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Calvin’s Commentary: The Super Bowl brought out the best and the worst of America.

I am sure you are going to enjoy seeing Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” below.  Just click the large arrow in the center and then you can make it full screen.  It demonstrates the best of America.

We all miss Paul Harvey and his wonderful voice, his highly-held moral values and his daily commentaries.  Mr. Harvey, I feel certain, is with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven in Whom we all can rest assured he believed in from his words over the many years.

Now for the yuckie side of the Super Bowl.  The worst of America.

  1. What was the worst thing about the Super Bowl? Beyonce’s disgraceful, inappropriate adult’s only half-time show! She should be ashamed of herself.
  2. The second worst thing was the Go-Daddy commercial with the suck face kiss that mocked people who are not beautiful.  I guess it’s still okay to mock ugly since Hollywood idolizes beauty and sex.
  3. The final thing that was not exactly on the Super Bowl itself, but followed was Joe Flacko, bursting out with, “This is f—ing awesome,” he exclaimed while embracing teammate Marshal Yanda after the game.  That’s what children will remember about a football hero who was crowned the MVP!  Him saying the f-bomb live on TV!

So sad to see female and male heroes disgrace themselves in front of the eyes of children who were most assuredly watching yesterday’s Super Bowl with Dad and Mom. 

Maybe we should rename it, the Super Toilet Bowl, aye?

Too bad the Super Bowl isn’t family entertainment any more!Donna Calvin ▬ Monday, February 4, 2013


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