Windows and Doors

When I received the following link to hard right Israeli broadcaster Arutz 7, being circulated by pro-McCain people, I was tempted to ignore it. Claiming that Hamas is supporting Obama in the presidential election, they suggest that supporting Obama is somehow supporting Hamas. The claim itself is beneath contempt. But when the left uses the same grotesque methods, it’s time to notice the twisted irony and speak out.

Beliefnet’s Progressive Revival circulates a piece by New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof which engages in the exact same fear mongering. Though in this case, it’s an attack on John McCain and the terror group of choice is Al Qaeda. Kristof wants us to know that some Qaeda affiliated (whatever that means) website was supportive of McCain. So from this we are supposed to conclude that support for McCain serves the needs of Al Qaeda and that we should vote accordingly.
It’s amazing how low each side is willing to go in this race. And it really is a race to the bottom in which both the left and the right will stop at nothing to win. Sadly, that is a trait that the operatives on both sides share with the terror groups that they invoke to intimidate their opponents. I wonder if they think about that.
Perhaps the most disturbing part is that they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. What does that say about the rest of us?

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