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Watchwoman Warning & Editorial: Please understand, readers, this is unconfirmed and I am not trying to add any validity to this article by posting it at Watchwoman on the Wall. This comes with the same CAUTIONARY WARNING as Part 4 of BM came with. “Will Forward. You Decide.” If this turns out to be completely untrue and it could, please do not expect an apology or a head-bowed mea culpa. You’ve been given the heads up right here before you read, so read at your own risk of truth or fiction – and use your own judgment to decide. I’m sure in coming days we will all learn whether or not the profile found of “classicjimbojr” at AdultFriendFinder will emerge. When I know for certain, I will post the findings on Watchwoman on the Wall. I have neither the staff or the resouces of the lamestream media who frequently monkeys up and never pays a price for it. For example, ABC’s Brian Ross recklessly and falsely accused the Tea Party of harboring among their ranks the Batman Movie Rampaging Massacre Murderer, James Holmes, because a man with the same name was found to be a Tea Party Member on a social network site!  Pretty lame evidence, don’t you think? Only there is a difference between Ross/Stephenopolos and me is that the conversation between Brian Ross and George Stephenopolos, televised to millions on daytime TV, there was not one mention made that it was never proven true — they just let the sheeple who watch them to believe it was the Tea Party who was responsible — and that, dear readers, is irresponsible! I’m being as honest with you as I can be and I’m being upfront about the possibility that this is nothing more than fiction. Donna Calvin ▬ Sunday, July 22, 2012

FYI – This is the exchange between George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross, ABC’s crack investigative journalist, on “Good Morning America:”

Stephanopoulos: I’m going to go to Brian Ross. You’ve been investigating the background of Jim Holmes here. You found something that might be significant.

Ross: There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

Stephanopoulos: Okay, we’ll keep looking at that. Brian Ross, thanks very much.

P. S. I’d be willing to bet my free speech amendment that there’s a James Holmes registered to vote in the Democrat Party too! (Tee hee!)



Red-haired “ClassicJimbo” Profile on AdultFriendFinder Account Has Police Investigating

The crowd-sourcing magic of Reddit may have unearthed another side of alleged Aurora movie theater gunman James Holmes. Several Redditors dug up what might be Holmes’ personal account on, a social networking site for casual sex seekers. The profile says that he is looking for a “fling” or “casual sex,” and his bio quote says “Will you visit me in prison?” The picture sure looks like Holmes but I am no expert on adult friend finder (I swear) so let’s evaluate.

UPDATE – 07/20/12: Mediaite has learned that law enforcement are investigating the AdultFriendFinder page to determine its authenticity.

UPDATE #2 – 07/21/12:: According to TMZ, sources at AdultFriendFinder are now confirming that the profile does, in fact, belong to Holmes. They tracked the IP address to Aurora and matched up the personal information with what we already know about Holmes.

UPDATE #3 – 07/21/12: Watch the report from CNN:

Certain Information on the page seems to corroborate that user “ClassicJimbo” is indeed Holmes for several reasons:

1) The page indicates this user is a 24-year-old male and is roughly 6’0″ in height. That is his age and approximate height.

2) The username “ClassicJimbo” includes Jim, which is a common short-hand for James.

3) The user lives in Aurora, Colorado.

4) The user is a “Gold” member, which seems to mean he could not have signed up just today (if this were a Reddit hoax).

5) The user’s personal bio quote is: “Will you visit me in prison?” This fits neatly with the fact that he gave up to police without incident, seemingly all part of a plan (almost too much so).

6) The most important corroboration of all: the page includes a profile shot of the user with dyed red hair, as Holmes was reported to have upon apprehension after the shootings. Check out the profile picture below, with side-by-side comparison to the official photo released to the press earlier today:

James Holmes (left) – Is this the Red-Haired Joker, a real Massacring Madman found on AdultFriendFinder? Police are investigating. (right)

These other two pictures were unearthed from classicjimbo’s profile by Reddit users as well:

Red Haired Joker James Holmes or not? – From “classicjimbo’s” profile at AdultFriendFinder (Picture found at Inquisitor’s web site without woman’s face blocked out*)

Eerie? Weird? Brilliant Graduate Student? Insane? Motive? Is it the real James Holmes or not – another pictuire found at AdultFriendFinder

However, several details on the page lead to questions about whether this is actually the James Holmes.

This user put down their birth date as “December 10, 1987″ when the official reports have been that his date of birth is December 13, 1987.

Also: it is not 100-percent clear that the red-headed fellow in the AFF profile is the alleged shooter — several facial details seem slightly off (but if this is not him this is one of the greatest coincidences ever). Maybe most important, it all just seems too darn convenient but I can’t figure out how someone could have created this fake profile.

Below is a cropped version of his profile.

So we ask you, readers: What say you? Any ideas? Can anyone help confirm or deny?

by Andrew Kirell | 7:01 pm, July 20th, 2012

[h/t Reddit]
Update #2 via TMZ




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Posted by Donna Calvin — Sunday, July 22, 2012


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