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April 24, 2013

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  • “Armed & Dangerous” – Beck reveals new details on the alleged coverup of the Saudi national HERE.
  • Sec. Napolitano contradicts herself on Saudi national and his “watch list” status HERE
  • Did Michelle Obama visit this man in the hospital? See the photos HERE.


Is this Michele Obama and the Saudi "person of interest"?

Is this Michele Obama and the Saudi “person of interest”?

Michelle visiting hospital

Michelle Obama visiting Boston area hospitals

Michelle Obama visiting Boston area hospitals

Saudi in hospital

Is this the Saudi National in hospital that Michelle Obama visited? – Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi “person of interest”

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  2. Read More about Janet Napolitano’s ever changing story –
  3. See the government documents about a Saudi that are most disturbing! –


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April 24, 2013

The Hammer Drops: Read the Saudi national’s event file
The DHS storyline regarding the Saudi national who was initially detained but mysteriously released has been changing by the minute. Glenn reveals part of the actual event file created for the Saudi national and the evidence clearly refutes Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s claims. Check out the file and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

This story is being updated. Glenn said on radio that the suspect’s prior event referenced in the cover letter was also tagged 212 3 B, but corrected when he returned from break that they are still investigating the prior event  #1648067 . 

Glenn spent the night tweeting that he had big news on the Saudi national story, and he delivered it this morning when he read from a copy of the event file on Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi and delivered new information on this story.

“Now, you can tear me apart all you want. Bring it on. I’ve had my fill of it. I can take it. Bring it on. But it doesn’t make the facts go away. Any reporter, any journalist that might be listening, do not take my word for it. Take the facts that I just gave and ask the Department of Homeland Security security now: ‘Excuse me, explain away this.’ And when they come to you with more lies, you come back here. Because we have more,” Glenn said.

Here is the new information that Glenn revealed on radio today:

1) The event file created on Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi indicated on page two that he is armed and dangerous.
2) He was admitted into this country under a special advisory option which is usually reserved for visiting politicians, VIPs, or journalists.
3) One of the first excuses given by law enforcement when confronted about his pending deportation was expired VISA. According to the event file his visa is good until 11-Nov-2016.
4) Event file indicates he entered the United States on 08/28/12 in Boston, MA but says subject is a student at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. He never showed up.
5) When an event file is created in the system the author(s) are notified via email when it is accessed and given the email address of the person accessing. As a result we know the following: After the file was created it first amended to remove the terrorism and deportation reference and then someone went back in and tried to destroy both the original and amended versions. They didn’t know there were copies.
6) The original event file was reviewed and approved by two high level agents – Chief Watch Commander Maimbourg and Watch Commander Mayfield.

Here is the cover page of the event file:

FBI Event file on Alharbi, Abdularahman Ali

FBI Event file on Alharbi, Abdularahman Ali

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April 24, 2013

Here’s the radical mosque the Boston terrorists frequented
Islamic Society of Boston

Islamic Society of Boston

We now know that two of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing regularly attended the Boston Islamic Society. The media, however, keeps running with the story that the pair were radicalized on the internet. So what’s the story with this mosque? For starters, one of it’s founders is a convicted terrorist serving prison time. But it gets worse. National security and terrorism expert Patrick Poole joined the radio program this morning to explain. WATCH


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