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NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER, THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2012   Watchwoman:  For atheists, it is not a National Day of Prayer on May 3rd. They are holding protests to insult God calling it their National Day of Reason on May 4th.  […]

Watchwoman: Today every word a conservative speaks is under microscopic scrutiny by the communist, socialist, progressive, Democrat-controlled media.  Why? Because the media-moguls want commie-Dems elected — because they are all of the same commie breed.  Meanwhile 2nd Amendment Rights Advocate […]

Reagan Schools Obama in “I Want Your Money”           Please share this Watchwoman post on your Facebook page, Linkedin, Google+1, Twitter to all your friends, Please click “Like”, Share, and Leave Comments.  Visit Word Warriorette, a […]

Watchwoman: The email I received claimed that this is for real. But you be the judge. I’m classifying this as HUM☺R. And for a good reason, it’s   F U N N Y !!!        E N J ☺ Y […]

Watchwoman: We stand with OCA on this Issue 3 as well as many other pro-life, conservative Christian organizations in Ohio. We will be voting YES on Issue 3 (and for that matter on Issue 2 as well.)  Print out the […]

We won!!!!  Your Christian Activism did it!!! The Veterans Administration (VA) agrees “not to ban, regulate or otherwise interfere with prayers, recitations, or words of religious expression absent family objection” and to let veterans’ families hold services with any religious […]

POLICE STATE, USA ‘My life’s in danger now. I can’t defend myself, I can’t defend you’ By Joe Kovacs © 2011 WND         –              WORLD NET DAILY             […]

by LaborUnionReport This is a developing story as police are still investigating the shooting of a non-union business owner, John King, by what appears to be a union assailant.   With around 25 employees, John King owns one of the […]

Teacher of the Year Suspended – Religious Freedom Coalition Mount Dora, FL – Jerry Buell, last year’s “Teacher of the Year” at Mount Dora High School, has been suspended from the classroom for a comment he made on his own […]

Watchwoman: I don’t trust the FCC, Obama or the Democrats.  They have been trying every conceivable twist to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.  I am suspicious of what evil ploy may be up their magicians sleeves.  Don’t shut your eyes on […]