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The Slimy Case Of Casey Anthony – Direct From Fantasyland Slime – The substance that Little Caylee Anthony’s body decomposed into as it dissolved within the triple reinforced trash bags which came out of Casey Anthony’s, car in Orlando, Florida, […]

Marry Me Casey Originally posted at      POSTED BY JOECLARKE 

Watchwoman: We’ve all heard the saying, “Birds of a feather stick together.”  Or maybe we could say, “Pigs all wallow in the same mud.”  It’s obvious who wants Casey.  Other pigs.  Porn pigs!  — You will also want to read […]

FOLLOW-UP:  Original post: – From Steve Birn Speaks blog on WordPress on How the American Legal System Worked Right for Caycee Anthony and the US Constitution and ultimately you (with comments from readers of Watchwoman on the Wall who disagree). Read […]

BREAKING NEWS – FOLLOW UP – Casey Anthony will be released Wednesday from jail. Earlier today, she was sentenced to four years for four counts of lying to investigators, all misdemeanor charges. She has been in jail for almost three […]

* Be sure not to miss Ann Coulter’s article “Casey Anthony — Single Mom of the Year!” at:   * Be sure not to miss an alternative to the following article forwarded from Joe Clark at     NEWS! Casey Anthony Case Proves Our […]