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A local business owner in Hanson, Mass. is testing the limits of free speech by putting up two large and inflammatory anti-Obama signs. Right outside of Sullivans, Inc., a motorcycle accessories distributor in Hanson, a large sign displays President Obama […]

P.S. Please note, I’ve been having trouble getting two videos to embed into ONE posting, so this is divided into TWO posts.▬Donna Calvin ▬ Thursday, July 19, 2012 Part 2 of 2 – Con’t from Part 1 of 2 Obama […]

Watchwoman Editorial and Notes: If any Republican were caught in this red-handed in a filthy-mouthed lie that Obama has been caught in, the communist-Obama-ogling lamestream media (ABC=Always Been Communist, CBS=Communist Broadcasting System, NBC=Nothing But Communism, MSNBC=More Sympathetic Nothing But Commies, […]