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Joe Clark, a good Christian man, a reasonable conservative, 100% pro-lifer, a knowledgeable man, who is Biblically literate, posted the following “Letter to the Editor” to his blog. It’s about the huge government waste of your tax dollar$ on Big […]

Page 2 of 2 by Joe Clark …Such as, locally, in the year 2000 about 200 parents of children enrolled in a local black High School (Buchtel) marched into downtown Akron complaining that their children (who were particulary misbehavin’) were […]

Statehouse Rally for Life Tuesday at Noon May 6, 2011 – For Immediate Release from Faith2Action: With a vote expected any day on the Heartbeat Bill in the full Ohio House of Representative, a rally for life is being planned […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 6, 2011 President John Adams stated, “The Declaration of Independence will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the […]

THE MYTH Teacher Layoffs Senate Bill 5 will hurt our local schools and kids by making it easier for politicians to lay off teachers and cut funding for schools across Ohio. THE REALITY By basing teacher performance evaluations on quality […]