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Heads Up – ATTENTION: Republicans, Christian Conservatives, Tea Party enthusiasts, Pro-Lifers, Gun-owners, Constitutionalists!!! I know there are many more enheartening outcomes in your elections that happened locally and statewide that are not mentioned below, so PLEASE add to the list […]

In Democrat Bobby Rush’s District – 3 shot, 2 dead in Chicago in six hours Thursday night Former Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) made quite a fuss when he donned a “hoodie” during a speech in the U.S. House […]

House Strips Abortion Funding From ObamaCare  CITIZEN LINK by Karla Dial  The members of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday evening passed a pro-life bill closing the loopholes of a federal law that uses taxpayer dollars to subsidize abortion on […]

(COLUMBUS, OH) – With the support of the nation’s premier pro-life organizations, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann recently introduced the Heartbeat Informed Consent Act of 2011. This heartbeat bill will serve as a guidepost for model legislation for all 50 state legislatures to pursue and […]