sentiment can easily turn into bigotry when you start looking to vilify and blame all Israelis (or even all Jews, in general, which is not uncommon) just because of the country in which they happen to live or come from.

  • Jose

    They are not banning the Israelis attending the parade, they are withdrawing support for an official, City of Tel Avi bus. The bus officially sponsored by the city government, and they are doing it because of the lack of condemn to the flotilla attack by the City officials. Think what you will about it, but that’s quite different from ‘banning’ the Israelis
    Furthermore, nobody is mentioning security reasons, the Gay Pride is an islamist target anyhow, no improvement on that front. They are not appeasing anybody, they are using it to express its direct condemn of the flotilla attack.

  • from_spain

    Kauko, you said, “the problem with your argument is that just because these people being banned are Israeli does not mean that they support the actions of the Israeli govenment or should be held in judgment for them”…so, shouldn’t the same be applicable to the Palestinians? I’m sure most of them do not support terrorism, or many their current government, but they are subjected to collective undiscriminating punishment, as are many Palestinians who are killed when Israel decides to bomb houses. I simply don’t believe that life in Gaza is as pretty as the website that someone linked here. So there may be some pretty fruit in a market some days. That doesn’t mean these people have no nationality, no freedom of movement, can be Israeli bomb targets at any moment and have no prospect for a future unless they leave.
    In any case, Israelis are totally welcome to the gay pride celebration, and nobody here is anti-Semitic (that tired old argument is so pathetic I won’t waste any more typing on it), gay pride organizers, who support human rights across the board, just wanted to make a political statement by banning a city government (Tel Aviv’s) from advertising itself. Spain has nothing against Israelis, and in fact Sephardic Jews are subject to special immigration systems and can obtain Spanish nationality much more easily than people from the rest of the world.

  • Hanalah

    The flotilla came to attack the Israelis. And they did so. I have seen numerous photos of stabbed Israelis lying on the deck bleeding and of others being beaten with steel bars or being thrown overboard into the sea. Some came away with bashed heads and broken bones.
    The recent assumption that Israelis have to allow themselves to be rocketed and stabbed and beaten and killed and are not allowed to defend themselves is deeply disturbing.
    Everyone has a right to defend himself, and that right does include Jews. So banning the Tel Aviv group on the basis on Jews defending themselves from being killed is particularly vicious prejudice. It’s the same as saying they should have died.
    The poster who tried to justify banning gays from Tel Aviv on the grounds that Jews had defended other Jews from being murdered may not realize it, but s/he sounds just like that “dean” reporter who said Israelis should go “back to Poland” (where, of course, they would be murdered by the Poles, just as they were AFTER World War II). Jews were never Poles or Europeans, and the Europeans never regarded the Jews as “at home” among them. The Europeans always considered us to be Asians, and we ARE Asians, the same as the Arabs are Asians. That’s why the area is called the middle EAST. The Jewish nation has always been Israel and there have always been Jews living in Jerusalem, the Galilee, and elsewhere in Israel.

  • Your Name

    I am both jewish and gay and proud of both. But in the end we are all human beings, wish we could all act that way.

  • mouseytalons

    Your Name,
    I was relieved to hear from someone is both gay and jewish. I am bi, and I am also proud of who I am. You are right, We do need to put an end to predjudice of all kinds. Thank You. Shalom.

  • emoryricky

    Is it possible that Spain would denie any Jewish group from marching in anything because fo true security concerns? The muslim fundamentalist are nuts! What a great chance to martyr themselves. Knock out the gays and the jews, what a great way to get their Virgins. I am very pro Israel, but I wouldn’t want to walk next to them in any parade in europe, I just don’t think they have the security we have in the US.

  • Bonnie

    I think emoryricky hit it on the head. What a double coup to hit a group both gay and Jewish! Imagine how that would resound in the terrorist communities. Spain may have wimped out on allowing the them to march, but I believe they erred to protect everyone from such an attack, because you know the Israeli’s would be the specific target, and everyone else would be collateral damage.

  • Adam Smith

    As a Gay person I think it’s absolutely appalling that Gay people, one of the most persecuted groups in the world, would have the audacity to turn a cold shoulder to the Jewish community, who in large part have accepted us with open arms when others did not. I think that this is societal influence at its greatest because I truly do believe that if it wasn’t for Western culture’s misguided media response and its attacks on Israel this wouldn’t have even been an issue.

  • Devorah

    Wow, that stinks. Lesbian and Jewish in Orange County. Makes me very sad.

  • Cody Kinsey

    Gay and Jewish here.
    That’s really sad. There’s a lot of anti-Semitism in the gay community, which is funny because as Andrew Sullivan says, Jewish people are by far the most supportive ethnicity of gay rights. Also, Israel is better on gay rights than is the U.S., which makes the morons at this parade even more moronic. Finally, non-Orthodox Judaism is almost completely supportive–far more than most of Christianity and INFINITELY more than Islam; but try telling that to these protesters.
    Having said that, Rabbi Hirschfield does not even fully support gay rights, so I’m not sure why he’s bothering to comment on this. Why should gays support your people if you don’t support ours’, Rabbi? At least these gays aren’t saying marriage is a Christian institution that should exclude Jews.

  • Emily with the Kippah

    Also gay and Jewish here! Banning the Tel Aviv group from the parade because of something their government did makes as much sense as banning a San Francisco group because of something President Obama did.
    Collective guilt is not okay. But Spain does have a history of utilizing it – Inquisition, anyone? Catholic mass using the term “perfidious Jew,” anyone?

  • joey

    So stupid! I traveled to Israel a few years ago and gays and lesbians from everywhere were embraced. That included all of the arab gays. I also recall an arab lesbian group that wanted to have a gathering but couldn’t in their own lands. They were invited to have it in Haifa. I found Israel to be very progressive. Civil unions, gays in the military,gay adoptions…

  • thomas sabo

    Israel is better on gay rights than is the U.S., which makes the morons at this parade even more moronic. Finally, non-Orthodox Judaism is almost completely supportive–far more than most of Christianity and INFINITELY more than Islam; but try telling that to these protesters.

  • thomas sabo

    Israel is better on gay rights than is the U.S., which makes the morons at this parade even more moronic. Finally, non-Orthodox thomas sabo Judaism is almost completely supportive–far more than most of Christianity and INFINITELY more than Islam; but try telling that to these protesters.

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