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On July 26, 2012, local Fox 8 News (WJW) in Cleveland, Ohio, put on a news item about Chick-fil-A that was lopsidedly pro-sodomite. WATCHWOMAN URGES YOU TO TAKE ACTION By ▬ Donna Calvin Saturday, July 28, 2012 I wrote them […]

Watchwoman Editorial: Please read the following and I strongly urge you to take action to support the stand that the Boy Scouts have taken to save our children from sodomites. I want you to remember the words of a very […]

Watchwoman: What a wonderful thing to read how this wonderful restoration of a woman’s voice happened and yet it seems to have happened so mysteriously and by a chance meeting!  God controls all things, even chance meetings!  I don’t know […]

THREE DEAD! TWO STILL HOSPITALIZED! Students gather in the cafeteria of Chardon High School where many of them are waiting for buses to take them to other schools. The first boy to die in Chardon’s shootings at the high school […]

Watchwoman: Who cannot but ask themselves the haunting question, why can’t students have the Ten Commandments hanging in the hallways and classrooms in public government schools as was the case since our country’s founding until these newfangled-dangled experiments in education […]

You are Cordially INVITED to Attend The Lake County Republican Party LINCOLN DAY DINNER and Silent Auction Friday, March 2, 2012 American Croatian Lodge 34900 Lake Shore Blvd. Eastlake (just west of Route 91) FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Lake County Republican […]

Humor n More FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 2nd Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, Senatorial Candidate Rusty Bliss and our guest Private Equity Manager Mark Holder were in the […]

Host Bob Murphy, The Chairman Dale Fellows and Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, and joining us by phone was Chris Boggs a specialist in organic search engine optimization. I think I should start out by explaining the statement/question […]

Don’t miss PASTOR ERNIE SANDERS program interviewing Linda Burhenne on “What’s Right, What’s Left – The Voice of the Christian Resistance” Tuesday, January 24, 2012 On the powerful 50,000 watt Salem Christian Radio Station     1220 AM, WHWK (in the […]

Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, Senatorial Candidate Rusty Bliss were at the mics. _____________ Observations on Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, two candidates the establishment didn’t figure on that would get much attention but they are and not […]