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GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE! The 2012 elections were the talk of the week yet again. Quinn & Rose talked about Mitt Romney, and his RINO/Big Government stance. They talked about Rick Perry and his views on immigrations. And they […]

GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE!                               A couple updates on Solyndra…  The basic rundown is that Solyndra was supposed to be a green company, and it […]

GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE! Quinn & Rose started the week recapping the Obama speech from last Thursday night. Basically, the mantra was “pass this bill.” Obama said it 14 times to be exact. They touched on the candidates some […]

Quinn & Rose Newsletter – September 9, 2011 GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE! We had the Best of Quinn & Rose on Monday, Labor Day.  We hope you all had a refreshing 3 day weekend.  The Best Of Quinn & Rose […]

Be sure to listen to Rose on the Sean Hannity Radio Show!  Tomorrow, Friday, September 2nd at 3pm EST Check your local radio stations for the Sean Hannity show, or just click right here:     GREETINGS FROM QUINN & […]

GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE! Quinn & Rose started out the week with various headlines. There was the helicopter shut down, killing 30 of our Navy Seals and military personnel. The families requested that there be no pictures of their […]

Watchwoman: Quinn & Rose is my favorite secular Talk Radio show of all.  They are more entertaining than any talk show I have EVER heard.  Quinn’s sense of humor is just about perverted, but Rose keeps him in line – and […]

CHECK OUT POST LOCATED AT: – ENTITLED “In US Senate:  DOMA Backers, Foes Face Off at Hearing” Gary Bauer reports in the “American Values” newsletter July 20, 2011:  Yesterday, July 19, 2011, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney statement said that President […]

GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE! Here are some updates, in case you missed any of this week’s shows: Quinn & Rose returned from vacation this week.  To start the week off, they talked about Presidential Candidates. Last week, Casey Anthony […]

GREETINGS FROM QUINN & ROSE! Here are some updates, in case you missed any of this week’s shows: To start the week off, Quinn & Rose talked about the Michelle Bachmann interview, by Chris Wallace.  Flat-out, he asked her if […]

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