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If God spoke to you, what would you want to hear? Given that Jews are in the final three day countdown to Shavuot and its celebration of revelation at Sinai, it seems like a good time to ask.
The final three days before the giving of the Ten Commandments are mentioned in the Book of Exodus as a time of preparation. And since we can not prepare unless we know what we are preparing for, I think it makes sense to ask what we would want to hear from God if He/She/It ever spoke to us.
Classically, the answer to this question, at least as regards Shavuot, is Torah. We want to stand again at Sinai and feel that the wisdom which God has for us can flow directly to us – no intermediaries, no nothing between us and The Source. All good. But what else?
You don’t have to be Jewish, and certainly don’t have to observe Shavuot to respond to this question. But if you knew that God was going to speak to you, what is it that you most long to hear?

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