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From: Lake County Right to Life Sent: Mon, November 28, 2011 12:53:55 PM Subject: Fw: Action Alert This is extremely important! The bill is supposed to go to committee for discussion in the senate. We need to let these people […]

Ready to fight for Ohio taxpayers?  Please use the tools below to get involved today! Sign Up for Updates Sign Up to learn more and get involved in the campaign for Ohio taxpayers. Sign Up > We’ve been hearing a […]

“Issue 3, The Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment, will preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their own individual healthcare plans.” Only 53 days left until 11-8-11. Keep working! We can rest on 11-9-11. I appreciate everyone’s commitment and hard […]

Ohioans are eager to learn the facts about Issue 2 and how it will help strengthen our communities and restore accountability to our local governments. “The Facts” offers the truth they’re seeking. We hope you’ll help us share it with all […]

Please watch this short new TV ad from Better Ohio. “The Tools They Need”     Years ago, Mike Bell lost his job as a firefighter because his city ran out of money. As mayor, he’s working to fix his […]

In Support of SB 5 In this Columbus Dispatch editorial, a retired school teacher explains why he supports the reforms in Senate Bill 5: My wife and I are both retired schoolteachers, and we are divided about Ohio Senate Bill […]

Watchwoman writes: If you do not want your taxes in Ohio to get higher because the unions repeal SB5, then this is a very important message to read.  Please visit and join with other Ohioans like me who have had it […]

Watchwoman comments: SB5 is very similar to the legislation passed in Wisconsin that caused uprisings, riots and protests (all set up by union bosses/thugs and professional agitators – otherwise known as community organizers).  In Ohio, the union members have collected enough […]

Thank you, PRO-LIFERS!   The Ohio House of Representatives has voted 54-43 to approve the Heartbeat Bill. We thank God and everyone who has helped us toward this victory! The Heartbeat Bill can be read here:   Now, we need […]

Excerpt: The Statehouse news services are reporting that H.B. 125, Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, will be up for a vote in the Ohio House on Tuesday.  Call your State Representative and urge them to support H.B. 125, Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill. (800-282-0253 to leave […]