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American Idol 2010 Winner Lee DeWyze and the Bible

So its official, American Idol 2010 has a winner and it’s Lee DeWyze. DeWyzes’ victory over the other finalist, Crystal Bowersox, came as no huge surprise to many of the show’s fans and followers in the media. Even though many of them have been saying that Crystal deserved to win, they were often just as certain that DeWyze was more likely to win. Why?
America, show-watchers say, is just not ready to embrace Crystal and her rough and wild look. More Janice Joplin than Kelly Clarkson, she simply was not going to be embraced by America like the more clean-cut DeWyze. Both are incredibly talented, but it seems that the more typical candidate was destined to take the prize. That’s where the Bible comes in.


Looking at the stories of Genesis one sees the reverse pattern. In an ancient world where first sons were destined to take over their father’s control of the family, the greater share of its wealth etc. (a norm called primogeniture), the Bible tells of a reverse trend. The unlikely candidate, the younger and often physically weaker son, the one whose lineage is at least as much about mom as it is about dad, the son who would not normally be destined for greatness – that is the son who takes the prize, inherits the power and becomes the next link in the chain of “winners”.
If American Idol were judged by Biblical standards, Crystal Bowersox, not Lee DeWyze, would have likely won on last night’s finale of American Idol 2010. Whether that would be better, or even make any real difference in a contest in which runners-up often have greater career success than winners, I don’t know. But it provides an opportunity to see how facts beyond our control (like birth order) and matters of surface style can determine decisions of substance, even if they should not.
The stories of Genesis have a clear pattern: how you come into the world and the expectations of others should not determine your life. Our destiny, the Bible seems to be telling us, is not something that should simply happen to us, it’s ours to make. We don’t need to be typical to be successful. Norms are meant to broken, if in breaking them; we are creating new opportunities for more people who would not otherwise get them.
That was a radical notion in the time of the Bible, and seems to remain one today. I guess we have to wait until next year, at least in terms of American Idol; to see if it’s one America is really ready to embrace.

  • A guy

    Thank God DeWyze won, the Bowersox girl was skanky, DeWyze was the better singer and cooler dude.

  • Iko

    I was amazed reading this, this is exactly what I was saying last night to my wife. Bowersox was much much better singer and she was much better in the final night. that to show how Americans feel about the poor and rough, of course she’ll make a better carrier down the line and Lee will be soon forgotten like many other Idols winners.

  • http://Shocked Aaron from San Diego

    Both were awesome. I had my money on Lee, but was shocked that Crystal lost. It wasn’t Lees voice, it just seemed like the songs he picked last week, and tuesday night. Even the Judges were telling him to pick it up.
    But I’m buying both their albums when they come out. Congrats to both contestants.

  • R

    Not stretching our Biblical interpretations too much are we?

  • Emily with the Kippah

    “R”: Not at all!

  • withyobadself

    why are actors mainly jewish doesnt anyone else see this? turn on your tv pretty much all the main characters are jewish go to the movies pretty much all the characters are jewish. everyone knows the jews own the media and hollywood and the banks. seems they sold out there religion for power and money. the reason why
    crystal lost is she isnt jewish and dewyze is, wake up america !!!!!!!

  • Gabriel M. Robles

    how many jewish-americans have won american idol and how does that compare to their population? Is there blatent discrimination involved here?

  • lori

    hello w/ yobadself, the winner wasn’t jewish!! it showed him at his old catholic school!! just because he was a winner and hot doesn’t mean he’s jewish cause he’s not. i looked it up, hopeing he was one of my people, and part of the tribe!!
    people are so jealous of jewish people. the rest of u all go to college, work really hard and u can own things too!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!! BUT WE WERE AND STILL ARE BEING PERSECUTED OR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!! THAT’S WHY WE STRESS EDUCATION SO MUCH!! RIF!! READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!! LEARN TO READ!!!!!

  • Gil

    Lori save your breath – you will not dissuade ignorant antisemites, and confuse them with the facts. They can’t get over their disillusion that their savior, Holy family, and many of the writers of the New Testament were Jews. Don’t you realize that we Jews own and control the universe. We exhibit all of human characteristics – but more so. A simple surgical procedure could render “YoYo” into a Jew. Forget American Idol, and read John Adams [2nd American President} who wrote – “Jews have contributed more to the civilization of man than any other group.” Of course we couldn’t do much with “YoYo.”

  • Natalie

    haha im a jew…..but i think the religion should not matter in Americas choice it doesn’t matter if you’re christian, catholic, or jewish!

  • Lori

    Yes, Gil. i forget i should save my breath for my soup. it’s just these people who think all these winners were jewish. there was only one and that was adam lambert. there were more black winners than jewish but then again there are only 2.4% of jews in the us and 14% of blacks in the us. but see people probably think there are more jews because nationality-wise, jews have done more for medicine, science etc. than any other group. yobadself sounds like a black name or just slang. if one hates jews, he/she definitely hates blacks. i am not racist. but even though there are only 14% of blacks in the population in the us, about 80% of the prsion population in prison is black. keep on putting down the jews, jesse jackson, al sharpton, bow-tie wearing farrakan!! these are the blacks who have nothing better to do but to put jews down but they have no regular jobs. tawana brawley, yea she was guilty!! she admitted she put sh.t on her own face and body. what person would do that but her?! blacks, yobadself, keep putting jews down!!

  • withyobadself

    whats up lori no im not black its just the jewish hollywood and record industry sells the black culture for profit and makes everyone want to act black.Did the jews make up capitalism sounds like something that came from thier culture lets ask micheal moore he is jewish of course why else would he have gotten a break in hollywood in fact anyone who dreams of becoming a hollywood star needs to quit dreaming unless they are jewish . jesus said have nothing to do with the world… makes sense to me .. does the jewish bible teach capitalizm??????

  • You’ve GOT to be Kidding!

    Michael Moore is not Jewish. He is a practicing Catholic who also received a Catholic school education.
    Jews did not invent capitalism. We do, however, value family, education, compassion, justice, the rule of law, the practice of contributing to the greater good of mankind and the inherent value of every human being without regard to their race, religion or national origin. We believe in treating others as we would wish to be treated.
    As for American Idol, Adam Lambert is Jewish (though, I don’t think that he is a practicing Jew) as is Elliott Yamin. However, neither one of them won American Idol. They were contestants. As far as I know, NONE of the winners have been Jewish.
    Jews do not control the media nor the banking industry. Why are there Jewish characters portrayed in the media? For the same reason that there are African American, hispanic, asian, English and Irish characters portrayed in the same media. Most people believe that the fact that we (U.S. citizens) are better off because we are not a homogeneous (all one and the same) population. It is precisely the fact that American culture encompasses the best of what its various immigrant (and Native American) populations have to offer.
    But, your very hateful and ignorant perspective has caused you to have a very flawed point of view. If Jews work hard and distinguish themselves in any area, you have a problem with that and ridiculously imagine it to be part of some kind of conspiracy. If those same Jews were lazy and contributed nothing of any value to this country, culture or the world, you would (rightfully) object to that, too. If some Jews are rich, you have a problem with that. If some Jews are poor, you have a problem with that too. Either way, you have set up your thinking and your worldview to find fault with and place blame for everything on the Jews. The real issue at hand rests in your personal misconceptions and misperceptions of Jews and Judaism. My guess is that you are just ignorant, but not an inherently evil person. But, this is 2010, and it would probably behoove you to get out into the world and meet, interact, respect and appreciate the contributions of ALL people to the betterment of mankind. Ignorance is no longer a viable excuse.
    The world is filled with good and bad people of every variety. I don’t know what your background is, but I’ll bet that there are a lot of people who share your religion and ethnicity (whatever it is) who would not agree with your beliefs or behavior either. Don’t blame others for your own shortcomings. Instead, direct your energy toward making yourself the most productive, compassionate and decent person that you can be. You will not only like and embrace other people better, but you will like and embrace that better version of yourself, too.

  • withyobadself

    I am not a persons that hates others cultures I just want to see people treat eachother fairly. who owns ABC NBC CBS FOX CNN? jews. whats the biggest bank that you hear about all the time? you know the one that gave bad advice to investers on purpose? a jewish bank. what are the names of directors and producers in hollywood? jewish names. jews in hollywood are only giving jewish actors breaks in hollywood. yes mister ‘yo got to be kidding’ you write like your are educated with mans science on how words should be written down but one thing man cant teach you is to search for truth, thats all jesus knew to do cause god didnt give him all the answers.IN FACT GOD DOESNT NEED A BOOK TO EXPLAIN HIMSELF. man made up religion to control eachother GOD BELONGS TO EVERYONE. what did the jews gain to lose if they belived jesus was the son of god? was it power? control over their people… so many rules and traditions to follow… just talk to god thats all you have to do

  • marriea

    Funny, I never even thought about Lee’s religious persuasion. But though I’m very happy he won, being from Chicago myself, I thought that Crystal was a more stronger and versatile singer and performer.
    One thing that counters into many of the Idol voting habits however is personal status. Crystal is a white single mom. Fantasia is also a single mom, but being black, I suspect people were willing to overlook that fact, ‘because blacks are like that’. At least that is the perception. Fantasia is also a knock down talented individual however. Crystal is also a very talented individual. And yes, I can see her playing Janis Joplin. And yes, I also see her making a bigger impact in the recording world than Lee. Crystal was being punished. We also had Michael Lynche was was equally talented. But Michael Lynche was married with a kid and ‘white wife’ in tow. Most of the vigilent voters of American Idol are young whites girls. They want an Idol they can either emulate or fantasize about. Last year finalist Adam Lambert was clearly the stronger and more talented performer, but he is also gay.
    I’m not saying there is a prejudice going on, but most people who vote for these people aren’t necessarily looking for the most talented individual as much as they are looking for someone who turns them on or they can play Barbie Dolls with.

  • http://Withyobadself You Have GOT to be Kidding!

    I am not a Mister. I am an educated, loving and decent woman.
    These are the facts:
    CNN was started by Ted Turner (not a Jew)
    ABC, CBS and NBC are all owned by large, publicly traded companies (like General Electric, Westinghouse and The Disney Corporation, none of whom are owned by anyone Jewish). If you want to “own” the networks, you are free to buy stock in any of them (or not) as you see fit. FOX news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who is a practicing Christian.
    Again, people usually find what they are looking for. If you look to find reasons to be offended, you will be offended a lot of the time. If you look for a conspiracy, you will find one around every corner (whether or not one actually exists). If you look for a scapegoat, you can create one out of thin air.
    Jesus was himself a practicing Jew. How is it possible to embrace his notably Jewish teachings, while condemning the religion, culture and traditions from which he sprang? Judaism teaches that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. It also teaches that each human being is created in G-d’s own image. And, therefore, to treat anyone with disrespect or cruelty is an affront to G-d, himself. It teaches that the righteous among all peoples (regardless of race, creed, etc.) will have a share in the life to come. It does not present itself as having a monopoly on goodness or decency (though, it urges us to hold ourselves to an even higher standard than that which we might expect of others). It teaches that ALL of us are G-d’s children.
    Again, there are good and bad behaviors among all different kinds of people. You will see whatever you choose to see. Still, you have created an untenable situation in which you will blame Jews and Judaism for anything and everything, because that is what you have chosen to do (regardless of the facts or of the truth). You are ignorant and afraid of that which you do not know. To remain so is your prerogative.
    Back to American Idol, which is what prompted all of this in the first place, I voted for Lee, Crystal and Mike (while he was in the competition). I still think that they are all quite talented. In the end, though, I am glad that Lee won. I think that he showed the most growth during the competition and I just like his voice and its versatility more than Crystal’s. They will both have successful careers in music because they both have the drive and talent to do so. They also seem to be very down to earth and humble, which makes most people want to see them succeed.
    As before, I invite you to look first into your own heart and behavior, for it is only then that you will be able to look into the eyes of your fellow human being and see your own humanity reflected back to you in their eyes.
    Good luck to you.

  • withyobadself

    dear got to be kidding,the ceo and higher ups of abc nbc cbs fox cnn disney and the media, many corporations, and banks are jewish its A FACT look it up on your computer.basically america is jewish run and jews are only letting jews have successful careers in thier corporations… turn on your tv start counting all the jews you see… go to the movies .. count all the jews you see… im only stating the facts….jesus was the messiah that the jews were waiting for..the jews killed thier messiah and thats why god has punished them through the holocaust and through today.. jews indulge thereselves in the world which takes them further from god and will continue to be punished

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