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This one is easy. The Most important Hanukkah story of all is yours. For seven days we have shared versions of a 2,200 year old story that have inspired people across the time and around the world. And it was all a kind of warm up exercise to help begin telling the version that matters most i.e. the one that you celebrate.
What does Hannukah mean to you? This is one of those wonderful questions that nobody can get wrong. In fact, the only mistake one can make would be to have no answer at all. After all, Hannukah has been the story of successfully meeting the most profound challenges of the moment, of feeling deeply that which we most need, and discovering that we can attain it. Hannukah has celebrated the good stuff, both spiritual and physical, that we already have and the warmth that we already feel.
And Hanukkah will live on for another 2,200 years if we do what all those who have come before us did, and add our own understandings of the holiday to its celebration. So in honor of the final day of Hanukkah, I am opening up the page for all of you to share what Hanukkah means to each of you. If this list get big enough, who knows, it may become one of the sacred texts of the next century. Why not? That’s how it worked for all of the other texts that we have explored for the past week.
So go ahead, tell your Hanukkah story. You may be making history and helping the next generation to a more meaningful future.

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