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God is on The Throne!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With all my heart, I believe that God is Still on His Throne and when things go haywire, this is all any one us of have to hang onto. “The LORD reigneth, he is […]

by Donna Calvin We can get way down if we aren’t aware of how Satan works on us and how to beat the demons. I got a message from a concerned friend today asking what he should do.  I reiterated […]

Cracking was found in the stones at the top of the Washington Monument Tuesday evening, the National Park Service reported. The crack was located in one of the triangular faces at the top of the monument.  It runs at an […]

UPDATE ON WASHINGTON MONUMENT – SEE QUAKE CRACKS MONUMENT… LOCATED AT … Item #1 FNC reports Washington Monument may be tilting from quake jolt By Kerry Picket –Published on August 23, 2011, 02:42PM A 5.9 magnitude earthquake that was centered […]