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We seem to have endless appetite for comparisons to Hitler, Nazis and the Holocaust, and like all forms of gluttony, it’s making us very sick. It’s neither a Democratic thing nor a Republican thing, it’s a simply and disturbingly a tragic fact of contemporary American life. I am with Eric Fingerhut, who opens his essay, “Not Another Hitler Comparison“, with the words: “Make it stop!”

Just two weeks after Republican cried foul over the Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) statement that the American health care system was “a holocaust,” Democrats are upset that the National Republican Congressional Committee posted a Twitter link to a video in which Adolf Hitler says that he is a big supporter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — well, he at least says so in fake subtitles.
In the version highlighted by the NRCC, Hitler — in the subtitles — rants that ” at least I still have Pelosi on my side” and “like Pelosi, I don’t give a sh– about the American people” and “Pelosi has 256 Democrats in Congress, she can pass whatever the hell she wants.” The fact that the GOP is promoting this video has Democrats upset, and with good reason.

If there is anything that sane people should be able to come together on, it is this: end these inane and offensive comparisons now! More later on why we seem to have such a hard time doing so. Stay tuned.

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