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Watchwoman on the Wall

Muslims Attacking People Walking Their Dogs, This Is Sharia

Poisoning Dogs Isn’t Enough, Muslim Attacking People Walking Their Dogs

by BareNakedIslam

BNI has reported on the shocking rise in pet dog  poisonings near Muslim areas of Europe and in Muslim-majority countries. Now, Muslim hatred of dogs has become violent, with several attacks on people walking their dogs in the park. When police arrive to help, they are attacked by Muslims, too.

(Photos below are of dogs allegedly poisoned/killed by Muslims – several have been removed, too graphic)

Dogs Allegedly poisoned by Muslims

AlertaDigital reports that incidents of Muslim attacks on Spaniards is increasing, particularly in Catalonia and other parts of northeast Spain, where illegal Islamist immigration is reaching alarming levels. The Muslims are taking over previously tolerant and Westernized areas of Spain, even imposing their morality on the indigenous Spanish population.

Islam vs Europe The name Tarrasa should be familiar to those tracking the re-Mohammedanisation of Spain. It was there that parents recently wrote a public letter complaining their children were not allowed to eat ham sandwiches by their Muslim classmates. An imam in a local mosque famously told his flock to beat their disobedient wives. Now the Islamic sickness is spreading further. Spaniards are being harassed and beaten up for walking their dogs.

In a recent incident a 27-year-old man taking three dogs for a walk along with his 49-year-old mother was attacked by a mob of 25-30 Muslims from North Africa. “We were there with the dogs and suddenly loads of Muslims appeared. They hit my son a lot and they shook me”. The police were called but the Muslims attacked them too and reinforcements had to be called in. Eventually, the police managed to get the family into a doorway and were able to protect them there.

“On Saturday night two Muslims [female] hit my niece. They attacked her because they want this plaza for themselves”. “They said daughter of a whore, b**** to her,” she adds because she was walking with an “impure animal”. 

“I’ll kill your dog, I’ll kill your dog, the dog and the whole family”, they were shouting. “All of them were punching and kicking us”, she adds. “They were choking my son, all of this is scratched, the arms, legs”. “And they were shaking me from all sides. On Monday it was if my skin was burnt”. 

The outcome of this brawl resulted in two officers injured and four (Muslims) detained. The attacked family turned to Alerta Digital to express their fear of reprisals from the Muslims. Even during the brawl, the Muslims threatened them with cutting their necks, all this in the presence of the officers, who were just looking numbly.

Oh, but that’s in Spain.  It won’t happen in America.  How about Canada: Man arrested for walking dog near Muslims in public park by creeping ( I found this after I posted the above and added it for the message broadcast.)

This is sharia folks. via Blazing Cat Fur: Arrested for walking my dog….

I was arrested at the rally for, “offending Islam” by walking in a PUBLIC park with my dog. Apparently, Muslims do not like dogs. I was warned by a few demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.

At that point I was jumped by four COPS, dragged off and hand cuffed. Oh my the police were so angry! They said I was, “insensitive” and “inciting a riot”. 30 minutes later they cut me a big deal. No charges if I left. So I left. Imagine this happening in Canada? Walking a licensed dog on a leash at the park in front of our Provincial Legislature and being arrested for that simple act!”

Dog walking gets man arrested for offending Islam

Walking a Therapy dog that works at hospitals is not allowed near Muslims

YouTube Preview Image


Comment left on YouTube …
Yes you can do all those things and more. Again, he was NOT asked to leave by the POLICE who are the ONLY ones who have the authority to ask. He was told to leave by a demonstrator, then when he did start to leave he was followed by that person then assaulted. If the police wanted him to leave they would have made him leave LONG before the assault happened. NO one has the right to tell anyone to leave an area that is PUBLIC. What DON’T you get about that?



Scenes from Al Quds Day Around the World.

You will be hard-pressed to find Muslims who disagree with the philosophy of the Muslim terror brigade that bears the same name of the rally:

Founding Philosophy: The al-Quds (Jerusalem) Brigades are the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). The al-Quds Brigades were previously known as the Sayf al-Islam Brigades and then al-Qassam. Unlike some terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, the PIJ does not maintain both an armed organization and a separate network for social and political services. Therefore, there is not a significant difference between the al-Quds Brigades and PIJ as a whole.

According to an al-Quds Brigades commander, the military wing of PIJ has regional staff commands. Every member of the staff command is responsible for a cell that operates within the command’s region and is at the head of a pyramid in that cell. The staff commanders monitor and carry out operations based on political decisions made by the PIJ leadership. All coordination among the cells takes place through the staff command.

The al-Quds Brigades’ umbrella organization, PIJ, is a violent offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist religious movement that originated in Egypt and seeks broad social, moral, and political reforms based upon Islam. The PIJ is one faction within a loosely organized, highly secretive group of Islamic Jihad movements that span the Middle East.

The PIJ was founded in the late 1970s by a group of radical Palestinian activists living in Egypt led by Fathi Shaqaqi and Sheikh Abd al-Aziz Awda. Shaqaqi and Awda believed that the Muslim Brotherhood movement had become too moderate and had abandoned the Palestinian cause. PIJ believes that the annihilation of Israel and liberation of all of Palestine are prerequisites for recreating a pan-Islamic empire. PIJ stresses that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not a national dispute over territory but rather a fundamentally religious conflict. The group rejects any political arrangements or diplomatic activity to solve the conflict. PIJ believes that jihadist violence will inspire Palestinians to action and lead to the eventual destruction of Israel.




















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Posted by Donna Calvin — Friday, August 24, 2012
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“Inspirational. Do you know for sure?”

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posted October 31, 2014 at 7:55 am

Look if you harm gods creations then the dogs will fight back
god will create super dogs bigger than the muslim

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posted August 12, 2014 at 9:53 am

You mean…

Google search one by one:

1) Can Scholars Create Islamic Laws? – YouTube

2) Does the Prophet Teach The Quran? – YouTube

3) How They Twist Quran 59:6-7 – YouTube

4) Bukhari Hadith Exposed – YouTube

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9) True Islam vs Fake Islam of Scholars – YouTube

Google search “Mathematical (19 based) Miracle of Quran; Submission (Islam)”

Google search “Quran Miracle of Ninteen 19 – YouTube”

Google search: “The Misconception of following Hadith and Sunna (sayings …”

Google search: “The Quran and its Message”

Google search: “ – True Islam”

Google search by typing the words leaving the page numbers:

See Page 0 of 9 HD- All The Time Frames in The Quran and Fully Explained …

See Page 1 of 9 HD- Definition of Salat – Fully Explained Through The …

See Page 2 of 9 Abraham’s Standing Position -According To The Quran

See Page 3A of 9 HD- First Time in Islamic History- SALAT According to The …

See Page 3B of 9 The Salat – Full Explanation Through The Quran Alone …

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See Page 8 of 9 The Hidden Knowledge of Surah 1 – Al-Fatihah … – YouTube

See Page 9 of 9 HD- Heaven or Hell?- (Average percentage from Quran 9/9 …

To be shared with for peaceful comments only.

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posted July 3, 2014 at 11:00 am

It is too bad there is “gun control” in other nations. A free and law abiding citizen has every right to walk their dog in peace. Let them try that here and the first jihad dumb ass that gets shot will have their family screaming bloody persecution! The only real way to judge a person is by their behavior. Poisoning people’s dogs? Sorry, they condemn themselves by their own behaviors and should be shot by citizen militia if the cops and the feds are too cowardly to do something about them!

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posted June 21, 2014 at 7:56 pm

muslim trash mohamiad I a pedophile

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Ed Perry

posted July 7, 2013 at 7:51 pm

A dog is impure only because men use them as sex toys.

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posted July 7, 2013 at 11:05 am

Jan, you don’t know anything about what you’re speaking of. First off; Muslims*. It is a religion, and the cloth you refer to is something some Muslim women wear to show their commitment to their faith. The Muslim religion isn’t the issue here, people are. It’s not religion killing dog or attacking dog walkers, it’s people. Even pulling religion into this is so outrageously stupid I don’t know what to say.

The Muslim religion is about living a good, kind and giving life, all while obeying their God. Hmm, that’s odd, sounds just like Christianity, doesn’t it? The ‘bad’ Muslims (the kind media loves shoving down our throats) are the Muslims that choose on their own to interpret the Qu’ran in their own twisted way, and they the use it as a shield for their own, poorly made decisions. It’s about bad people, not about religion.

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Donna Calvin

posted April 24, 2013 at 6:07 pm

From Steve Birn’s blog
The media reported yesterday that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were motivated by their religion in bombing the Boston Marathon. What religion that would be is anyone’s guess if one listened to any number of media outlets yesterday. I choose to believe they were emasculated Wiccan’s, after all they could be any religion. Oh wait, that’s right, they’re Jihadist Muslims. Yet another in a long line of violent Muslims from a false religion that has been hellbent on conversion by the sword from its very founding. We’re not supposed to talk about that though, it might be a “rush to judgment” as Obama warned. Apparently 1300 years of bloodshed is too quick to judge a religion to say nothing of its violent scriptures.
Read More:

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Jan Marquis

posted April 22, 2013 at 10:40 pm

They better not cross the white woman we will stand tall and have them dealt with. All we have to do is scream sexual harassment and they will run. Why are they in my country canada????????No one invited them here and most certainly none of my friends want them here. We have no problems with the ex–moslems they are fine, totally westernized and compatible to our society……..and want to assimulate. Why do the women wear those ugly scarfs are they sex clothes or what? geez dont they have kleenex in their countries??

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local dog walkers

posted November 10, 2012 at 9:46 pm

it pains my heart seeing the image of the dogs killed :(

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Donna Calvin

posted September 22, 2012 at 1:10 am

Jimmy, I think you will find these other Watchwoman on the Wall posts very interesting as well.

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9. Terrorist Attacks by Muslims Continue: Islam the Religion of Peace? They Crucify Christians in Egypt!

10. Muslims Attacking People Walking Their Dogs, This Is Sharia

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posted September 21, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Letter to the free world

I am an average hard working Canadian and this is a plea to all countries of freedom. With most faiths in the world comes the belief in freedom prosperity and love for one another. With the muslim faith seems to comes hatred and violence for anyone with a differing opinion.
I am not picking on the Muslims for any other reason than the fact that With the Muslim faith comes hatred and violence, you just have to turn on your TV or pick up a newspaper to see that. They hate the free world and chant death to the Americas and other free nations on our television screens yet we still give them billions of dollars each year in aid. That needs to stop now! Everyone living in a free country needs to write their government letters, take part in non violent protests in front of government buildings and do whatever it takes to stop this muslim movement. The self proclaimed muslim goal is to take over the entire world and eliminate anyone who is not on board with them. (Remind you of anyone) We must stand together and stop this in it’s tracks. We have to rid the Muslim faith from our countries. Sure our countries believe in freedom of faith but not when that faith believes in harming everyone that doesn’t follow it. I know the muslims living in our countries say that there are just a few bad ones, What the heck, just watch the news and you see millions of them wishing us dead. Anyone that wants to practice the Muslim faith should leave and live in one of the countries of Muslim faith. If it was so good there why did they come here bring all their hatred and violence with them? Oh ya they came to our countries for a better life, well that better life they seek had no muslim religion. But they want to change all that and turn our countries into what they ran away from. If they don’t like what we are all about then they should return to their country of origin. It is really hard to understand that their belief in allah causes them to bring their children up to hate others who don’t follow their beliefs, even teaching it in their schools. No other modern day religion that I am aware of has followers that hate and kill others in the name of their god. Our aid to these muslim countries should not be in the way of billions of dollars but in the way of computers so that the children can educate themselves and one day be able to make decisions based on their own understanding of the world instead of only having the one-sided knowledge of their parents. We have to stand up now! Our governments can’t do this on their own without the pressure of the surrounding world, but if we the people from all the free countries can all come together and stand strong (these are our countries) we can make a better world for our children to grow up in.

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