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I was in Toledo yesterday to join Chrysler in announcing the creation of 1,100 new jobs. Afterwards, I visited Republic Steel in Lorain for another announcement of 449 new jobs. Ohio is beginning to win again, but we’ve got more […]

Watchwoman:  Look up!  The Aliens are coming 11-11-11!  The latest lunatic, THRIVE, who found “the code” is offering the answer to all of human ails!  Check out this whacked out group: THRIVE in the video below!  And after you watch this very […]

Yep! While 244,000 new jobs were created, UNEMPLOYMENT INCREASED! UNEMPLOYMENT is up to 9%. Worse yet, according to many inside sources the real unemployment rate is double that, 18%. I’m sure you didn’t hear that on the lamestream commie news networks! Now why does […]