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glasses of faith
Have you ever heard someone say the phrase –” seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing”? That line can be used in every aspect of life. Just because you don’t see something with your own eyes, doesn’t mean that it isn’t really there, or that it doesn’t exist. That would be like being told by somebody it is cold outside and not ever believing it until you feel the cold yourself. Or it is like someone telling someone else that the ocean is real and them not believing it unless they’d feel the ocean breeze for themselves.  Those who only believe what they see are missing the bigger picture and missing the point.  People say they know God exists, but may not know how to find Him. People may believe that God is real even though they can’t and don’t see Him. Maybe sometimes people are afraid of believing in something they can’t see. Maybe they are afraid to believe in God because of the fact they can’t see Him.
Knowing God on a deep personal level can help people get through anything that comes their way in life. He is there in the wind, water, sky and everywhere in between. We know He is there and we can feel His presence in everything we do.  When He answers our prayers, we feel His power at work in our lives. When He heals us or someone we love from sickness, it is often seen as a miracle. At times though, we may feel like He is far away, or not even listening to our cries. But, that lie, is what causes us to doubt God and His ability to do awesome things in our lives.
When Jesus walked on Earth, there were many skeptics. They didn’t believe that He was and is the Messiah, either. There are many skeptics that don’t believe God exists. They think that Jesus is just some crazy person who believed that He really was the son of God. Many don’t believe that He died for all people on the cross, either.
Look at the story of doubting Thomas in the Bible.  The disciples told Thomas that Jesus had risen from the dead and to go and see the tomb for himself. However, Thomas didn’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead. He told the other disciples that unless he saw Jesus with his own eyes and put his fingers into the nail marks in Jesus’ hands and put his hand into Jesus side, only then would he believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. The full story can be found in John 20:24-29.
We often think that there is no way that the miracles in the Bible actually happened because we never saw any of them with our own eyes back then, or today, in this day and age. But they did happen. We have to have the power to believe that what God does and says is true. Just as kids believe in the things their parents tell them because they trust them. The same thing holds true for anyone who is willing to trust God with their life. God can do amazing things in our lives if we allow ourselves to let go of our doubt and begin to trust Him, or if we continue to trust Him no matter how difficult things may be.
Also, another example is how kids don’t have to see the North Pole and Santa Clause to know that they exist. We shouldn’t have to see God to know that He exists either. Just because we may not see God in the flesh, doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. We should be able to feel His presence every day of our lives. Kids don’t have to see the North Pole to know that it’s there. They just know. As believers, we should have that same mentality about God. He is omnipresent and omniscient, meaning He is always present and all knowing. He knows what will happen before it ever happens.
We shouldn’t be afraid to believe in God just because we can’t see Him with our eyes. We read the Bible and know that it’s true. We go to church and listen to the sermons. We worship Him and pray to Him even though we can’t see Him. The same way kids write to and sing songs about Santa. We sing songs to and about God. We teach our kids to believe in God even though we can’t see Him. The same way we have fun with our children during Christmas time baking cookies and putting milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve. We tell them that they won’t get any presents unless they are sound asleep on Christmas Eve. Kind of like how we tell people that prayer works in many different ways, but if we don’t believe that we will see the things that we are praying for actually happen, then they probably won’t happen.
As Christians, we must believe in the miracles of Jesus and in Him period. Otherwise we are missing out on amazing opportunities to witness for Him and to talk about Him to other people. What more of an honor is there? God is there whether we can see Him or not. It’s time we start listening to Him and believing in Him even though we can’t see Him. Believing is seeing. Believe in Him with all your heart.
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