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Drag Queen Barbie exotic doll, dripping in dramatic bling, features eyelash extensions as well as sparkling earrings

Watchwoman’s Editorial Comment: I never did like the Barbie doll even when it first came out back in the 60’s. I thought that little girls should want to be mommies, cuddling sweet baby dolls, not being brainwashed by dressing dolls like they were busty hookers and glamorous Hollyweirdos and rock queens. I didn’t think that Barbie would do one thing to better little girls’ mental health for future success in life, helping them to grow up into stable, self-sacrificing wives and mothers who loved their children and were eager to nurture them. I felt that Barbie was a very negative influence in the structure of society – and it turns out I was right. I felt Barbie was designed to help bring down the first institution ever created by God Almighty! I thought that Barbie would only quicken the seditious breakdown of the moral fiber of the traditional Biblical familial and would be extremely detrimental to the underpinning fibers holding the moral structure of America together. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with traditional Biblical family values and roles. There is nothing wrong with a woman being a traditional Biblical wife and mother – who stays at home, while dad goes out to earn a living to support his family. If you believe otherwise, you, my friend, have drunk the Kook-aid (pun fully intended!!!) and you, my friend have been brainwashed! yes, you have! you just don’t know it! Christians can be brainwashed by subtle seduction.

[Mark 13:22] For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Think I’m way off base? Well, now mothers who grew up dressing Barbies are now dressing their 4-year olds on “Toddlers and Tiaras” to look as seductive and provocative as the Barbies they used to play with. And some of those mothers are in danger of going so far into the abyss of sexualizing their babies that they are close to losing custody of them! And these desensitized adult women have no clue that they are committing sexual abuse through their exploitation of their babies. How could they know? They played with Barbie dolls, bought for them by their own mothers with their mothers’ approval of dressing them in sexy, titillating clothing and now they have their very own live Barbies to play dress up on, so how can they tell the difference? It’s sick! It’s wrong! God hates sin! Mothers are called to nurture, not profit from their progeny’s victimization.  Can you imagine what these live Barbie prostitots are going to be doing to their little daughters?  God help the future generations!

‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ Custody Battle: Racy Outfit Spurs Outrage from Maddy Verst’s Father

Donna Calvin ▬ Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FYI . . .
Urban Dictionary: prostitots
1. prostitots – Children who dress in revealing, adult type fashion. May include hair and makeup styles that are not age appropriate. Kids who dress like club chicks and whores.
Where does that Prostitot think she’s going, school or to the club?


Introducing ‘drag queen’ Barbie! Mattel models its latest doll on cross-dressing designer from fashion label The Blonds



Drag Queen Barbie by Matell

Barbie has been around for quite some time now, so it’s only right that she begin to evolve a little, but by no means did we expect her to change into a drag queen!

Mattel has announced plans to produce their first ever Drag Queen Barbie in collaboration with the New York City-based design duo The Blonds, who are responsible for dressing some of the biggest names around, including Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez.

Barbie has served as a female role model for years, donning everything from a nurse’s uniform to an Olympic athlete’s tracksuit and Presidential power suit.

Now, however, the famous plastic doll is aiming to inspire male fans through the first ‘drag queen’ Barbie.

Although the term drag queen is not officially used to describe the new The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie Doll, the plastic figurine was created in part by New York-based fashion designer Phillipe Blond, who is a cross-dresser himself.

Mattel, the company that manufactures Barbie, commissioned the work to Phillipe and David Blond of the label The Blonds, who have expressed their adoration for the doll ever since their label was born in 2007.

Cathy Cline, vice president of marketing for Mattel’s girls’ brands, told The New York Times: ‘One of the great things about Barbie is that she continues to push the envelope. Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.’

Barbie has always pushed the envelop and that’s what we wanted it to be!  ‘One of the great things about Barbie is that she continues to push the envelope. Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.’

‘Fashion is a form of self-expression and we believe that everyone should feel glamorous every day,’ he said.

The doll, who really should have been modeled with the male Ken doll, features a side-swept hair style and an extremely short bejeweled mini corset dress that is laced up at the back.

She pairs the look with flashy accessories also’ a chunky silver cuff, a sparkling cocktail ring and silver metallic pumps that feature a lipstick pink sole.

A full-length faux fox fur coat completes the dramatic look.

Barbie has also been given eyelash extensions, a must for any drag queen.

Phillipe himself sports similar long blonde hair to the doll, though his design partner David stressed that it is not a true representation of him.

Instead, the doll ‘may loosely be based on Phillipe and this character that he plays within our little Blond world,’ David said.

An official description for the doll describes the drag queen figurine as ‘pretty, provocative, and magical’.

It says: ‘Phillipe and David Blond believe that every woman should be glamorous every day.

It then talks about Barbie’s wardrobe picks.

‘Fun fashion and rock ‘n’ roll glam are the only rules for these gorgeous garments,’ it reads. ‘Our favourite blonde celebrates The Blonds, dressed for an amazing adventure.

‘The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie brings the most sparkly splendor of fashion.’

In 2009, The Blonds took part in Barbie’s 50th birthday fashion show, which no doubt helped to push the current partnership along.

Their designs often include sparkly corsets and have been spotted on the likes of Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

Their fashion shows are also just as theatrical.

The brand is not stocked in stores as the team only sell their clothes to private clients but in collaborating with Barbie, David hopes the brand can finally push into the mainstream.

‘And that’s the direction we would like to produce,’ he said. ‘Things that are more accessible to more people. This is a step in the right direction.’

Important information follows



Mattel products: include Hot Wheels, Barbie, Electric Racing Sets, Radio Controlled Vehicles and Radica Electronics


In the US and Canada: 800-524-8697

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
United States – Map
Phone: 310-252-2000
Fax: 310-252-2179

Key Executives

Mr. Bryan G. Stockton , 58, Chief Exec. Officer, Director and Member of Equity Grant Allocation Committee *Pay 2.14M – Exercised 423.00K

Mr. Kevin M. Farr CPA, 54, Chief Financial Officer *Pay 1.44M – Exercised 0.00

Mr. Thomas A. Debrowski , 61, Exec. VP of Worldwide Operations *Pay 1.44M – Exercised 675.00K

Mr. Geoff M. Massingberd, 54, Exec. VP of International *Pay 1.39M – Exercised 169.00K

Mr. Robert A. Stockton , 59 Chief Operating Officer *Pay N/A – Exercised N/A

*Amounts are as of Dec 30, 2011 and compensation values are for the last fiscal year ending on that date. Pay is salary, bonuses, etc. Exercised is the value of options exercised during the fiscal year.




Posted by Donna Calvin — Tuesday, August 21, 2012
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