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Watchwoman Editorial: Within a short time of the horror unfolding in Aurora, Colorado, ABC’s news reporter, Brian Ross, recklessly and falsely accused the Tea Party of harboring among their ranks the Batman Movie Rampaging Massacre Murderer, James Holmes, because a man with the same name was found to be a Tea Party Member on a social network site!  Pretty lame evidence, don’t you think? That’s how accurate ABC is!  Oh, but you’ve been told how they check and recheck their facts!  The New York Times is said to be (by the liberal left) the most accurate news source!  Oh, yeah!  You, Mr. & Mrs. America, are told and duped into trusting these Christ haters with blind eyes and no questions asked on your part.  The vast majority of America people believe these charlatans with utter confidence!  Walter Cronkite was referred to as the “most trusted man in America.”  Sadly, far too many people still feel that way about, to name just a few that includes, Wolf Blitzer, CNN; Tom Brokaw (semi-retired), NBC News; Connie Chung, formerly of CBS News, NBC News, CNN, and MSNBC; Anderson Cooper, CNN; Katie Couric, CBS News, formerly of NBC’s Today Show; Ann Curry, The Today Show, Dateline NBC; Chet Curtis, NECN; Sam Donaldson, ABC News; Charles Gibson, ABC News; Bryant Gumbel, former anchor of NBC’s Today Show and CBS’ The Early Show; Ted Koppel, ABC News, Nightline, Discovery Channel; Matt Lauer, Today Show; Rachel Maddow, MSNBC; and of course, Brian Ross and unnamed scores of others like them in the left-winged media today.  Tell me, will there be any consequences for Brian Ross or any of the others when they lie and deceive?  Doubtfully, because when you’re a Democrat, it’s different!

Now, regarding this latest false accusation by the communist media against the Tea Party, I bring to your mind what happened following the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting. The libs all got down on George Zimmerman and began tweeting what they thought was his home address all over the world. Turned out, it wasn’t Zimmerman’s address at all, but a little old lady who was getting the death threats and saw a pack of wild menacing wackos out in front of her house. Have any of you ever seen the old movie “Frankenstein?” Picture that crowd of enraged citizens coming after someone with YOUR NAME!  BTW, have you heard one word about those people involved in that miscreant behavior following the Zimmerman/Martin shooting being put to task and made to answer for their wrong assertions? I haven’t! Do you know that Mr. Zimmerman has never been back to his home since the shooting. He was taken to the police station directly from the crime scene to take his statement, was released after the police found it was a justifiable shooting, but he has never been home since! Now this same kind of moonbat, left-winged communist mentality is happening again with the now infamous name, “James Holmes.” Don’t EVER trust the lamestream, oops I mean mainstream media. They lie!!! They lie because they HATE conservatives, Republicans, the Tea Party and true Christians – because their minds are so darkened by Satan they are willing to go to any lengths to implicate anyone connected with the right side of the argument. If you’re on God’s side, anticipate that the world will hate you! If the world loves you, you better check up and ask yourself, “Am I doing enough to prove that I’m a real Christian? Is there enough evidence from my actions that the world will find me guilty of being a true Christian?” 

P. S. Just Remember: (ABC=Always Been Communist, CBS=Communist Broadcasting System, NBC=Nothing But Communists, MSNBC=More Sympathetic News Broadcasting Communism, CNN=Communism News Network)

Donna CalvinSaturday, July 21, 2012


Jesus said: [John 7:7] The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

[1 John 3:13] Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.


July 20, 2012 – ABC’s Brian Ross may have apologized for linking Colorado Tea Party member James Holmes to the alleged violent “Batman” shooter who killed 12 and wounded 59 others in the early morning hours today, but that hasn’t stopped threats

Brian Ross, ABC News Anchor tries to link Tea Party to Batman Massacre


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Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, July 21, 2012


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