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Watchwoman: It’s not just Seattle drivers, we come from the Cleveland Area and we know how to drive in anything because we get everything — and everything can happen any day from January to June to December! We are used […]

Watchwoman: Follow the money. Al Gore makes tons of $’s off scamming the be-jabbers out of the citizenry.  How?  Global warming!  He is the author and finisher of selling carbon credits.  He profits from selling industry air! That is so ridiculous, it is downright funny!!!  Back […]

Attention Al Gore! You may want to rethink that global warming thing!   Global Warming = Globalony! FREAK HALLOWEEN BLIZZARD OF ’11 ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○  SNOW […]

  Irene Situation Page  Free Sign up for Email & Wireless Alerts   8-26-2011 Obtained from The Federal Bureau of Investigation New E-Scams & Warnings In light of Hurricane Irene, the public is reminded to beware of fraudulent emails and websites […]

Further snowfalls expected tonight 6:34 PM Tuesday Aug 16, 2011 Many areas of New Zealand – including the hills surrounding Wanganui – have been smothered in snow over the past few days.  The bitterly cold blast that has hit New […]

WATCHWOMAN PLAYING THE GULLIBLE KOOL-AID PART – I know It must be global warming because Al Gore said “the earth has a fever!” ▬ Donna Calvin Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in West By STEVEN K. PAULSON Associated Press DENVER […]

A woman with a cell phone took this picture last night around 7 PM.  It was shown all over the local news. Every night around 7 PM, the severe weather starts.  The local news teams get on the air and […]