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Calvin’s Commentary: Looking at the example below of just a miniscule section of the test given to students in Kentucky in 1912 illuminates just how unintelligent today’s high-minded, unionized (National Education Association-NEA) tenured, Marxist-loving, intellectually brainwashed, hate-America-first educrats/robots, the public […]

Calvin’s Commentary: If your children are in public schools, get them out! They are not in educational classes to enable them to read, write and do math and get a job, but to be indoctrinated in socialistic, communist brainwashing centers […]

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to Ohio Christian Alliance’s web site and check out their voter guide < >. Even if you don’t live in Ohio, you’ll want to check it out to see about where Obama and Romney stand […]

January 16, 2012Mises Daily The Liberation of the Demons by Ludwig von MisesLiberty Is Not Complicated by David GordonIs Further Intervention a Cure for Prior Intervention? by Percy L. Greaves, Jr. In Praise of Homeschools by Aaron Smith on January 16, […]

Written by MARCIA SEGELSTEIN That’s the question tackled by documentary producer Colin Gunn in his new film,IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America (see the trailer below). The debate is spelled out right at the beginning of the film […]