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Have you heard of the term, “Pay it forward?”  Put simply to pay it forward is to do something nice for someone else, and then they do a favor for someone else, and so on. This is  a wonderful movement to inspire gratitude and thankfulness. It also feels wonderful to help someone else out, and vice versa.

More on the movement:

“The Pay It Forward Movement is the real-life reaction to the release of my novel in early 2000, followed by the creation of the Pay It Forward Foundation, followed by the Warner Brothers movie. I didn’t write the novel expecting a social movement, but it’s certainly been exciting to watch it grow.

The purpose of the Pay It Forward Movement website is to bring together, in one place, as many real stories as we can. This serves several purposes. It helps the cynics see that Pay It Forward really is working, not just around theUnited Statesbut around the world. It brings much-deserved recognition to those doing the work, and puts the results of their efforts out in the open so others can be inspired. It’s also a source of some good news for a change, a way to renew your faith in human nature. (”

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