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Gluten-Free Banana Almond Pancakes

Delicious any way you serve them!

The recipe spotlight for this week is on pancakes. More specifically Gluten-Free Banana Almond Pancakes.

Weekend or  weekday pancakes can turn an breakfast routine  into a cherished ritual. Maybe you make these pancakes for your  family or maybe just for yourself!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, it is a favorite of my families and I never make it exactly the same way, there are so many delicious possibilities.

Ashley’s GF Banana Almond Pancakes

      These pancakes are gluten Free and vegetarian, the recipe can also be modified for vegans.



     1 cup GF flour (rice flour or buckwheat)

     1 tbsp of Flax seed

     1 finely chopped banana

     ½ cup of almond slivers (whole would work also)

     3 tbsp of applesauce (or 3 tbsp of vanilla yogurt)

     1 cup of vanilla almond milk (soy, rice, hemp, or dairy would also work)

     1 tbsp of pure honey (or agave)



     Combine GF flour, Flax seed, and almond milk in a large bowl.

     Stir thoroughly.

     Then add in the banana, almond slivers, apple sauce and honey.

     Stir until you have a thick paste.


     For mini pancakes use 1tbsp of batter per pancake. For medium sized pancakes use 2 tbsp of batter.

     Cook for 5 minutes on each side with medium heat depending on your oven.



     18 mini pancakes or 10 medium sized pancakes.


      Special modifications:

     To make the recipe vegan use agave and a non-dairy milk.

     Other GF flours can also be substituted but avoid any bean flour in this recipe.


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