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Posted on November 1, 2012 at 9:11pm by  Liz Klimas Editor’s Note: This article is based on “The Machine,” a documentary that aired on TheBlaze TV Nov. 1 as the first of an occasional news magazine series called “For The Record.” […]

Watchwoman:  I have a solution, but wussy, pussy, pantywaisted, PC pukes will utterly cut this down because they’ve been brainwashed by public government communists (aka the gentle and kind-hearted liberals).  Train the bus drivers in the usage of lethal weapons. […]

THE RESULTS OF UNIONS, LBJ’S GREAT SOCIETY, NAFTA, GATT, THE WELFARE STATE, AND DEMOCRATS IN CHARGE, ADD GODLESSNESS BECAUSE … Detroit was once known as “The City of Churches” . . . Behind Detroit’s Notorious Ruins         […]