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by Donna Calvin

Saturday, July 28, 2012

London Summer Olympic Torch 2012

One-billion people last night were brainwashed by the Opening Ceremony broadcast on NBC (Nothing But Communism). It was so full of red socialist engineering that the red flames of the Olympic Torch were dulled in comparison.

Matt Lauer’s Left Wing Political Views Are Commonly Expressed on NBC’s Today Show

Any place you can find liberal left-winged Matt Lauer and a TV camera, you should know what to expect, but, gee wiz, I have always been told that the Olympics were not political! (FYI-Meredith Vieira was the co-host. Little Bob Costas was there hosting as usual.)

The communist responsible for the opening show was Danny Boyle, a Brit from the far left. Boyle made the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” – about a Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums. It won eight Oscars – so you know if Hollywierd honored it eight times over, it has to be commie-carp.


In the opening we saw a pastoral agrarian setting on the stage in the Olympic Arena, complete with real live sod, rolls and rolls of it, tons likely. It looked very green, clean, neat, pure. Real farm animals were on stage that included sheep.

(Sidebar: The sheep gave Jay Leno on his NBC Tonight Show an opening for a joke of innuendo about the depravity of man, but that’s off topic.)

Meanwhile, back in Olympic-la-la land, happy people worked joyously in the green spaces all over the center stage.

That was followed up by smoke stacks arising from the floor that bellowed out stinky, gloomy, depressing clouds of monstrous proportions of pollution that spewed a real stink! The arena was filled with the actual scent of sulfur burning so the audience could have a more negative, multifaceted experience of industrialization. Can you believe it?

The nose has the greatest and longest memory of all our five senses and they wanted the audience to never forget the evils of industrialization!

All the green lovely grass, living sod, was carried away by the happy farmers jauntily bouncing about with joyous momentum who were replaced with sweaty, soot-covered filthy, scowling, downtrodden faces and grimy bodies of a slave-laboring class of people.

Alas, there were some clean males there. They were the haughty-faced, prideful industrialists, smoking excessively, over-priced tawdry cigars – and yes, they kept their haughty expressions frozen on their pasty-white faces for the entire presentation. They were amazingly clean, wearing top hats and formal tails, representing their arrogance, making movements like they were a class above the rest, revealing the communists’ worldview of capitalism and business owners.

Evil Industrialists!

You know who the capitalists are. You likely work for one of these people in this class. They are the hard-working level of people who rise to the top. They are the ones who create the businesses risking their capital and who create the jobs we all need and crave in this world depression that is happening right now. They are the ones who pay the workers so they can afford a roof top to house their children under and the venue to buy the food farmers still grow in green areas so they can feed themselves and their children – but of course, that was never brought out in this piece of brainwashing Olympic artsy demonstration.

A march for women’s suffrage was paraded somewhere along the way center Olympic stage, although I can’t recall exactly when.

But wait, that wasn’t the worst of it.

Yeah, we all have free health care! But we wait and wait and wait and wait. Too late, the patient died. But it’s all FREE!

That industrialization period was replaced by a huge number of beds being brought out with a nurse to accompany each bed filled with a child who was merrily jumping all over the bed. The nurses were dancing – and all were happy, happy, happy!!!

What were they so happy about?

Matt Lauer told us. Their National Health Care System!

Yep, it was their socialized health care that made them all so happy that modern-day UK Londoners are so happy with.

Ummmm, did they mention the long waits for an appointment with a doctor?

No! Of course, not, it was meant to brainwash one-billion people, not to tell the truth!

Thanks to the non-political Olympics we can all now finally pass U.N.-Obama-One-World-TAX-care!

Disgusting! Shameful! It was the Master of Disaster!

Now I’ll go read the news items. I didn’t want to be influenced by any of them. I wanted this to be entirely my own unique review of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

+ 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 +

I’ll post what I find below. — I just read the story below — I missed the lesbian kiss. Yikes, how disgusting!  But of course, it’s not political. It can’t be, the Olympics aren’t political. How do I know?  They told me that in school.  Would a teacher lie to a student?


Olympic opening ceremony grapples with weighty issues

(AFP) – 1 day ago

LONDON — A celebration of free healthcare, the trade union struggle, the battle for women’s rights and a fleeting lesbian kiss: the Olympics opening ceremony Friday did not shy away from weighty social issues.

Unsurprisingly, the show devised by Oscar-winning British director Danny Boyle drew accusations from the British political right that it had strayed into “leftie” issues.

Aidan Burley, a lawmaker from Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling Conservative party, tweeted: “The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen — more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?”

He followed that with: “Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap.”

Several people tweeted their support for his comments.

Alastair Campbell, former British Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s communications chief, retorted on Twitter: “Brilliant that we got a socialist to do the opening ceremony.”

Cameron’s Downing Street office distanced itself from Burley’s comments, tweeting a message from the premier reading: “The opening ceremony has been a great showcase for this country. It’s more proof Britain can deliver.”

Burley was removed from his job as aide to the transport minister last month after attending a Nazi-themed stag party in a French ski resort.

Ahead of the show, Boyle — whose film “Slumdog Millionaire” won eight Oscars in 2009 — denied he was pushing a political agenda.

“The sensibility of the show is very personal,” he said.

“A group of us have created it, but we had no agenda other than… values that we feel are true.

“Not everybody will love that but people will be able to recognise as being honest and truthful really. I felt that very strongly. There is no b(expletive) in it, and there is no point-making either.”

The show bringing the curtain up on the London Olympics began with sections showing idyllic rural Britain being overtaken by the Industrial Revolution, before moving on to a 10-minute sequence celebrating the state-run National Health Service (NHS).

Britain’s first televised lesbian kiss — from a 1993 episode of soap opera “Brookside” — was shown in a fast-moving montage of flim and TV clips.

Later in the ceremony, dancers formed the shape of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament badge and other performers represented the struggle of trade union movements.

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, July 28, 2012
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