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                                           A True Story… Back in the 50’s there was a well known radio Host/comedian/song writer in Hollywood named Carl […]

  Watchwoman: This song, “Gentleness,” was on an album my husband and I bought for our children many years ago.  Our children wore out the album and when my wonderful, loving husband found this on You Tube and emailed me […]

Watchwoman: This is not only waaaaaaay cool, it’s unique! Don’t miss it!  Whatever you’re thinking, it’s not it!  This is really, really, really different!  ▬  Donna Calvin   Hallelujah Chorus -Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat 5th Grade – Quinhagak, Alaska      Comment […]

This is an important piece of music. I think everyone should hear it.  The radio stations probably wouldn’t play it because it is not politically correct.  They gave their all for us, along with thousands and thousands of others, so […]

Watchwoman: With winter quickly approaching, here’s an utterly delightful video featuring Tillman, the Bulldog, and the Beach Boys.  You’ll chortle and get a huge uplift.  Great video to get rid of a headache!  You’ll replay it at least twice when the snow covers […]

Watchwoman: The two posts I just finished making makes we want to go take a shower.  Here is a video of a God-centered Soul Shower.  If your spirit needs a cleansing of goodness after all the evil we see reaped […]

If you’re not into today’s rock, here’s a web site for you! Free oldies site – No need to sign up for anything. No info asked! Nothing to fill out! Just click and enjoy!

Watchwoman:  Do you believe the claims that include that listening to this moodscape music will lower your blood pressure, relax you, and ease your stress.  Listen and see what happens.  If you fall off your desk chair, don’t sue me. […]

Turn up your speakers and listen to Jackie’s amazing voice!  Such an inspiration!