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appreciating everything
Remember the last time you had a fight with your mom, your dad or your brother or your sister?  What about having a major fight or even a silly argument with a significant other? Have you ever stormed out on someone because of your anger? No matter how bad you may feel in the heat of the moment, you eventually let go of the anger and made amends with someone who had hurt you.
But what if you don’t get that chance? What if, in the middle of your anger, you lose the person you care about? What if you get that call telling you that they’re now gone? What if the last thing you said was a bunch of hurtful words that you can’t take back? That pain can never be rid of and the person you lost can never be replaced. There is no worse feeling than losing someone you love.  Losing them after an argument and not being able to make amends with them makes the pain even worse. People live with that regret all too often. It is hard to make up with people sometimes, but it is always better than leaving a wall between the two of you and leaving things that are on your heart, unsaid. It is always better to forgive than to never have the chance to talk to them again.
No matter how you feel about someone, it is important to let them know you appreciate them. There are many ways you can tell them that you appreciate them. You don’t even have to send them or get them a gift. You can write them a letter telling them how you love them for everything they do. You can tell them through a small gift or a big gift, or just by a simple hug or embrace. You can sit with them and explain how much you appreciate them. You can even let them know you appreciate them by going out of your way to help them with tasks around the house without being asked.
For example maybe, your parents helped you through school, paid for your school lunches and helped you with all your homework. Once high school was done, they helped you decide where to go to college. Even though it wasn’t and isn’t always, easy to get along with them, they were and are there with you through your endeavors during and after college. Always appreciate everything they’ve done for you because one day, whether you like it or not, they’ll be gone.
You’ll have to eventually take them to their doctors’ appointments and see them get weaker and weaker as they get older. Even when it can seem like a burden, try not to think of it that way. After all, they took care of you when you were a kid, now it’s your turn to do the same for them. Cherish them even more and reciprocate the love they’ve shown you your whole life. It doesn’t mean it’ll be easy, but it’ll be worth it and they’ll appreciate it.
When you were a kid you loved spending time with your grandparents. Going to their house or having them come over to your house was often the highlight of your day or week. They love and loved spending time with you. You love spending time with them, as well. They love hearing about your accomplishments when you were little and they love to hear about your accomplishments now even more than before. They’re constantly happy for you and offer you sound advice that often pays off later in your life. They exchange stories about what it was like for them as a child and remark at how different things are so different now. Take the time to spend as much time as you can with them whether it’s by playing cards, mowing their lawn, or making them diner or even just watching TV with them. Appreciate the wisdom they can bring to you about everything in life.
When you get older you end up spending less and less time with them. But you can still call and check up on them and visit them when you come home from college. When the semester ends make as much time for them as possible. You don’t want to have them get sick and regret not seeing them when you could have. Every moment with them is precious.
Don’t feel guilty for spending time with your family, friends or your significant other. Find the time to spend with all of them. If you can find the time to do everything else in your life, you can find time to spend with everyone else in your life.
Never take anything for granted or take anyone in your life for granted. You never know what may happen today or even if tomorrow is promised. So, treat every day like it is your last day, because it could be. No matter what may go on with your life on a day to day basis, be grateful for the little things in life. You are alive, you have a family that loves you, you have a place to rest your head at night. You are able to provide for your family and care for your family members. You can change someone’s life by anything you do.
Be proud of the things you can do and the gifts God gave you, instead of dwelling on the things you may not be able to do. Cherish the abilities you have. For example, I may not be good at math, but God gave me the ability to write and to sing about Him. God has given you many unique abilities and talents. It might take you a while to figure out what those gifts are but, with His help you will find out how to best use them.
Show appreciation for everything in life, no matter what happens. Appreciate the hard times because they will eventually blossom into the good times. Appreciate the lessons in life, because they will help you grow in aspects that you can’t imagine. They will also help make you wiser. Appreciate the true people in your life, because they are the ones that have your back through it all. Appreciate them before it’s too late to say, “I love you.” Appreciate the tough times, because when you look back, you will realize that most are worth laughing about. Appreciate everything you have, before it’s too late. Why not appreciate the life God gave you and live life for Him, as if it is all you have to give? He gives us our lives, so how can we ever give Him anything less.
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