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Windows and Doors

Dems and Reps Terrorize Opponents

When I received the following link to hard right Israeli broadcaster Arutz 7, being circulated by pro-McCain people, I was tempted to ignore it. Claiming that Hamas is supporting Obama in the presidential election, they suggest that supporting Obama is somehow supporting Hamas. The claim itself is beneath contempt. But when the left uses the same grotesque methods, it’s time to notice the twisted irony and speak out.

Beliefnet’s Progressive Revival circulates a piece by New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof which engages in the exact same fear mongering. Though in this case, it’s an attack on John McCain and the terror group of choice is Al Qaeda. Kristof wants us to know that some Qaeda affiliated (whatever that means) website was supportive of McCain. So from this we are supposed to conclude that support for McCain serves the needs of Al Qaeda and that we should vote accordingly.
It’s amazing how low each side is willing to go in this race. And it really is a race to the bottom in which both the left and the right will stop at nothing to win. Sadly, that is a trait that the operatives on both sides share with the terror groups that they invoke to intimidate their opponents. I wonder if they think about that.
Perhaps the most disturbing part is that they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. What does that say about the rest of us?

  • NightLad

    You know, as of the 4th of October, the McCain campaign shifted nearly 100% of its advertising budget to attack ads. Many of them untrue, according to various nonpartisan fact-checking sources.
    So when it comes to sinking to new lows, they still have a huge lead.
    It’s about the only lead they have… for good reason.

  • Gillian

    Both sides can be pretty ruthless, but the implication that it’s just a wash is absurd. Show me all of Obama’s sleazy network ads highlighting the Keating 5 or Hagee or Gordon Liddy that match the myriad hours of media coverage of Bill Ayers, “bitter people who cling to God and guns,” Obama’s “Muslim” faith and, of late, his “socialist” tendencies. You can’t, because Obama’s negative ads focus on facts — like the fact that McCain cannot show us how his economic policies differ from Bush’s in any significant way, or the fact that McCain voted with GWB 90% of the time, or the fact that McCain consistently lies about how Obama’s tax plan will actually directly benefit Joe The Plumber.
    Obama is outdone tenfold in the smear and fear department. You can always find a tit-for-tat scenario as this piece shows, but any objective person can see that the majority of slime is coming from the right. Extremist conservative blogs churn out misinformation, out-of-context quotes, and stir up racist fears daily, while Obama’s 100,000-strong rallies are the product of positivity, not hate.

  • True Patriot

    I see you all have not lost your fight.
    Good! Because we have a lot to do. We (the American people) are going to have to take back control of our elected government and set it on the right path of service to us and the greater good of the world. Obama and the Democrats are our best hope of doing that. Tell your family, friends, and everyone you know to support them as best they can. Because the Neocon machine of voter fraud, voter cheating, voter buying, and voter manipulation is already hard at work to cheat us again.
    Beginning back in 2000, and before 9/11, it was mostly Republican governors, Republican legislatures, and county-elected Republican officials who conspired with the corrupt Bush administration to raise college and university tuitions by the fastest and highest rate in American history. Some state tuitions went up by as much as a whopping 30% in one year. The reason the Bush administration did this was to force struggling working class kids into the military to pay for the sudden jump in price.
    Bush ideology had plans to get us into all these immoral, foolish, and unnecessary wars from the start so that they could use them to seize and keep power. But, for their plan to work, they needed even more volunteer soldiers whose blood they could spill. (Remember Bush’s “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” theatrics.) The exploitation and lost lives of these finest Americans is despicable, disgusting, and criminal. And it makes me SICK, and ANGRY.
    We will have to vote for Obama in overwhelming numbers to overcome the Bush-McCain fraud machine. Vote early if you can. Then help your fellow Americans cast their votes now and on through election day. Vote for Obama as though your life (and the lives of your loved ones) depends on it. Because truly, it does: we will not survive 4 more years of the “Let Them Eat Cake” leadership of Bush, McCain, and their corrupt Republican allies.
    Just look at the mess we have already. We can fix it with your vote. And REMEMBER, no matter which of us may stumble, the rest of us must continue to surge forward for Obama and the Democrats, and for ourselves most of all. Our children and the world are counting on us.
    It’s in our hands now. And I know we will get it done.
    God bless all of you.

  • Donald Wolberg

    Reality, illusion and delusion are sometimes difficult to separate, but factual records are not.The fact is that, if elected, Mr. Obama will be the first President with friendships to terrorists such as Mr. Ayers and Ms Dorn, both convicted, self-admitted terrorists (although now “retired” and Mr. Ayers has tenure!). Similarly, the racist and amazingly transparent if not delusional Mr. Wright was a close friend and mentor of Mr. Obama for 24 years. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton are not noted for their positive attitudes towards Jewish people or Israel. Mr. Rezco, a convicted felon provides “special” favors and realestate deals to Mr. Obama. The group ACORN, and apparently more than 100 “front” groups is not revealed as an amazingly corrupt entity with rather strong ties to Mr. Obama through other “buffers” on his campaign staff. Mr. Obama has been supported by front organizations of Hamas and surely that has no positives. Indeed, Mr. Jackson “promised” major changes in U.S. policy towards Israel once Mr. Obama is elected.
    The illusion and delusion test for fidelity to reason or les than a very left agenda is a failure for the Obama campsign. The transparent effort to ling Mr. McCain is absurd on face value. A true hero and staunch defender of our nation, Mr. McCain is heroic, where Mr. Obama is vapid, with no record of accomplishment. Wher Mr. McCain defends the Constitution, Mr. Obama is on record as stating that the “distributive needs” of the poor are lacking in the Constitution. Where Mr. Obama received awards from Hamas support groups in the U.S., Mr. McCain remains a staunch defender of Israel and its security. Where Mr. Obama is anxious to have tea with the insane government of Iran and the always bizarre Mr. Chavez, Mr. McCain understands that the taint of terroists real and delusional, has no place at the begotiating table. A bit more reality and fact checking would separate, delusion, illusion and the real world nicely.

  • David

    Obama is not qualified to be President–he has nor leadership or management experience. Obama has accomplished nothing as a Senator. Further, he would not be qualified for the Secret Service or FBI as a result of his associations.
    Sad that so many Jews simply do not get it. An Obama Presidency is downright dangerous for the Jewish community, Israel, and the United States.
    Obama’s philosophies are Socialist/Marxist. One of his mentors is Saul Alinsky, a self proclaimed Marxist who authored the book, RULES FOR RADICALS. That book is the Obama playbook.
    Obama advocates social engineering and a redistribution of wealth.
    The US Constitution is all about limiting the powers of the Federal Government. Obama advocates policies of an overreaching Government. In short, Obama advocates people working for the government. Capitalism is about the government working for the people.
    Obama advocates cutting defense spending. This approach could not be more off-the-mark at a time of war. Our enemies are smart, determined and deadly serious.
    Obama injected race into this campaign. Simply ask Bill Clinton.

  • Don Nelson

    I agree that both campaigns seem to be on a slippery slopes in the area of negativity.
    What I want to point out is that if the claim is true about Al Qaeda is true then it is consistent with what the Al Qaeda movement has said about the infidel being on Muslim Soil. McCain is intent on staying the course in the region. That justifies Al Qaeda’s continued war against the US. If a more consultative government is elected then it becomes a less justifiable fight.
    There was a series on PBS about the way Al Qaeda has interpreted the Holy Book of Islam in order to kill not only representatives of the Infidel but also there own people.

  • Martin

    Sorry, Rabbi Hirschfeld: the two examples you cite (from Arutz 7 and from Nick Kristof)are NOT the same. There is good intelligence that shows Al Qaeda recruitment improved with US involvement in Iraq, strongly supported by McCain. This is the connection that Kristof wanted us to notice.The irony is not lost to the intelligent voter, but it is hardly likely that Americans will vote against McCain because of the alleged endorsement. On the other hand, the shrill and ugly claims about Obama and his reputed connections to terrorists of any and all stripes is carried forward directly by the McCain campaign, especially promoted by Palin in her role as pit bull in chief.So Arutz 7 is “merely” promulgating the same repulsive general argument…McCarthyist guilt by association…that is built into the Republican strategy, while Kristof’s article is not representative of any strategy by Democrats. As is often the case, your predilection for “balance” leads you to paint with too broad a brush.

  • Cher

    Got some blind people…..
    How do you think Obama is receiving so much money for his campaigns. Don’t take no Einstein to figure that one out. Money coming from Middle East….and what you got to say about the phone calls coming to America from Palestine region who are trying to persuade people to vote Obama in? My family recieved a phone call….well the phone was hung up!
    Have you guys forgotten 9-11……do you forget that quick. Take Islam serious..take Al Quada serious. They mean what they say and they do what they say. Talk about fear mongering, Sir! Better to have a little fear than none at all…you stay alert.
    I guess it be another 9-11 in places unexpected… one knows how to wake up and smell a “rotten egg” Obama!
    Why waste my “fingers on keyboard”!
    As for troops being on Islam soil….well, if they don’t like it, Islam can move their feet out of my country. Our troops have kept us all safe.

  • Don Thomason

    Obama is no different that most other candidate that have run for President of the USA, except that he has a strange sounding name and is an African-American. I never could trust Bush, who to this day continues to be legally AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard and I cannot trust a Vice President like Cheney who somehow has a full daughter that is a Lesbian but got pregnant (immaculate conception anyone?). It is said that McCain was shot down over North Vietnam because he flew his jet into enemy fire from North Vietnamese MIGs just so he would not get shot but captured by the enemy, at the same time that his daddy was in charge of the U.S. Naval Pacific Theater, and that he crashed 4 Navy aircraft while in Pilot’s School and graduated at the bottom of his Annapolis Class. So I don’t really see what is wrong about Obama. Even if he is Muslim (and I don’t thing he is) there is nothing wrong with that because America is a country that race, religion, national origin, sex are all accepted as a way of life.

  • Cher

    He is an Afro-American?
    His mother is white……is she Afro American? I was born with blood of Native American and it is wrong to have a Muslim President that is hell bent on destroying America. No excuses…..he cannot even present his birth certificate to a court to prove where he was born.
    I guess misery loves company so when you guys/gals get Obama for President and he lets you down…..MISERY.
    Can you prove Bush was AWOL or is it just rumored? As for McCain, he is a true fighter for this nation and I salute him.

  • Bonnie Wiedmeyer

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why any Jewish person would vote for the extremist, radical, liberal Democrats. They oppose everything in God’s word. The very issue of LIFE, which you know begins at conception is a huge reason. McCain is pro-life, Obama is pro-death and even voted 4x against a bill to provide medical treatment to babies surviving botched abortions. HOMOSEXUALITY is abhoring to God and McCain is against it; Obama gives special status to those who life in un-natural lifestyles, recognizes “marriage” between same sex couples. This is revolting and contrary to the Bible and your scriptures. The Democrats always increase taxes, want to control more of our lives, penalize small businesses. They will disarm Americans too: Obama will double tax ammunition and gun sales and limit a gun to one. These are all items that can be checked in his voting record during his short term as a junior senator. He isn’t even qualified to be President. He has a forged birth certificate, he knows the muslim prayers and spent much time in studies. He has convicted terrorist friends to this date who are aiding his campaign. His economic ideas will destroy America. He is scary, has no integrity, lacks good judgement and is a wolf in sheeps clothing. What a shame that people sit and listen and suck in all his good for nothing promises.



  • Chava

    I sure hope Obama wins. From a real Jew and a Black American woman. You and Cher are ignorant . Get a life or move to Israel or Alaska .
    Chava bat Sarah

  • Steve Powers

    It was amazing last night to see Clintonocchio and Obama together. They are the two most accomplished liars in this country. All that was missing was Hilary as another accomplished liar.

  • Jaci

    And Cher.. what world have you been living in for the past year+? Yes Obama’s heritage is part African American! It’s no secret. His mom is white, straight up. His dad is from Africa, but he never knew him. Only met him once. His mom’s parents, white Christians, raised him. Blah blah blah it’s all public knowledge. He does have biographies if you want actual info and not random made up stuff probably which probably originated from white supremacists or other hate groups who are crapping their pants b/c a 1/2 black man running for President. People need to get over it, we live in AMERICA. It is truly shocking people still believe these radical lies.
    Who is telling you this crap about his birth certificate? Do you have no faith in our governing agencies who ensure American citizenship before someone runs for President? There are laws/safegaurds against this stuff. Believe it or not our Forefathers were rather intelligent people. I mean, come on now. You don’t have to believe me, b/c I do support Obama, but there are a ton of BI-PARTISAN fact checking entities out there, read up. I check to make sure I know the facts about McCain. I don’t want to hear lies about him. He’s a great American and if he were younger and didn’t pick such a crap VP who could realistically become president if he’s elected, I would have seriously considered giving him my vote.
    And who says Arfo-American by the way?

  • debra

    Jaci,Sarah Palin is not crap and you have not checked out Obama as thoughly as you think.Why won`t the newspaper release the tape that is in question right now?Is there something to hide.If there is nothing on the tape Obama should welcome it`s release.

  • Berta

    I really worry when someone thinks they are so above another to judge and/or label them. Debates are good but it takes logic and detachment from emotion to accomplish any sort of dialog. Some of you sound like tape recorders repeating exactly what your favorite newscaster or party leader is suggesting, i.e,. “why isn’t the newpaper releasing the tape in question.” The answers were provided–CONFIDENTIALITY!!! All this is nothing more than a hope less attempt to distract from the issues. I want the war to end and our kids to come home…I want better medical care, a break in my taxes and hope for the future. I want my country to regain the respect it once held around the world and I don’t want to repeat these last EIGHT YEARS. Can you take the risk of going through that crap all over again!
    Palin is a ding back—and I’d say the same if she was a man. All you have to do is listen to her talk….sorry. Start thinking folks instead of being puppets. If you like McCain and Palin–wonderful…it’s the American way…FREEDOM of choice but heck make your decision based upon facts and truths and issues not gossip and slander! Are you guys old enough to read and figure out things for yourself or are you a bunch of SHEEP FOLOWING THE FLOCK!!! oy
    There’s a change coming, a time filled with hope and new energy. Whoever gets to sit in that White House will need our support and have no doubt that the American and citizen of the USA seating in that office will always have our best interest at heart.
    For me it’s OBAMA!!! The time is ripe and right and change is the key for our future. I find it interesting to note that everything that Obama has said McCain has mimicked….Obama started out calling for “change” and then who starts doing the same? That’s not a maverick, sorry. I see a focussed individual in Obama, highly educated & totally in control in spite of the slanders thrown at him–he’s already given us insight into his character and courage to bring us forward. Do you still see color? If you do then I might suggest that you “have not come a long way baby”.

  • Cher

    Jaci…..the Court Records in Pennsylvania. Get educated! I got more right in this country moreso than you or Obama. Get it!
    I am a proud Native American and if you don’t like it..ride a camel on over to Islamic world…lets see how they treat you.

  • Berta

    To: Donald Wolberg
    “Guilt by Association” is not the most intelligent approach to judging an individual. Does it draw attention? Yes! Had it been addressed and responded to…YES! will give you the FACTS vs. RUMORS. Playing into the arena of slander and manipulation is very close to my Jewish heritage and what my people went through with leaders such as Hitler to name only one…Because of that I make every effort to discover the facts rather than to accept the SPINS! It’s very troublesome to think that one would be judged for folks that came in and out of their life that lacked DEEP rooted affiliations. Such was the case with those individuals that have been named as friends of Obamas. Must I repeat that Republicans were a part of some of the same meetings with Ayers? Obama stands by Israel and as a President it would be NO other way…so he had discussions with this Professor—what better way to learn about the “thinking” of another culture? He did not take the side of the Palestines! KNOW your facts not rumors! It’s that exact “SPIN” on subjects that drew crowds of disillusioned folks …. WE know better–we’ve been there …
    McCain’s devotion to our country has never been questioned. When he ran eight years ago he might have gotten my vote. He is NO longer that person and like the inevitable that happens in life, HIS TIME HAS PASSED! His moment in life will always be honored by the scars he bears but that was THEN and not NOW…..

  • Steve Powers

    October 31, 2008 12:35 AM
    I really worry when someone thinks they are so above another to judge and/or label them. Debates are good but it takes logic and detachment from emotion to accomplish any sort of dialog. Some of you sound like tape recorders repeating exactly what your favorite newscaster or party leader is suggesting, i.e,. “why isn’t the newpaper releasing the tape in question.” The answers were provided–CONFIDENTIALITY!!!”
    You are no different. You are repeating the Obama propaganda. They could provide a copy of the Confidentiality statement, assuming one actually exists.
    ” I want better medical care, a break in my taxes and hope for the future.”
    You want better medical care? Go out and earn it.
    You want a break in taxes, then vote for McCain.
    You can hope all you want for the future – no one is stopping you.
    ” I want my country to regain the respect it once held around the world and I don’t want to repeat these last EIGHT YEARS.”
    And that’s why people from all over the world risk their lives to get here?
    “There’s a change coming, a time filled with hope and new energy.”
    That naive statement just brings me to tears – of laughter.
    Thank you for entertaining me with your brilliant comments.

  • Berta

    If you are INFORMED then you would recognize that my feelings are not alone! Just follow the polls! Differences are what makes our world a better place so I do not solicit your acceptance nor am I “needie” of it….thank you but no thank you!!!
    I’ve worked for over 40 year and have earned my benefits. I’m also capable of spreading my earings around to those less fortunate than I…I guess that comes from a HEART level–but please don’t cry…some of us are willing to see a BIGGER picture with less greed and self indulgence!
    My hope continues as long as I wake up each day—the BIGGER picture comes with a leader of vision –OBAMA–
    I will continue and support whoever gets in office…I only hope you have the same capacity because our nation will need it!

  • Berta

    Rabbi Believes ‘Obama Can Uplift The Country’
    October 29, 2008
    INITIALLY SKEPTICAL, Rabbi James Rosen of Beth El Temple in West Hartford says he has come to believe that Barack Obama is a visionary who can bring fundamental change to the country. (STEPHEN DUNN / HARTFORD COURANT / October 28, 2008)
    WEST HARTFORD — – Rabbi Jim Rosen has been talking and thinking about politics since he was a kid growing up in Minnesota.
    His father, a largely self-educated Russian immigrant who worked in a textile mill, and his mother, a saleswoman in a department store, used to lead lively discussions at the dinner table about local and national politics.
    As a seventh-grader, Rosen, now the rabbi at Beth El Temple on Albany Avenue, worked on Hubert Humphrey’s 1970 Senate campaign, which followed his loss to Richard Nixon in the presidential race of 1968.
    Rosen, a trained social worker with a degree from Columbia University who has worked nationally on Jewish law, ethics, and standards, said that he’s never seen another politician with Humphrey’s ability to inspire, to influence, to be an optimist and a realist at the same time.
    Until now.
    “I think Barack Obama can uplift the country,” said Rosen, 52. “Obviously, righting the economy is the first order of business. But down the road, I see he him bringing forth American ideas and values.”
    “In my mind,” he said, “the American president must not only be an effective commander in chief and policymaker, but he or she needs to be a visionary of American potential both here and abroad. I think Obama can be that moral voice.”
    Rosen, who leads a congregation of 1,000 families from Greater Hartford, said he was initially unsure of Obama’s stance on Israel and the Middle East.
    “Because he’d expressed a willingness to sit down with the leaders of a variety of nations, there was some concern about whether he recognized the centrality of Israel as a strategic partner of the U.S.,” Rosen said.
    Obama dispelled those concerns during a late-summer conference call with 900 rabbis, including Rosen.
    “He’s fundamentally supportive of the independence, security and well-being of Israel. He’s taking a nuanced approach to the hot spots of the world while being very clear about condemning terrorism,” said Rosen. “I don’t believe he would shy away from using force to protect our mutual interests.”
    Rosen, a Democrat, said that he has been impressed by the focus on personal responsibility from both Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain. He said he respects McCain’s “true heroism” and hopes that McCain is offered “a high-level position” in an Obama administration. He also said he was moved by Sarah Palin’s pledge to be the voice of disabled children. Rosen’s oldest son has special needs.

  • Solomon2

    Yesterday I heard a plug for Obama on the radio that was embedded in a supermarket commercial. That is unprecedented.

  • Al Eastman

    Rabbi, once again you display your regressive liberal leanings. The first site you listed claims the following:
    “The article in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, first noted and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, quotes a young man from the Hamas-controlled Gaza region as saying, “We dial random numbers and try to call people [in the United States] without knowing their identity or their affiliation….” He reportedly uses “Internet sites that allow making free calls… in order to use them for the campaign supporting Obama.””
    The second article claims:
    ““Al Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election,” read a commentary on a password-protected Islamist Web site that is closely linked to Al Qaeda and often disseminates the group’s propaganda.”
    To compare ACTIVE support of B. Hussein Obama to PASSIVE support of John McCain is so transparently biased, I am amazed you are able to type a straight line. When you are able to find a source that claims Al Qaeda is making calls to the USA in support of McCain, then you might be making a valid comparison.
    My suggestion is you change the photo on this blog to one showing you wearing an “I LOVE OBAMA” button.

  • Steve Powers

    October 31, 2008 12:30 PM
    If you are INFORMED then you would recognize that my feelings are not alone! Just follow the polls! ”
    Feelings are what Liberals are all about. The facts and common sense are irrelevant.
    I do see the polls and they just tell me how many individuals are misguided and worship the new “Messiah” whose only “accomplishements” are to blatantly lie and consistently associate with left wing loons and anti-semites.
    ” I’ve worked for over 40 year and have earned my benefits. I’m also capable of spreading my earings around to those less fortunate than I”
    That’s wonderful and your choice. Involuntary seizure and spreading of assets by the government is unacceptable in a free society. I’ll make my own decisions on if and how I choose to utilize my assets.

  • Berta

    Hmm, “involuntary seizure” and spreading of assets by the Government”….You’re a bit mixed up or maybe paranoid! What are our taxes based upon? DAAAAAAAA….. Look up SOCIALISM–it’ll take a bit of time and concentration but knowledge is priceless. Thinking before speaking, studying before babbling is a good practice! Our country has had many programs in effect for years that distribute money & in no way are considered a practice of socialism . GET OFF OF IT! Change is hard but stagnation suffacates the very breath of life and living and growing and moving foward! Obama!!!

  • Scott R.

    They oppose everything in God’s word.
    “God’s word” is usually used to refer to Xian scriptures. Best ignored by Jews.
    The very issue of LIFE, which you know begins at conception is a huge reason.
    We do?? We don’t because that isn’t what Judaism teaches.
    HOMOSEXUALITY is abhoring to God and McCain is against it.
    First of all, the word is “abhorrent”. If you want to be taken seriously, write correctly. Oh wait, you can’t be taken seriously while you are denigrating God’s children.
    Funny, most Jews aren’t opposed to gay right. I guess we understand our own scriptures better.
    He has a forged birth certificate, he knows the muslim prayers and spent much time in studies.For the life of me, I cannot understand why any Jewish person would vote for the extremist, radical, liberal Democrats.
    I vote for the Democrats because the Republicans have turned into the party of Xian theocracy and if they get their way, Jews will lose their rights as Americans and have to leave.

  • Scott R.

    Steve Powers,
    You want better medical care? Go out and earn it.
    What country are you living in? I know plenty of people who work and can’t afford health insurance or medical care for themselves or their children.
    It is a national sin when children can’t get medical treatment. It is a national sin when anyone can’t get medical treatment. And we as a nation deserve God’s punishment for turning our back the poor. Read our scriptures for a change, and see how many times God punished Israel and the nations for turning their back on their poor.
    And that’s why people from all over the world risk their lives to get here?
    That’s why there are Mexicans going back to Mexico now. They can’t get jobs!

  • Jaci

    Scott R. You rock man. I said some of the same things to Steve on another post about working people. It’s not worth it. Thankfully the greater majority of America see things through the same lenes as you and I. Now we just have to get them to the polls on Tues. and try to prevent certain people from sending them away without just cause.
    I’m still dumbfounded how people like Cher can be allowed to post on here with racist comment after comment. Telling me to “ride a camel on over to Islamic world…lets see how they treat you.” and calling people “Afro American’s”.
    Debra.. Why doens’t McCain release his medical records to prove he is in good health? Is there something to hide? I mean seriously. You’re right, Palin’s not crap, she was quite good at beauty pagents, that’s something.
    BTW, Cher… ALL AMERICANS have a right to be here. Do you just assume I’m not from America? At what point in my posting about things actually related to the election and Obama (which is what I thought this was about) did I say I didn’t like that you were Native American? I am quite sure I never wrote such a thing as it really is irrelevant to this topic and I do not care what people’s race/ethnicity is. For your information, I believe that Native American’s have been screwed more than anyone other group in this country, and if anyone can stand up for those who have been pushed down simply because of race/color/ethnicity/religion,etc than Obama is the only person running who will do that. I do not think it is fair to attack others because of your own issues that clearly need to be dealt with.
    I just got home from canvassing for the Obama campgain this morning and a campaign official showed up to talk and answer questions as I was about to leave. Someone is emailing me info specifically pertaining to the lies and fears being spread to convicnce Jewish voters that Obama is not for Israel. If people want to actually discuss this stuff then that’s cool, but people trying to say they have more right to be in this country than others for ANY reason is a big waste of time for all who value this site.

  • Scott R.

    Jaci, I have never seen people more psychotic over a presidential candidate. What is wrong with these people? They’ve gone over the edge.
    I really believe that a lot of people can not handle the though of a black man as president, so they will believe or say anything about him to destroy him.
    Very, very un-American.

  • Berta

    I,too have found this election to be unlike any that I’ve ever experienced! People seem to be obsesseed, crazed and plain hungry to accept whatever rumors are put across the internet or spoken without collaboration. A big influence is the internet and the speed in which news comes across much of which lacks complete information. In any case it is a sign of the times and the way of the future! I kinda feel as if we are on a major brink of change with positive things to come and I’m not basing that upon the candidates. It’s a combination of the WALL street greed that has brought us to our knees, the soul seaching that has touched most of us as we’ve been forced to see the ugliness of racism and sexism. It’s as if the very worst of our society is surfacing — like a cleansing. Life could be so simple but we do a great job to make it difficult. Ultmately when we get on the other side and our economy grows maybe through this time of humility we’ll be able to offer the next generation a healthier foundation!

  • Jaci

    Berta and Scott and Manny too if you’re still reading these…
    Thank you for renewing some of my faith in humanity by posting. I was quite worked up over some of the recent posts (on this thread and others) and how much hate is being spewed on a faith based website. After posting last night I realized that much of the posts are nothing more than Motzei Shem Rah which I decided to take no part in.
    It’s similar to the Teaching Tolerance idea of when the kkk comes to your town for a rally to leave, close your stores, hotels, bars, etc so they have noone to preach their hate to. If you are unwilling to listen then the hate stops there. Of course people who spread hate and lies will often continue until they find someone who will listen and respond which simply breeds more hate.
    I am a huge supporter of educating those who are ignorant, racist, anti-semetic, etc. but when it involves me in some of the things on here then it is just not worth it. I can fight these sad realities of America and the world in other ways than having to subject myself to some of the people on this site and their hate for people based on their beliefs, race, ethnicity and religion. They are sadly misguided and I can only hope they do not teach such hate to future generations.
    I plan to go back out Tues. morning to help get voters to the polls so the majority voice in American can finally be heard…loud and clear. The world can not be repaired if we don’t start with CHANGE. Shalom.

  • Itsnottoolate

    The Obama Cult members are dillusional. They either do not have the genetic ability to reason critically or that ability has been actively suppressed by parents and the education system.
    We have proof enough that this is true. George Orwell’s book, ‘1984’, is required reading for most American high school and college students. The book is a condemnation of collective thinking and intellectual suppression. It is horrifying vision of a society in which individualism is dead. But the Obamanoids can obviously read ‘1984’ and not recognize their ideology and themselves in it.
    Is not political correctness a subtle form of thought control? Do the speech police of the left not demand their own form of ‘Newspeak’? They obviously do believe, contrary to all historical evidence, that a more tyrannical government will ensure greater liberty. Less freedom is more freedom. Weakness creates security. Taxation creates prosperity. Regulation creates efficiency. Limited speech is more free that unlimited free speech.
    The left is already living in a self-created ‘1984’ world, and they are too blind to see it.

  • Miriam

    Dillusional, Illusioned,confused or just full of hatred…
    I am filled with frustration that we are engaged in such nonsense. What does Torah say about all this? “…collective thinking and intellectual suppression” and in which of these are you operating? Stop thinking with feelings and begin to ‘think’ with the mind HaShem has given.
    I don’t care for whom you vote, as long as you bother to search for truth and vote intelligently – not based on race, ethnicity, crude scare tactics, gender, etc. Tell me, which candidate has actually said anything that is of true substance and value? Which one has given clear statements about what they will do to help with the economy, the enviromment, education, health-care, support of Israel? And which one can actually carry out his promises without congress and othe interest groups? Lets come off our high horses and humble ourselves – we are choosing between two imperfest beings who are making imperfect promises to imperfect people.

  • Scott R.

    See, posters like Itsnottoolate, who write things like “They either do not have the genetic ability to reason critically or that ability has been actively suppressed by parents and the education system.” need to be banned from these blogs.
    They are incapable of writing a post without ad hominem attacks, which are against the Beliefnet Rules of Conduct.
    I have reported this to a staff member and they have said they will clean these blogs up. I would strongly suggest people read the ROC that they agreed to when they signed up. It will be enforced.
    Thank you.

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