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The Daily Hitler

posted by Brad Hirschfield

There is actually a website called The Daily Hitler, and it’s not the product of neo-Nazis seeking their regular fix of the Fuhrer. It’s the work of Israeli artist Nir Avigad. And although I know I am going to get […]

Jews, News, and Head Coverings

posted by Brad Hirschfield

What do you think about wearing an “Obamica”? How about covering your head with a “McCippah”? Well, now you can. A recent post at describes Shmuel Tennenhaus’ new business, and it newest products. Take your pick, but you […]

Something is Really Not Kosher in Iowa

posted by Brad Hirschfield

And I don’t mean the meat from the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa which packages as much as thirty percent of the kosher beef consumed in this country. But according to today’s New York Times, there are rabbis who disagree […]

Obama Drama At Western Wall Continues

posted by Brad Hirschfield

My recent post about Barack Obama’s Western Wall prayer drew the attention of American Spectator contributing editor Jay Homnick, who was mentioned in it. His comment: How could I be said to be abusing a religious tradition for partisan ends? […]

ACLU (and ADL) vs. U.S. Naval Academy, Regarding Prayer

posted by Brad Hirschfield

The following question was posed by the editors of the Newsweek/Washington Post blog, On Faith: The ACLU, joined by the ADL, has asked the U.S. Naval Academy to end prayers at mandatory meals, and yet all branches of the service […]

Stealing Meaning from Obama’s Western Wall Prayer

posted by Brad Hirschfield

American Spectator contributing editor, Jay Homnick wins the award for the pot calling the kettle black. He charges Barack Obama with inappropriately “politicizing” the Western Wall and somehow violating its sanctity: “The Jewish tradition invests it (Western Wall) with a […]

Obama’s Prayer and Western Wall Etiquette

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Steven Waldman concludes his post on the publication of Barack Obama’s Western Wall prayer note, with a request for responses to the candidate’s prayer. So here is mine: It’s a perfectly appropriate spiritual offering which even reflects many poetic formatics […]

Nice Jewish Girls Do…Swimsuit Calendar?

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Love it, hate it, or some combination of the two, but you gotta pay attention to Heeb magazine’s “Girls of 5769″ calendar, featured in both the New York Post and Ha’aretz daily. The latter includes a video of an African-Amercian […]

Obama Hits The Wall As He Departs the Middle East

posted by Brad Hirschfield

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made a surprise pre-dawn visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Thursday, at the end of a trip aimed at showing his strong support for Israel. Hoping that something truly interesting would […]

Mass Murderer Rodovan Karadzic Snared By Ego

posted by Brad Hirschfield

It appears that the apprehension of former Bosnian Serb leader, Rodovan Karadzic, who was arrested for war crimes yesterday, was due more to ego and the love of costumes than to great police work. Years of searching for the architect […]

Jewish Dirty Words

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Shame on The Huffington Post’s coverage of the on again – off again – on again relationship between Ivanka Trump and New York Observer owner Jared Kushner, which manages to use the word shiksa numerous times in a piece of […]

Bulldozer Terror in Jerusalem

posted by Brad Hirschfield

With 24 civilians wounded, one of whom lingers near death, and the terrorist himself dead (no, I don’t think they are morally equivalent, and I don’t mourn his loss. But like all of us, he had parents who will, and […]

Stuff Jewish People Like

posted by Brad Hirschfield

A friend forwarded me the following link: It got me thinking about a parallel site which could be, and what lists and descriptions people might put there. To get you started, I am including some of the suggestions […]

Healing What Hurts

posted by Brad Hirschfield

In response to a wonderful set of questions generated by yesterday’s post on how to deal with a painful past, I continue where yesterday left off. Lucy wrote: I’m wondering if the concept of pain that you are referring to […]

How to Deal With a Painful Past

posted by Brad Hirschfield

We all have events from our past which cause us pain. The question is how to deal with them. Today is the 20th of July, but it is also the 17th day in the month of Tammuz, according to the […]

A Mysterious Gift In Madrid

posted by Brad Hirschfield

I leave the Madrid Conference for Global Religious Dialogue this morning with many things, including a mysterious gift, many questions, and genuine hope for the future. But the gift comes with the best story, so let’s start there. The phone […]

King Abdullah’s Tear

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Two hundred Muslims, Christians, Jews, and the followers of more eastern traditions than I can list, set out in four buses this morning from the Auditorium Hotel in Madrid, on our way to the Palace. Yes, it sounds like the […]

A Funny Day To Meet The King

posted by Brad Hirschfield

I landed in Madrid this morning at the invitation of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He is convening a meeting of religious leaders from around the world as he enters the global conversation between people of faith about how their […]

Mezuzah Madness

posted by Brad Hirschfield

What’s on your door? That’s what The Wall Street Journal wants to know. It better not be a religious symbol, according to the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. At least that’s what lots of folks would have us believe […]

Lies and Lessons From The New Yorker

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Rod Dreher is spot on about the cover of the new New Yorker. The New Yorker is Nuts. But it may be even worse than he says. By the way, Steven Waldman’s observation about the Obamas needing thicker skin, misses […]

Single Jewish Female Seeks Stress Relief

posted by Brad Hirschfield

The economic scene must be especially slow for The Wall Street Journal to take an interest in the dating habits of Orthodox Jewish Women, as it did this weekend. In an article entitled, Single Jewish Female Seeks Stress Relief, Tamar […]

Hagee Haters Delight

posted by Brad Hirschfield

I don’t hate Pastor John Hagee, nor do I fear him – but many other people seem to and I wonder if their attitude is justified. You Tube has removed eighty videos featuring Pastor John Hagee from its site at […]

Sharing the Rituals of Those We Love, When We Don’t Share Their Faith

posted by Brad Hirschfield

All of us have friends, I hope, and many of us have relatives, who practice other faiths. So the question often arises of how to participate, or choose not to participate, in the rituals of those faiths to which we […]

Kosher Meat, Meet Elk

posted by Brad Hirschfield

This tasty morsel just came across my desktop and I had to share. It turns out that among the many new Kosher products hitting the shelves, we will now have kosher elk fresh from South Dakota. That’s right, elk. This […]

Does Kabbalah Work?

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Did Madonna really brainwash A-Rod? These were the questions I was asked yesterday on Entertainment Tonight as they explored the sex, romance and religion story of the moment. My answer to the second question was already explored in yesterday’s posting, […]

Kabbalah, Madonna, and A-Rod

posted by Brad Hirschfield

This morning’s papers including The New York Daily News, are filled with articles about Madonna, Kabbalah, The Kabbalah Center, and how they are effecting her relationship with baseball star, Alex Rodriguez. Among the charges being made, is that Madonna is […]

Wonderful Weekenders 2.0

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Are you ready for the weekend? A little planning and a few simple practices can help you have a wonderful weekend, or inject a bit of weekend relaxation into the middle of a busy week. And so each Friday, for […]

Obama Unnerves Liberals and Conservatives with Faith-Based Plan

posted by Brad Hirschfield

How do you get a single item to both shrink and grow at the same time? Ask Barack Obama, who did exactly that when he suggested that the Bush initiatives didn’t go far enough. The expansion comes in his commitment […]

Who’s A Terrorist

posted by Brad Hirschfield

Something is really off when everyone from CNN (look down to the World section) to the news on the AOL homepage (see the Top News) describe the attack on public bus in Jerusalem as the work of a “terrorist”, using […]

Thank God For The Atheists

posted by Brad Hirschfield

I give thanks to God for the 21% of atheists who, according to the recent study by Pew, affirm their belief in Her or Him, and I am blown away by the holiness of such people who manage to pray […]

Get Intelligent!

posted by Brad Hirschfield

That’s the challenge to the listeners, and to myself, on my weekly radio show. Hirschfield and Kula is carried on Portland’s KXL Newsradio 750, and finds the spiritual perspective on everything from how we raise our kids, to politics, to […]

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