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In what can only be described as a last ditch effort to avoid their ideology being exposed to the National Electorate, the Democrat Party Leadership quickly moved to put God back into their platform, and replace Jerusalem into the platform.   Both “God” and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel were removed last week from the party platform.

Calvin’s Commentary: Frankly, here’s my OPINION on what I think happened.

  1. The black pastors who have sold their souls to the Democrats who murder the unborn babies (3,200 a day in bloody Planned Predators aborturaries) said, “We will never get our congregants in the pews to vote Democrat if you kick out God. We’ve got them sold on abortion like you demanded and tax payers paying for it (they like free stuff) but we have to placate them with something better for the future. Their boys are being shot down bloody dead in the streets daily of every major city. Why we had 30 just the other night in Chicago in 30 minutes! So, we have to be able to tell them that their slaughtered sons are happy with God even if they were no good dope dealers here on earth, so put God back in, you got it!?! We gotta have somethin’ to tell’em, you moonbats!”

  2. And there was a small number of especially arrogant DemoNcrats in which appeared this brainy idea like a light bulb above their heads in a cartoon, “Hey, some bloggers like that witchy Watchwoman are saying that we didn’t kick God out, that He has rejected us. Now that doesn’t sound so good for us, so I think we better put God back in. It makes for better strategy. We can’t have those religious robots out there convincing people that God has found us so reprobate that He’s deserting us! It just ain’t good strategy.”

  3. Then there’s their other constituency, the Jews who belong to the synagogue of Satan, the George Soros crowd et. al. (see Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9) who contend, “Look, if you don’t put it back in there that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, you’ll lose the Jewish vote, you moonbats! So put it back in! Got it!?! I don’t care that we really want that the Muslim Brotherhood defeat all the Arabs and make it one nation and then they will defeat Israel and we get all the oil without a whimper, but we can’t be so boldly open about it! You fools! You bunch of moonbats, put it back in!”

And so they did!

But you heard the cries, the boos of protest! It was 50/50 at best!

There was not a 2/3rds majority like the moderator said it was.

Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles) even had to boldly tell an open-faced lie to his own comrades – spewing the lies right to their numbed faces! You can hear it on the video that putting “God” and “Jerusalem” back in the Democratic Party Platform was NOT appreciated by the reprobate DemoNrats on the floor of the DNC.

And just because they didn’t get away with in 2012, there’s always 2016 coming! So if you want more of what you’ve been seeing from the reprobate anti-God, anti-Jew communists, “Vote Obama!” Satan will thank you for it.

Donna Calvin ▬ Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Sen. Durbin Picks Fight With Fox And Bret Baier For ‘Harping On’ Removal Of ‘God’ From DNC Platform  –  Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

To give you an idea how the Democrats realized what a mistake they were exposing themselves to:  Watch Senator Dick Durbin respond to questioning from Brett Baier yesterday about why they choose to specifically remove “God” and “Jerusalem”.

So facing the embarrassment of ridicule, and the REAL POSSIBILITY of their severe left-wing Godless platform being exposed to a newly awakened electorate, the Leadership moved on the floor of the convention hours ago to replace both items.

Must See THIS Video!!!!  However, the result was a MASSIVE optical fail. The DNC delegates DID NOT support God and Jerusalem being reinstated. The approval of platform change requires two-thirds of the delegates to affirm. Watch and listen to what happened with this video:

Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position And Reinstates Jerusalem

YouTube Preview Image

Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles) didn’t know what to do. He was stuck. He called three times for a voice vote and yet it is obvious the delegates did not approve of God or Jerusalem. But the risk was too great in allowing the absence of God to be witnessed by the electorate.

He should have put the decision to a computer floor vote to see if two-thirds was possible, which obviously it was not, but he cannot run the risk of exposure. So on his own he approved/changed the platform to the Boos of the crowd.

Unreal. It will be interesting to see how the media portrays this…..

Make your comments HERE:  Was this just a political move from Obama?  Villaraigosa did not know what to do.


Here’s someone’s vision of what DNC attendees may look like – Com’on you liberal tight butts! You make fun of us conservatives all the time and expect us to take it. It’s a J☺KE! L☺L! You have to take it when the jokes on you! Or do you still expect special treatment just because you’re a Democrat??? I know you’re not used to this, because the liberal, communist, Marxist media accommodates you Democrats. They abet you by spreading your every stupid joke about any “oops” from any conservative, all the while covering all your humiliating sins and scandals — so you’re used to that special treatment, but you better start getting used to it coming back at ya. Cause, we’re sick of being nice guys! And the splatter is comin’ your way from bloggers who have nothing to risk, we don’t have to run for re-election! So — If you dish it out, you better be ready to take it.


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Posted by Donna Calvin — Wednesday, September 05, 2012
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