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Kirk Cameron talks about the sanctity of marriage     LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD, FIGHT FOR MARRIAGE, LOG ONTO…

Watchwoman: I pray that you will watch this amazing video.  It’s called “180” because it has turned people around 180 degrees from being stoutly pro-abort to being pro-life without offending them!  It will take about 33 minutes of your time, […]

Excerpt: The liberal media’s innate disdain for religion has never been more useful in achieving their political goals. As a result, 2012 is the year of the Crusade against Faith.   The Crusade Against Faith ————————————————————————– By Matt Philbin “Thousands […]

Watch the Movie “180” free at Watchwoman on the Wall Click – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watchwoman: A relative by marriage is an Auschwitz Nazi death camp survivor.  She has sat at my dinner table frequently on holidays.  This holocaust is one that […]