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Zimmerman’s Web site: ZIMMERMAN BREAKS SILENCE… …………………………………………………………… SANFORD, Florida (CNN) – The man at the center of a firestorm over his shooting of an unarmed Florida teenager has launched a website, warning supporters about groups that falsely claim to […]

By Chad Smith, Staff writer   Police are investigating the “racially motivated” beating of a 27-year-old man who was walking home from midtown bars early Saturday when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who shouted “Trayvon” […]

Race Baiters, Sedition, Lamestream Media, Crazy Mob Rule, Lynch Mobs   Cartoon Source: Sedition (a legal term) – In law, sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority to tend […]

Watchwoman: The following article from a Yahoo blog, “THE CUTLINE,” exposing how manipulative and inaccurate the mainstream media truly is, appears on the front page of Yahoo’s Start Page in the top line of their area entitled “TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS” of […]

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE’RE ONTO THEM AND WE’RE EXPOSING THEM!   Watchwoman:  Every time you hear, see or read the word “controversial” pay attention.  ( Click to the right to see it used  → ) It is […]

Watchwoman: I have not addressed Whitney Houston’s death, for one, because the media has been covering it to the point where I’m beginning to dislike the song, “I have always loved you.” The media goes berserk over every star’s death, […]

FORWARD FAR AND WIDE   Will the masses buy into this? Will the bishops of the Catholic Church believe it? Yes, they will believe the lie if they are not saved and are not covered by the blood of Jesus […]

Watchwoman: Heads up!!!  Take note of the word  “CONTROVERSIAL” every time it is written by the communist American media.  Have you ever noticed when the word “controversial” appears in any news item, it is always written about a topic that normal, […]

Home Sweet Home, or at least it used to be, until I couldn’t pay the mortgage payments and I couldn’t sell it because I owed more than I could get (underwater mortgage) so it was foreclosed by the bank. “”””””””””””””” […]

Watchwoman: The headline of the news item below says: “Offensive?: Controversial church sign causes chaos” — referring to calling sin sin!  What an amazing and controversial thing to do!  Is that hateful?  Trying to tell someone they are headed to […]