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Watchwoman: People who blog and sites like Beliefnet will be gravely affected.  No one will spend any extra time on the web and bloggers simply won’t be able to afford excessive charges for spending time on the web researching topics.  […]

Watchwoman: Before you leave a comment, please keep in mind, I did NOT write the following article and I am not prone to wanting the government to get involved in this issue by passing another law.  Here is what I […]

Watchwoman: For Mr. Santorum, current Republican presidential hopeful and former PA Senator, attacks from the godless, Christian-hating so do mite Democrat extremist hate group is not new.  The basic reason he lost his last election,” claimed a radio talk show […]

Watchwoman:  Hitler taught children to report their parents to their teachers who forwarded the quips onto the Gestapo (Secret Police, the SS) if they said anything negative about him or the way in which he governed or said anything derogatory about any […]

Teacher of the Year Suspended – Religious Freedom Coalition Mount Dora, FL – Jerry Buell, last year’s “Teacher of the Year” at Mount Dora High School, has been suspended from the classroom for a comment he made on his own […]

George Soros, the billionaire liberal, Barack Obama and other extreme leftists, have begun an all-out assault on free speech in America. Their goal is nothing short of having every conservative voice silenced whether they are on radio, television, or even […]

WATCHWOMAN WARNING!!! – Net Neutrality sounds good, but it is not good.  It will severely hamper and still any controversial voices out there.  Conservative Christians do not follow political correctness.  Net Neutrality is about stilling the dissenting voices of conservative Christians and Tea Party […]