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No, I am not talking about Barbi Benton or Linsay Vuolo, both whom I know, both whom are Jewish and both of whom have posed for Playboy. Though that is not how I know them. These are a slightly different kind of Jewish Playboy Bunny, and too funny not to share:
playboy tichel.jpg
And in case anyone is too pure to know why it’s so funny and why this post is titled, Jewish Playboy Bunnies, it’s because that’s what those rabbit heads decorating the woman’s head covering are. Or are they?
On a slightly more serious not, the image reminds us that symbols have no meaning outside the context in which they are used. I have no doubt that the wearer of the bunnies in this image, is totally unaware of the common association most people have with the rabbits which decorate her head covering. And because of that, they are not, for her at least, sexual symbols contradicting the reason why Orthodox women cover their hair. They are just a cute rabbit pattern,
There is a lesson in there for all of us who assume that when we see someone wearing something, waving something, or otherwise celebrating some image, we necessarily know what they mean. In a world which regularly struggles over displays of crosses, stars, flags, etc. it might be a good lesson to bear in mind.

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