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From: Pat (Kailey’s maternal grandma) Dear Family and Friends, Kailey was taken to a doctor out in California yesterday (8-30-11) and had a sinus infection, an ear infection, and is being given medicine for breathing! So many times Kailey would come back to […]

From: Pat Dear Friends and Family, Many of you have e-mailed and called me regarding the outcome of the status conference on 8-25-11.  I know that literally Thousands are praying for Kailey and for justice.  All I can say at this […]

Dear Friends, URGENT: Prayer Request For Kailey, Christine, Our Lawyers, and New Judge The Status Conference scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 1:30 pm is extremely crucial for 6 year old Kailey, who was ripped away from her loving […]

RE: Kailey / Important DATE: Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011 Please continue to pray and thank the Lord for what He is going to do for 6 year old Kailey.  Pray for wisdom for our lawyers: Chris Maruca and David Lynch […]

To My Dear Praying Christian Friends, URGENT: The time between now and August 25, 2011 is crucial for my granddaughter, Kailey.  We need a prayer chain for Kailey. The conference / meeting with the NEW visiting Judge from Portage County will take place on 8-25-11 with […]

Custody Scam EXPOSED – OHIO is NO Exception From: Patricia Paridon Please read this horror story which is becoming epidemic. Trumbull County Family Court is NO exception. Many good families, people, and children are being victimized. Read this story, then forward.  […]

I apologize for the the delay in posting this. As you know I’ve been sick. I am still weeding my way through thousands of emails. ▬ Donna Calvin   ATTENTION ALL COURTROOM OBSERVERS AND PRAYER WARRIORS From: Pat, Kailey’s grandmother Dear Family […]

ADDENDUM TO ALL COURTROOM OBSERVERS NOTICES! IMPORTANT NOTE For All Court Observers Please call the Court house directly to confirm that a hearing has NOT been postponed or cancelled before you leave to attend. Or partner up with someone who […]

From: Pat P. URGENT:  Court Observers Needed Hearing on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 2:30 PM with Mag. Savakis and CSB Case Worker, Diane Harris for Doloes Wargo regarding her son. at the Trumbull County Family Courthouse 220 S. Main   /  Warren,  OH  […]

Click here: For more information about Courtroom Observers, refer to my previous post describing what a Courtroom Observer does.   URGENT:  Court Observers Needed Two full day hearings for reallocation of custody ‘rightfully’ back to mother at the Trumbull County Family Courthouse […]