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Teacher of the Year Suspended – Religious Freedom Coalition Mount Dora, FL – Jerry Buell, last year’s “Teacher of the Year” at Mount Dora High School, has been suspended from the classroom for a comment he made on his own […]

Watchwoman: Questions:  When did FACEBOOK decide it had made a mistake?  Before the weight of Brewer’s power came against it?  Another question:  Did the the oppressive Obamaites force FACEBOOK to remove it? Third question: What if this had happened during the Bush […]

What is Arab Spring? From Wikipedia: The Arab Spring is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that has been taking place in the Arab world since 18 December 2010. Prior to this period, Sudan was the only Arab country to have successfully toppled dictatorial regimes, […]

Religious Facebook Pages Take Top Spots So what’s more engaging than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Twilight, and apparently the Los Angeles Lakers? Jesus Christ and Bible oriented pages are taking the top spots in All Facebook’s – in the unofficial […]